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Fitness hula Hoop for weight loss: the pros and cons of training

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Fitness hula Hoop for weight loss: the pros and cons of training

The contents

  • The pros and cons of physical exercise with a Hoop
  • Rules to fight obesity
  • Particularities of the fitness elements

The problem of excess weight is vital for many girls, so the modern industry of beauty and fitness is replete with a huge number of ways and means to combat fat deposits. Those who are unable to withstand a strict diet with limited calorie content, it is recommended to increase motor activity to the body more efficiently spent of dietary energy. One of the most simple options for training at home is a rotation of gymnastic Hoop or hula-Hoop. To make training effective, you need to choose the right sport accessory and to explore methods for its most effective use.

The pros and cons of physical exercise with a Hoop

Regular and continuous rotation of a gymnastic Hoop will provide the girls a number of positive points:

  • strengthen the muscles of the body, after sighting the waist area and stomach;
  • accelerate blood circulation improve the supply cells with nutrients, benefiting the health and appearance of a person;
  • will do fitness classes are safe for health, because during the rotation of the projectile is almost impossible to hit or fall can not be said about the power training;
  • when choosing a hula-Hoop with special inserts and spikes creates a massaging effect, smoothing the skin;
  • a simple movement is available to almost all people, including young children.

Any physical activity, in addition to positive aspects, always has some negative characteristics that should be considered. On the downside, the rotation of the wrap include:

  • Low intensity workouts.

Excess weight will go away slowly, as energy costs when working with a Hoop is much lower than for the same running or strength training. But add such exercises as sit UPS, crunches and inclinations will help you to improve your performance. In addition, significant changes can be achieved by adjusting your diet and eliminating sugary, flour products, sodas and fatty meals.

  • Bruises around the waist.

This unfortunate effect occurs when working with heavy massage hoops, their rotation often leaves bruises on the body. To reduce the probability of their occurrence will help tight clothing or a towel wrapped around the waist.

The rotation of the Hoop can be a wonderful option morning exercises when people need easy physical exercises to Wake up early in the morning and tune in a working day.

Rules to fight obesity

To effective fitness workouts, you need to choose the right Hoop. First and foremost, it is necessary to pay attention to its growth: high girls hoops need large diameter, whereas competitive people will it’s easier to use small exercise equipment. Ideally, the Hoop should reach mid-thigh, if it is put squarely beside him on the floor. Totally untrained girls to work better with easy plastic or aluminum wrap. As adaptation, it can be replaced with a racing shell with a filler or a massage option.

For training, to combat excess weight, there are some rules that help enhance the effect of classes:

  • Training is carried out in a couple of hours after eating. Spin the Hoop on an empty stomach or immediately after a meal should not be.
  • The occupation is determined independently, based on the routine and rhythm of life. Some people like to do in the morning to Wake up the body and tune in to the cheerful day; others prefer to be active in the evening, when the lighter body responds to physical activity.
  • During the rotation of the projectile it is necessary to control the tempo of the movements: at too fast a pace the girl may get tired, having not completed half the scheduled time. Too slow movement are not very effective in the fight against obesity.
  • When the hula Hoop begins to slip at the waist to the hips, you need to accelerate and increase the amplitude of movement of the pelvis –this will help to return the sports equipment back in place.
  • To begin your fitness session should be 15-20 minutes. Every 3 days the training duration increase on 2-3 minutes, gradually bringing it to 40 minutes. In the future it will be necessary to use a weighted version of the simulator.
  • It should be remembered that heavy massage Hoop is forbidden to train pregnant women, after cesarean section, as well as those who are recovering from injuries to the spinal column.

    Particularities of the fitness elements

    Before you proceed directly to the rotation of the Hoop necessary to hold a light workout for 5 minutes. It can include waving the arms and legs, squats, jumping in place, bending. To fitness exercise doesn’t seem boring, you can turn on your favorite music or TV show.

  • Stand up straight, straighten shoulders, feet put together. When setting the feet hip-width apart the load is on the entire body and not concentrated at the waist.
  • Place the Hoop on your waist, holding it with both hands. Set the rotation of the hand slightly krutanuv it, then pick up the body, rotating it in the same direction. You must work the abdominal muscles. Initially, it may be hard, and there is a desire to place the feet at shoulder width, but for maximum effect it is necessary to hold them together.
  • With the increasing speed lift up my hands and interlock them on the back of the head, so as not to interfere with the rotation of the hula-Hoop.
  • While rotating, note the following nuances:

    • the movement should be performed only by the abdominal muscles, trying to keep shoulders and knees still;
    • the direction of rotation can be changed, because it is not a fundamental difference;
    • the amplitude of body movements should not be big – you can mentally draw a round belly, to make it easier to concentrate on work.

    To quickly lose weight, the rotation wrap should be combined with other physical exercises. Body fat goes much faster when considering all the major muscles of the body.

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