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Fitness gym for men and women: the rules and principles of training

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Fitness gym for men and women: the rules and principles of training
The contents

  • Sports training — what is it?
  • The choosing a fitness club
  • Types of training
  • Fitness training for women
  • Workout for teenagers
  • Fitness slimming
  • Training for men

Today fitness has become extremely fashionable. Gyms have ceased to be empty, and get into them, for example, in the evening, when people return from work, becomes increasingly difficult. Some fans of a healthy lifestyle prefer to plan your workouts, and eventually learned to do it quite professionally. However, for beginners, organization fitness hides a lot of important nuances.

Sports training — what is it?

In the dictionary Ozhegova, you can find the definition of the word “training” is a lesson whose goal is to improve specific skills. In our case, to train means to develop such physical qualities as strength, endurance, agility, speed, balance, flexibility. The gym allows you to improve it. For example, exercise for weight loss give the opportunity not only to get rid of excess weight, but also to strengthen the muscles that make the body fitter, stronger.

The choosing a fitness club

The program and plan of training must be depending on what equipment and sports equipment available to the fitness club. As every lover of physical education and sport your training objectives, you need to ensure that their achievements at the gym has everything you need.

If the task is to pump the muscles and increase muscle size, then there is no weights, sets of dumbbells and various simulators will not do. Fitness slimming even more diverse in equipping the gym with shells and hardware. In addition to the traditional weights, you’ll need a treadmill, fitball, resistance bands, skipping ropes, gymnastic mats and other athletic attributes.

Thus, to choose a fitness club it is necessary, completely focusing on its objectives. All types of premises according to the purpose can be divided into four main groups. This Muay:


  • fitness;

  • mobile games;

  • power sports;

  • multi-purpose halls.

Choose the right fitness club — this is a big step to success training.

Types of training

After the athlete decided on the sport, their goals and found a suitable gym, you can move on to deciding how to choose the best type of training. Let’s deal with types of training:


  • Interval.

Regardless of the sport, interval training should be composed of alternating groups of high and low exercises of intensity.


  • Cardio.

A feature of this activity is the use for training exercises requiring enhanced cardiovascular and respiratory systems. It could be running, skiing, jumping rope, swimming, Cycling.


  • Power.

Its main objective is to increase muscle strength, volume and endurance.

Often during class uses different combinations of all these types of training. For example, fitness slimming is usually arranged with the help of cardio and strength training.

Fitness training for women

Women rarely go to the gym to build muscle or significantly increase strength. Most often, they pursue quite different goals: to lose weight, get rid of cellulite, make the shape taut and beautiful.

To properly adjust your weight, you need to pay more attention to cardio training. Exercises with weights will help to correct defects of posture makes the muscles toned, will return to the beautiful shape of the abdomen after pregnancy. Interval training system that helps you to lose weight, strengthen immunity, increase endurance of the organism as a whole. Modern fitness is so varied that everyone will find their individual form of organization of training to achieve this goal.

Workout for teenagers

Children aged 12-16 years come to the gym at least adults. And they train a lot and with interest. But most of them are poorly informed about the rules of the organization of the training process. So the results are often mediocre, there is always a risk of injury or overtraining.

Adolescents up to 16 years of age due to the physiological peculiarities of the body is not ready for heavy loads, so strength training need to be really careful. And in some cases, it is better not to do heavy lifting.

The best solution in this case is to combine moderate weight training with cardio exercises. Such fitness will allow you to properly form the skeleton and harmoniously develop the muscles of the whole body. When you do this, you must train under the guidance of an experienced trainer who can properly assess the level of stress and will make training plan tailored to the individual characteristics of the particular adolescent.

Fitness slimming

Gym is the place where you can efficiently work on visual appeal of the figure. But, to get a positive result from fitness for weight loss, you must know the principles of such training:


  • The frequency of the classes. If you miss a sports club, not following the training plan, the desired result will not.

  • Every training must begin with a warm-up.

  • In the main part of classes, you must include weights and cardio exercises.

  • Hitch after the workout should take 5-10 minutes and include stretching exercises.
  • Compliance with these requirements should be combined with proper nutrition and avoiding harmful habits.

    Training for men

    In the sports hall men come to build muscle, lose weight, become stronger and fitter. It is worth considering an important point: if physical strength allows you to immediately begin working with heavy weights, they still shouldn’t start.

    First and foremost, you need to realistically assess what they are capable athlete. Weight used sports equipment should be such that it was possible to perform several sets of 10-15 repetitions. The greatest efforts must be applied only to the last repetitions of exercises.

    Should work out all muscle groups and not only “left behind”: it is thus becoming proportionately developed body. At least once a week you should prefer cardio workouts, enhancing endurance.

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