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Fitness for your feet: exercises for thighs and buttocks

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Fitness for your feet: exercises for thighs and buttocks
The contents

  • Effective exercises for legs
  • Basic fitness exercises for buttocks
  • The recommendations of the professionals on the exercises

Very often athletes are training only the torso: chest, shoulders, arms, back. Actually this is the wrong approach to training. Harmoniously developed figure should strengthen the whole body in the complex. Additionally, well developed thighs and buttocks just needed to improve results in many strength exercises for the upper body.

Effective exercises for legs

The following leg exercises can be used for home training. All you need is collapsible dumbbells weighing 5 to 15 kg. In each exercise should be performed 3 sets of 10-12 repetitions.

  • Squats.

Take your dumbbells and put your arms down to your hips. The feet spread about shoulder-width apart. Keep your head straight, look forward, point. While taking a deep breath, start to take the pelvis and lower body. Having reached the position of the body in which the hips will be parallel to the floor, push off with the feet and slowly ascend to the starting position. During lifting, follow a smooth exhale. At the top of the exercise, the knees must not straighten completely;

  • Walking lunges.

Stand up straight and take in each hand on the weighting. Perform a wide step forward. As soon as the front leg firmly stand on the floor, lower your pelvis and sit near a little. Hold this position for a few seconds and then a powerful impetus straighten your legs and lift your body in a vertical position. Repeat with the other leg;

  • Lifting on socks.

To perform this exercises for the legs you will need a stable platform height of 10-15 cm Grab a dumbbell and stand toes to the edge of the platform. Lower heels to the floor. Keep your backs straight. Exhale and rise up on your toes. At the top hold for a few seconds and then slowly lower your heels to the floor. The upward movement should take place only by tension in the muscles of the leg;

  • Selegiline on the platform.

For the element will need a high platform or a stable bench with a minimum height of 40 cm Take your dumbbells and put your arms along the body. Straighten your shoulders, keep your back straight. Raise your right foot and place it on the platform. A powerful pulse of both feet sasanite on the platform and straighten up. Get down, performing all the movements in reverse order. Repeat the exercise starting with the other foot;

  • Bulgarian lunges.

Take a starting position: one foot is on the floor, the second pulled back and rests the ankle to the bench. Pick up the dumbbells and lower them down. Inhale and lower pelvis. Make 2 second pause at the bottom, and then, on the exhale, return to upright position. Back hold exactly throughout the approach.

After performing the discussed exercises for legs, do simple stretching and massage your muscles.

Basic fitness exercises for buttocks

Now we offer you to disassemble fitness exercise, which allows maximum loading of the gluteus Maximus. To perform them you will need dumbbells, fixed the weights for limbs, fitness bands and extra weight in the neck or bodybar.

  • Ballet squats “plie”.

Take a starting position: back straight, legs set wide apart, socks feet apart. Take with two hands a dumbbell and lower it to the level of the abdomen. Straighten your shoulders. Keeping the spine straight, perform a squat smooth. From the bottom position push off feet and then slowly lift the body up. Finish the movement by lifting on socks;

  • Abduction of the legs with fitness band.

Stand exactly. Fasten at the ankles gum. Put your hands on your waist or hold them for steady focus for balance. Perform a slow drain with one foot back, while straining muscles of the buttocks. Repeat for the other leg. There is another variation of this exercise: secure the elastic at the ankles and lie on the floor face down. Keep hands and push him to the forehead. Tense your glutes and lift one leg as high up as possible. The knee must be straightened;

  • The gluteal bridge with the extra weight.

For exercise you need a horizontal bench or stable chair wide. Push your shoulders back to the bench. Knees bend, back and thighs keep parallel to the floor. The feet spread to shoulder width. Press to bodybar empty stomach or the neck of the bar. Holding additional weight to hands, perform smooth rise and fall of the pelvis. At the top point strongly squeeze the gluteal muscles;

  • Abduction on all fours.

Attach the ankle weights and get on all fours. Then bend your arms and lower forearms to the floor. From this position, keeping your back straight, proceed with a slow abduction of the hips back and up. Repeat with the other leg.

Complete the study of static glutes fitness exercise: lie on your back, feet firmly abut the floor. Tighten your buttocks and lift the pelvis up. Hold the tension in the muscles as long as possible.

The recommendations of the professionals on the exercises

In order for the above exercise was the most effective, you should follow the advice of experienced athletes.

  • Do the workout. This will help to avoid sprains. In addition, the warmed muscles respond best to the load;
  • Learn how to squat. First, the knees should not go beyond stop and come back inside. Second, back during the whole approach needs to be smooth. Third, the downward movement must begin with the abduction of the pelvis back. To master this exercise, you need to put the chair behind him and squat on him, not taking the stop from the floor;
  • When performing lunges, keep the knee did not go beyond the edge of the foot. In addition, it is recommended not to fully straighten legs when lifting the body. So you increase the load to the hips;
  • When you take for squats or sasahivi heavy weights, use wrist straps to securely hold equipment;
  • When lifting the pelvis in the gluteal bridge focus do not on the whole foot and on the heel only. With such a technique, the buttocks will get additional load.
  • If your workouts are in the gym, it is discussed in the article exercise you can combine with the power squats with a barbell or in the simulator Smith.

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