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Fitness for women on the basis of push UPS: simplified types of exercises

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Fitness for women on the basis of push UPS: simplified types of exercises
The contents

  • Muscle work in the gym with push-UPS
  • Lightweight versions of the exercise
  • Recommendations on organization and conducting of fitness classes

Standard pushups and all kinds of variations — it is precisely those exercises by which you can skip the gym to strengthen the muscles of the chest and the entire shoulder girdle. Women, however, were quite difficult to perform a standard pushup, so you need to include in their fitness training lightweight options for this training movements to strengthen the right muscles and enhance your level of physical training.

Muscle work in the gym with push-UPS

When conducting fitness classes, which include basic and other types of push-UPS, high-quality physical activity turns on the following muscle groups:

  • the muscles which includes the abdominals, back and buttocks.

When fixing the body in a horizontal straight position of muscles are in intense static stress, which increases the efficiency of their development;

  • small muscles-stabilizers.

These muscles are involved in the work to provide the body correct straight position during exercise;

  • the pectoral muscles.

These muscles are active, if while performing push-UPS greatly to place the palm of your hand and dilute elbows to the sides, bringing the chest to the surface;

  • triceps shoulders.

This muscle group gets a maximum load, if during fitness workouts to perform variant pushups place hands shoulder-width apart and fixing of the elbows as close as possible to the body;

Lightweight versions of the exercise

Women and people with a low level of fitness before you perform a classic push-UPS it is recommended to learn lightweight variations of this training movements to strengthen the muscles that are active when performing a classical technique. This gradual increasing of the pressure in the transition from the easy variations to the more complex allows not only smoothly and evenly develop the muscles of a breast and shoulder girdle, but also increase your overall level of fitness. In addition, this scheme enhances the effectiveness of exercise. Exercises with light physical activity include the following push UPS:

  • Push UPS from a wall or any other vertical surface.

To perform this exercise, you need to stand near the wall at a distance of 50-60 cm and rests her hands at shoulder level. Breathing in, you should bend the elbows and bring body towards the wall, almost touching her Breasts. To stay in this position for 2 seconds, exhaling during this period of time. Then, straightening your elbows, return to starting position in a given training movement fitness classes and repeat the push-up from wall 2-3 sets of 10-15 repetitions each.

  • Push-UPS with emphasis on hands and knees.

Make original position, resting on the floor with knees and hands under the shoulder joints. Tibia it is necessary to breed and raise, and fingers to direct straight forward. People with a minimum level of physical training enough during fitness workouts at first just to fix a position for one minute, thus rendering the static load on the muscles of the torso. If fixing such a posture is easy, you can move to the next stage, which involves bringing the chest to the opposite surface at extremely close distance. To do this, inhale and bend elbows, lowering chest as you lower and exhaling in the bottom position. After that you need to straighten the upper extremity and return to its original position throughout the exercise. The minimum recommended number of reps of pushups from knees for women-beginners — 5 times. Gradually this number to reach 10 and then you can try to do push-UPS in the standard technique.

  • Push-UPS with a focus hands on the hill.

Take the starting position, resting his hands on the sustainable upland height 50-70 cm It can be bench or sofa, if the fitness training is conducted at home. The distance between palms in emphasis should be a little more than shoulder width. Next, you should inhale and, bending the upper limb, to bring the chest to the hill, fixing a straight position of the torso during the entire period of performance of push-UPS. In the bottom position, you should exhale, and then return to the starting position, straightening the upper limbs. Increasing natrenirovannosti the height of the hill should be reduced, because the higher the prop, the less weight you have to lift when performing push-UPS. Accordingly, reducing the height of the support, it is possible to strengthen the intensity of physical exercise.

  • Classic pushups.

Having mastered all the previous techniques, you need to go to the classic version of the push UPS, doing at the initial stage the minimum number of repetitions and gradually increasing the load in exercise. A standard technique that is suitable for both men and women involves the following actions: accept an emphasis lying with support on hands and socks of the feet, and inhale, bending your elbows to bring the chest to the minimum distance to the floor. Exhaling in the bottom position, straighten the upper extremity and return to the starting push-up position. During one of the fitness classes you need to perform 2-3 sets of 8-15 push-UPS each.

Recommendations on organization and conducting of fitness classes

To fitness with push-UPS brings the maximum result, it is necessary for their organization and conduct, use the following recommendations:

  • before you begin to exercise, you need a good warm up with light cardio, such as walking, jumping or running in place;
  • you should start with the easiest options of push-UPS, gradually increasing the load by performing several repetitions of more complex variations of this training movement;
  • performing the exercise in any technique, you need to be flexing to securely fix the direct position of a trunk, avoiding sagging in the back and the sagging of the pelvis.

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