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Fitness for women of all ages: features of physical activity

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Fitness for women of all ages: features of physical activity
The contents

  • Fitness for girls 18-30 years
  • Physical activity for women aged 30 to 40 years
  • Fitness classes for women in 40 years
  • Fitness for women after 50 years

Women of all ages always want to look young and attractive, have a slender figure and a large amount of energy. To this desire to embody in reality you should lead a healthy way of life that includes several components: proper nutrition, proper rest and regular exercise. If the first two components everything is quite clear, the last should talk in more detail. Every woman’s age is characterized by its own unique features that should be considered in the allocation of loads and selection of exercises fitness.

Fitness for girls 18-30 years

The age of adulthood to 30 years is the most favorable for the production of a resistant habit to the gym. In this period the absolute majority of women good metabolism, good cardiovascular system and great amount of strength and energy. This is a good time for the development of a variety of sports, because the body is still young and able to adapt to any physical activities without too much loss.

Regular fitness at the age of 18-30 years helps to lay a good Foundation for the future, effectively strengthen the muscles of the entire body and properly adjust metabolism. At this time care of her figure is not very difficult, because thanks to a good metabolism getting rid of excess body fat is very fast, and exercise helps to tighten the muscles of the body and tone the skin.

At this age, however, as throughout life, it is helpful to do daily simple exercises, with some stretching exercises. As for more intense loads, it is recommended to hold them as often as three times a week. It can be aerobics or dancing, running outdoors, Cycling, swimming or working out at the gym. With no time for a full fitness workout some time (15-25 minutes) jump rope that will provide the body a good aerobic exercise, strengthens the heart and blood vessels. In addition, it is beneficial for physical health and relieving nervous tension to make daily walks in the fresh air.

Physical activity for women aged 30 to 40 years

If at the age of 30 fitness classes for women have not yet become commonplace, the metabolism naturally begins to slow down and the body will begin to expend 125 calories a day less than before. If dietary habits remain the same, you can appear excess fat, feel lethargy and mild discomfort in the movements. Now, when you receive in this age of the injury, much more time and effort will be spent on the restoration.

Not to feel such age-related changes, it is desirable to exert a physical stress on the body since childhood. If not, try now to do a little bit with fitness, with training at least 4 hours a week. This will be the best for swimming, stretching, aerobics, light strength training and, of course, daily exercises. It is not necessary to visit specialized places, can effectively train at home by purchasing at least a minimum of sports equipment.

Fitness classes for women in 40 years

At the age of 40 years is undergoing serious hormonal changes in women approaching menopause, which affects General health, and appearance. At this time, particularly active appear extra fat, particularly in the area of the hips and abdomen, is also undergoing changes of the bone system, each year losing in weight to 1% of its mass.

To completely neutralize these symptoms will not be possible, but to smooth their manifestation is possible with regular fitness workouts. Most suitable, careful and effective physical activity at this time is stretching, dance, Pilates and yoga. The minimum amount of time that a woman should be given to training for good health, is 2-3 hours per week.

Fitness for women after 50 years

The amount of lean body mass for fifty years, begins to decline gradually, which often kompensiruet set of excess fat. During these processes, the figure is undergoing major changes, increased hip, waist becomes wider, which affects not only the appearance of a woman but also on her health.

Experts recommend at this age to pay a minimum of 2 hours per week of moderate cardio and 1 hour of the stretching exercises. These activities will help to tone the muscles of the body and prolong youthfulness of the body. In addition, during this period, and this useful exercise:

  • daily walks;
  • swimming;
  • workout with small weights;
  • daily morning exercises.

At the age of sixty years continue to be changes in bone and muscle systems of the body, his stamina is reduced, the metabolic processes become slower, and the initial muscle volume only half remains. That is why after 60 years physical activity should be gentle and moderate, exercise be carried out smoothly, without jerks and sudden movements. Fitness classes at this time should be regular, preferably every day, but not longer than an hour. Exercise training should choose the most simple, to do them slowly and closely monitor his health.

Note that to start to do fitness at this age is quite difficult, so it is best to introduce it in your lifestyle since youth, then the effect of exercise will be greater and you will feel much better.

The older you get, the question of power becomes more relevant in connection with the slowing of metabolic processes. For fifty years you will clearly know the products that you can’t stand, so try not to exclude them from your diet and fill it with healthy food.

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