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Fitness for women: how to create a workout program

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Fitness for women: how to create a workout program

The contents

  • Basic Foundation of fitness
  • How not to plan a workout
  • The main direction of female fitness
  • Rules fitness programs
  • Most popular exercises

Modern types of fitness today are thousands of women. They set themselves different goals: to adjust the figure, to get rid of excess weight, improve health. To address these challenges new and experienced athletes train regularly in a gym and go to the pool, attend aerobics, callanetics, shaping. Many women prefer to study independently. It is for this category lovers of physical culture and sports will be discussed in this article about the specifics of women’s fitness and the rules of his organization.

Basic Foundation of fitness

Girls and women who have never engaged in serious physical activity, and who decided to change themselves and their lives through sport, often can’t build your customized fitness program just for lack of experience and knowledge. Let us examine on what basis you need to build your fitness.

  • The frequency of the classes.

If you train once a week, then a positive result could not be achieved. Workout plan for a beginner must be at least three sessions per week lasting from 40 to 60 minutes. Between workouts you need to leave a day for rest and recovery.

  • Choice of time for training.

Every human body works differently. Some are active and awake in the morning, others feel better by the evening, others charged with energy for the whole day. Therefore, training time should be selected depending on the characteristics of the organism. People-larks can effectively train in the morning, owls prefer to go to the gym in the evening. Fitness day can be the case that after a workout is not planned serious physical or mental plan.

  • The intensity of training.

Do not think that the more intense the exercise, the better the result will be. Women’s fitness is deeply personal. For the tasks you need to choose exercises of different intensity and correct to vary the load. For example, if your goal is to lose weight, you need to use a medium intensity workout and work with sports equipment small weight. Those women who want to make muscles elastic, beautiful and strong, suitable for high-intensity exercise. If you work on improving flexibility and stretching, the fitness program should be based on low intensive training with elements of stretching.

Important! Beginners should start their training with simple exercises, using minimal gym equipment. Load, as the length of training should increase gradually.

How not to plan a workout

Physical culture and sport positively affect a woman’s body. But just in case, if training is done properly, taking into account the age of the performer and current health status. Therefore, you should not start the exercises without assessing their capabilities, without purpose and without first consulting with your doctor.

It is unacceptable to start training:

  • Without contraindications.
  • Using excessive stress.
  • According to the plan, which includes more than 4 classes per week.
  • With the right approach to the organization of physical training, exercise will carry the female body. With their help, we can make a more attractive figure, improve emotional background, to get rid of back pain, degenerative disc disease, arthritis, strengthen the cardiovascular system.

    The main direction of female fitness

    For girls and women who decided to have her figure and health, the most suitable types of fitness are:

    • yoga with elements of gymnastics, stretching exercises, endurance and power development;
    • shaping to adjust the shape and problem areas: as a rule, includes a set of vigorous exercise;
    • callanetics, which combines yoga and static exercises for strength, endurance and stretching;
    • Pilates: develop individual muscle groups, increase elasticity of ligaments, joint mobility, stamina;
    • aerobics, which is a cardio workout high intensity;
    • bodyflex — low-intensity class that combines exercises on the development of the respiratory system and improve flexibility of the body;
    • body sculpt: use it to perform the correction, strengthen the respiratory and cardiovascular system.

    Women’s fitness is always an interesting and useful training program which you can make yourself, especially if there is no opportunity to engage in group under the guidance of a coach.

    Rules fitness programs

    For those who decided to do sports individually, need to know how to compile a fitness program. You first need to articulate the purpose of training. After you define the tasks, you can move on to the planning of training according to basic rules:

  • Workout schedule: 3-4 sessions per week lasting up to 60 minutes each.
  • Training should always begin with warm-up. Then comes the main stage and hitch.
  • Dynamic exercises should alternate with static.
  • The load should increase gradually from workout to workout.
  • A set of exercises is recommended to be changed every 2-3 weeks so that the muscles are not accustomed to the load.
  • More attention should problem areas and muscles, but be sure to work all body.
  • Between workouts you should have a day of rest. It is inadmissible to do more than 2 sessions in a row.
  • Once a week it is advisable to visit the bath or sauna, swim in the pool.
  • If you organize a fitness correctly, the first significant results will become noticeable after 1-2 months from the start of classes.

    Most popular exercises

    For novice athletes, it is important to select for their classes effective and interesting exercises that workout brought physical and moral pleasure. Among the most popular exercises for women’s fitness include:

    • attacks. It could be lunges forward and backward, sideways, using dumbbells or rubber bands;
    • twisting. Simple elements that can be performed lying, sitting or standing;
    • pushups from knees. Excellent develop the shoulder girdle, strengthen the press;
    • thrust rod in the slope. With this exercise, pump the chest, work the back muscles and the press;
    • leg swings. Elements develop joint mobility and elasticity of ligaments. It is useful to do the Mahi with the use of the tape of absorbers;
    • plank — an effective static exercise for the core muscles;
    • squats. A simple compound weight training, which can strengthen the muscles of the legs, buttocks, get rid of cellulite.

    Knowing the characteristics of women’s fitness and rules of drawing up training programs, you can schedule your classes and spend free time with advantage for health.

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