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Fitness for women: exercises for beginners

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Fitness for women: exercises for beginners
The contents

  • Fitness program exercises for beginners: first level
  • Women’s fitness: a program of the second level
  • Fitness classes and sports nutrition

To be athletic and toned every girl dreams of. Today there are all possibilities. Almost within walking distance you can find the right fitness centre, gym, Playground. Even hire a individual coach is not currently a problem. But often something stops. The lack of time, personal complexes. But both want to have a trim figure, a flat stomach, slender legs. Do not despair! There must be a way, if to look for it. In most cases, the problem can be solved with the help of fitness at home.

Fitness program exercises for beginners: first level

You are young, full of energy and desire to change themselves through fitness? Then you might want to learn about exemplary program for girls, designed for training the initial stage. Before you start regular exercise you need to keep in mind that a positive result will be achieved only under the condition of a healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition. And the sport will become a reliable assistant in the solution of the problem.

To work on the modeling of the body to be effective, you must choose the right set of exercises that will allow you to load all groups of muscles. Such complexes are contained in the programs, workouts for beginners, known as Phulbari.

In this article we will look at the program of women’s fitness, are designed to perform in the home. Exercises it simple and affordable. But it is very effective. They can be used to strengthen the muscles and ligaments to adjust your cardiovascular and respiratory system to more challenging fitness classes.

To begin it is necessary with a good workout. With it you will warm up the whole body, to avoid possible injuries during training. The warm up should take at least 10-15 minutes and take place in a relaxed, uniform pace. At this time is performed such exercises as swings, tilts, thrusts, Jogging, walking. Can be a bit of jump rope or pedal bike.

Your first fitness program needs to be designed for 2-3 sessions a week. The most efficient schedule: mon-Wed-Fri or Tue-Thu. What exercises should be included in the training mandatory? This:

  • exercises on press.

To start with a simple lifting of the torso from a prone position or by using an inclined bench. To vary the exercises will help classic twisting. Such elements will be useful not only to the muscles, constituting the press, but to the whole muscular frame, so as to improve circulation throughout the body. Also working on my core will help to tighten and gluteus, thighs. During the first few sessions, try not to overload yourself. But from lesson to lesson the load should be increased;

  • another necessary exercise female fitness squats.

They facilitate the burning of subcutaneous fat on the thighs and buttocks. This way you can make your legs very beautiful and slim. In the squat it is important to keep your back straight. This position reduces the load on the spine and helps prevent injury. You should start with 2 sets of 10-15 repetitions. As soon as you feel that doing them is easy, you can increase the number of sets or repetitions. For a variety of training and correction of calf muscles, try to do a few sets of donkey raises from a standing position;

  • include fitness classes push-UPS from knees.

It’s easier than push-UPS. For one exercise is enough 3 sets of 15 reps. After pushups you can do the bridge on the buttocks. While the heel stop must be pressed to the floor and the neck should not be bending.

In principle, you can choose the exercises for themselves. You should only not forget that you need to work all muscle groups.

Women’s fitness: a program of the second level

Mastering the first level of training will need 2-3 months. You can then go to the second level fulbari. Here for fitness classes are more intense and are complemented by exercises with weights, such as dumbbells, medicine ball, sandbags.

During training, observe the following rules:

  • between classes need to rest at least 1 day;
  • the number of lessons per week must not be more than 3;
  • exercises with weights, start with minimum weights;
  • weight sporting equipment increase gradually from workout to workout.

Women’s fitness differs little from the male. The difference is likely in the scales, they work with the girls.

Approximate set of exercises second level designed for three classes:


  • twisting the press;
  • lift the dumbbells straight arms in front of him;
  • breeding hands with dumbbells in hand;
  • squat with weights;
  • lunges with weights;
  • pumping calf muscle fitness exercise “Spring”.

Each element must be performed in 3 sets with repetitions of at least 10-15.


  • spreading the hands in a prone position on the bench;
  • work on the biceps;
  • squats;
  • work at the press on a flat bench.

All exercises are performed with weights. The weight of the projectile is chosen individually.

Additionally, you can include in your workout plan classic and reverse pushups. Every fitness exercise is performed for 3 sets of 10-15 times.


  • the bridge on the buttocks;
  • attacks;
  • pull the belt in a standing position with hands down;
  • squats.

And this time don’t forget about the use of additional weights.

As a rule, these two sets will be enough for fitness within six months. During this time, you will be able to evaluate the effectiveness of the program and to note its positive results, looking in the mirror and scales on the dial. Continue to engage further, including new exercises and increasing the load, because the fitness at home is a great opportunity to keep yourself in great shape, be active and cheerful.

Fitness classes and sports nutrition

To achieve good results in any sport, just training is not enough. It is necessary to abandon bad habits and to engage in proper nutrition. Women’s fitness is no exception. Below we give a few basic tips, how should it be organized sports nourishment:

  • don’t limit yourself to only three diets. Eat at least 5 times a day;
  • a main meal will finish no less than 1.5 hours before exercising. 15 minutes before a workout, you can drink a cocktail of protein and carbohydrates;
  • during fitness classes, drink at least 1-1. 5 liters of clean water;
  • immediately after your workout you can drink a protein shake or a glass of sweet juice;
  • your daily diet should include adequate amount of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Natural food can be supplemented with nutritional supplements, but does not replace their main products;
  • remember that proper nutrition is not only the needs of the stomach, but head work. No hard constraints should not be, even if you follow a diet.

Only by combining fitness, healthy lifestyle and nutrition, you can achieve excellent results.

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