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Fitness for weight loss: tips and effective exercises

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Fitness for weight loss: tips and effective exercises

The contents

  • General advice on fitness training and nutrition
  • Basic fitness training for upper extremities
  • Effective exercises with weights for hands

Flabby muscles of the upper extremities, of course, the biggest drawback of the figure, but women to get rid of it is because it makes weak hands, and their appearance is unattractive and unsightly, spoiling even a slim figure. To solve this problem fairly quickly, if you regularly perform special exercises for the upper limbs with and without weights.

General advice on fitness training and nutrition

Attractive forearms depends on the physical condition of all 4 muscle groups, so with due perseverance to develop and strengthen the area with exercise, you can quite easily and quickly. All of them (deltoid, subscapularis, big and small round muscles) are anatomically combined into one large muscle group of the shoulder girdle. To efficiently and quickly train and give your hands an attractive neat appearance, fitness experts recommend organize catering and fitness training, subject to the following rules:

  • each session should begin with warm-up. Since the main physical activity will occur in the muscles of upper limbs and shoulder girdle, the workout, the emphasis should be on warming up training movements for the upper body;
  • in fitness training has to be the movement aimed at stretching the muscle tissues of the upper extremities, and strength physical activity with the weights, which are convenient to use dumbbells. This complex combination of loads that have proven effective in practice, can in the shortest possible time to achieve visible improvement in the condition of the muscles of the forearm;
  • regularity is one of the basic conditions that ensure the fitness positive. At the same time women weight training can be performed as often as three times a week and stretching is recommended to do every day;
  • food and taste habits need to change, excluding from the diet of fatty, smoked, salty, sweet and starchy foods as well as soda and alcohol, but adding to the menu more protein and slow carbohydrates. Carbohydrates the body needs for energy and proteins for the regeneration and formation of new muscle tissue cells. Instead of the usual sweets should be consumed dried fruits and dark chocolate;
  • when conducting fitness workouts and outside the gym, you need to drink enough pure water, the total daily amount which shall be not less than 2 liters. Water is essential for proper and fast flow of metabolic processes in the body, a healthy metabolism is the key to the effectiveness of the exercise.

Subject to all of the above rules after the third workout you can feel the muscle (and not only the shoulder girdle) came to tone, and after 2-3 weeks of regular exercise for the hands usually can already be seen obvious positive changes.

Basic fitness training for upper extremities

As already mentioned, to start training you should warm-up, the duration of which should not exceed 5-7 minutes. In the warm-up may be, for example, such exercises:

  • 30 jumping rope or if rope no jumps simulation of the hand movements when working with your jump rope. While jumping with the imitation of the forearm should be tightly pressed to the body;
  • at 30 rotations of the upper limbs forward and backward;
  • 30 swings with his hands with the attacks. This exercise should be performed, greatly straining the abdominal muscles;
  • 30 swings of the upper limbs in the slope or “Mill”. To perform this warm-up movement you should tilt your body forward, raise arms out to the side, and then perform them sharp up and down movement resembling the rotation of the blades of the mill.

In addition to these exercises during the warm-up you can perform several exercise movements joint exercises to improve joint mobility and reduce the risk of injury.

After the warm-up you can immediately begin to implement the main part of fitness training for the upper extremities:

  • Sit on the floor, knees bent and feet securely rest on the floor or just to fix them. To get his hands back, palms to rest on the floor. Followed, straining the abdominal muscles and buttocks, bend and unbend elbows 60 times omitting the body to the floor as low as possible. This exercise is effective working on a rear surface of the forearm, reducing the amount of body fat and firming the muscles in this body part.
  • Stand beside the couch or stable chair to rest against the seat arms and lower the pelvis, stretching the lower limb forward. In this position, the body needs 20 times slowly lower and lift the pelvis using muscle strength of the upper extremities. You can then rest 30-60 seconds and repeat the exercise at a slow pace.
  • Take the emphasis on the palm and the toes, stretch the abdominal muscles and buttocks, keeping your back straight. In this position you need, bending your elbows to bring your chest as close to the surface of the floor and return to starting position. To repeat the item fitness training 10-15 times.
  • Effective exercises with weights for hands

    To enhance muscle load of the arms during fitness classes need to use the weights, for example dumbbells. With them you can perform these training movement:

    • Stand up straight, feet comfortably apart, to take in each hand on the shell and sit down to a level where the thighs are parallel with the floor surface. In this position you need to squeeze the forearm to the body and slowly bend and straighten the elbows. In one squat should be done no less than 20 of flexion, but if the level of physical fitness does not allow you to repeat this exercise 20 times, you can do less repetitions, but strictly observing the correct technique.
    • Standing straight and hold dumbbells in hands, step back and bend both knees at right angles. Straining squat abdominal muscles and buttocks, you need 20 times slowly raise the straight upper extremity through the sides to shoulder level. You then rise from the squat, perform a back lunge with the other leg and repeat this element of the fitness training 20 more times.

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