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Fitness for weight loss and increase physical performance

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Fitness for weight loss and increase physical performance
The contents

  • Fitness slimming
  • Fitness classes: aerobic species
  • Fitness lessons for the development of endurance and strength
  • Exercise for a good mood

A healthy person needs to move a lot. What physical activity is a major component of a healthy lifestyle. Competently and purposefully work on improving your body and spirit help fitness classes. The results will depend on the objectives pursued by the athlete. Some just want to keep myself in good shape, others are working on the correction, others are more ambitious and want to achieve significant success in a particular sport.

This article discusses the impact of exercise on the human body depending on your goals, and provides basic recommendations on how to organize your workout.

Important! Fitness classes is an additional physical load on the muscles, ligaments, internal organs and mind. So before you exercise, go through medical check-up and identify the real level of their possibilities.

Fitness slimming

Beautiful, slim figure is always a guarantee of good mood, confidence in themselves and their abilities. To achieve this goal, people often use fitness slimming. To solve the issue with burning excess calories, you can use any exercise. But it is advisable to start with the usual morning exercises. It is necessary to know that effectively promote weight loss it aerobic exercise: running, brisk walking, swimming, skiing, Cycling and others. Will be good combination of aerobic exercise with anaerobic. For example, after a run, you can play football or visit the gym.

Some weight training difficult to cope with the extra weight. Training with dumbbells, barbells at the gym strengthen the muscles, but not promote rapid fat burning. Anaerobic exercise, such as energy source consume, the glycogen accumulated in the muscles. Its decomposition occurs without oxygen. Therefore, aerobic exercises are ineffective for decreasing fat mass. They are more suitable for the initial phase of increased motor activity that you want to develop aerobic exercises. That is, in those sports that contribute to the breakdown of not only proteins and carbohydrates but also lipids (fat).

Fitness classes for weight loss should last at least 40-60 minutes, as only after half an hour of load, the body begins to take energy from the fat tissues.

Fitness classes: aerobic species

To aerobic exercises include all types of physical activities, in which the main source of energy is oxygen. The fitness of this type consists of movements low to moderate intensity, involving a large number of muscles.

  • Swimming.

This sport has diverse effects on the body. On the one hand actively burns calories, on the other hand, the muscles become stronger and tougher. The load is evenly distributed over the entire musculature that contributes to the harmonious development of the body.

In addition, swimming:

  • strengthens the heart;
  • tempers;
  • takes the load off the spine;
  • relaxes;
  • helps with diseases of the blood vessels;
  • removes puffiness.

Swimming has a minimum of contraindications:

  • acute otitis;
  • sinusitis;
  • pulmonary and infectious diseases;
  • pathology of the heart and kidneys;
  • fungal and purulent rashes on the skin.

Choosing swimming as a fitness for weight loss, you can combine swimming in the pool with a workout in the gym or home strength training.

  • Run.

Motor activity in the form of a long run (at least 30 minutes) to effectively burn excess fat. Beginners who have never run, you should start with small Jogging for 5-10 minutes, gradually increasing exercise time. If run hard, go on to walking. Preferably to deal in the fresh air. Remember that a large excess weight may cause injuries to knee joints. Therefore, it is better to run on soft surfaces.

Important! Running a short distance with high intensity (sprint) gives anaerobic capacity and does not contribute to weight loss.

  • Walking.

To implement a healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to be any particular sport. You can just a lot of walking in the fresh air. But if you use a walking fitness for weight loss, you need to move at an intense pace, and to increase the load from workout to workout. Now, many in cars as a result of sharply reducing the load on the muscles lost their tone, and in old age Hiking will be given increasingly difficult. So try to move more. Walking perfectly compensates for the lack of movements, but for effective weight management it will not be enough.

  • Martial arts.

Certain types of fitness combining anaerobic, aerobic and power load. These include martial arts like karate, Boxing, Sambo, kung fu, Wushu, and others. The use of martial arts is to strengthen muscles and burning great quantities of fat. For one week exercise you can lose up to 2 kg of weight.

No need to be afraid that during class will have to participate in sparring. Now a lot of the sections where they teach self-defense techniques without coming in direct contact with each other.

  • Ski.

Skiing for 30-40 minutes is ideal for weight loss. But to achieve the effect, the training duration should be at least an hour. Skiing will not only help to lose weight: they will strengthen the heart and improve function of the respiratory system.

  • Bike.

The positive aspects of the lessons including types of fitness, like running, walking, swimming perfectly combines Cycling. Recommended training duration is 40-60 minutes. You can engage in either alone or with family or friends.

Fitness lessons for the development of endurance and strength

For the development of endurance, you can use all of the above sports. Additionally, engage in football, volleyball, basketball. Importantly, the body has to aerobic exercise. But to increase muscle strength and growth need to work with weights: dumbbells and barbell. But don’t get involved in large scale, especially if the body is not prepared for serious sports. Best to start with General physical training, including exercises for flexibility, running, swimming, chin-up strength exercises with its own weight. The training duration is 40-60 minutes. For a set of muscle mass time classes must be greater than 1 hour.

Exercise for a good mood

If you figure all is fine and no serious purpose in improving your sports skills, your daily fitness can be restricted on the usual morning exercises, dancing, outdoor games, quiet walks. Moderate and regular exercise will keep muscles toned and additionally improve the emotional background.

For fitness suitable any free time. It may be morning hours, lunch or evening time. For improvement set specific goals and do not delay their implementation — and then you will succeed.

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