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Fitness for the oblique muscles of the abdomen: exercise and basic nutrition

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Fitness for the oblique muscles of the abdomen: exercise and basic nutrition
The contents

  • The complex of exercises for the oblique muscles of the press
  • Features fitness activities
  • The basics of diet for a flat stomach

Obliques that form the side of the body, often loses necessary for the development of load. The lag in the development of these muscle groups due to the fact that most of the people for strengthening the abdominal muscles do the twist and other variations of this exercise, in which the oblique muscles are not as active as direct muscle. Therefore, in order to develop the muscles laterally and to give it relief, the need to separately work out the oblique muscles of the press. Also, be sure to adhere to a special diet, thanks to which decreases the amount of abdominal fat, and relief of the abdominal muscles begins to be clearly seen.

The complex of exercises for the oblique muscles of the press

Functionally these muscles are responsible for performing the following body movements:

  • flexion and extension of the lower back;
  • turns the body sideways;
  • abduction of the pelvis back.

To strengthen these muscle groups, you need in fitness classes to include exercises that mimic the mechanics of the movements that involve obliques. Such training movements include the following:

  • Bending with a barbell fixed at the Delta.

Stand up straight with feet on the width of the pelvis. Put on the shoulders of the barbell so that the middle of her neck was on the deltoid muscle, not the neck. Inhale and bend to the level at which the back and the floor surface are in the same Parallels. During the tilt should turn the body, directing one shoulder up and the other down. To replicate fitness exercise in 3-4 times for 15-20 times, using a small work weight.

  • Side twisting.

Lie on your back, to bring together the lower limbs, bend your knees and put your feet on the floor, touching the surface of the lateral part of the thigh. Upper limb it should have a head, spreading his elbows to the sides. After exercise, you need to inhale and lift the torso, expanding the housing and directing the elbow to the opposite knee. At the time of greatest contraction of the abdominal muscles to exhale and slowly return to the starting position. To change the position of the lower extremities, the knees pointing in the opposite direction and repeat this motion training fitness classes 10-20 times to the left and to the right in each of the 4 approaches.

  • Cleaver.

To stand sideways to the top block with a rope handle. Just grab it with two hands and perform the movement of hands and body, reminiscent of max axe when cutting wood. Arm block should move down and to the side. Reaching the bottom position, pause and slowly return arm to starting top position. Repeat the exercise 2-3 sets for 10-20 times. To turn the other side to the frame of the simulator and perform the same number of repetitions.

  • Lifts knee raises.

Hang on the bar or gravitron. On the inhale bend the knees and raise them to chest level, turning the pelvis. Repeat the exercise 20 times in each of the 4 approaches, changing the direction of a turn of the pelvis.

  • Oblique twists.

Lie on your back, bend your knees and put your feet on the floor. Hook the brush into the castle and make for the head, elbows dissolve in the parties. Inhale and lift the upper part of the torso, expanding the housing and directing the elbow to the opposite knee. Repeat the exercise 4-6 approaches 10-15 times, alternately turning the lifting body left, then right.

  • Inclinations of the case in hand.

This is a training movement is done with the weights, which are convenient to use dumbbells. If they are not available, it is possible to replace these sports equipment by any convenient heavy objects. You need to stand up straight, hold in their hands the weights, inhale and bend to the side, stretching the muscles located on the sides. This element of the fitness classes you need to repeat 10-20 times in each direction. The recommended number of sets is 4.

Features fitness activities

To ensure maximum effectiveness of fitness activities aimed at the development of the oblique muscles in their organization and conduct, consider the following features:

  • before exercise be sure to perform warm-up, preparing thus the core muscles and press on to the subsequent intensive load that is on them to prove during training;
  • in addition to the above property, it is necessary to include in the training program such basic exercises like deadlifts and squats. This should reduce the number of repetitions of each element. Beginners are recommended to perform the deadlift and squats under the guidance of an experienced coach;
  • in parallel with the strengthening of the oblique abdominal muscles, you must actively work to reduce the amount of body fat in the abdominal area and sides. To achieve positive results in this process, you need to change the diet and add a fitness program of cardio;
  • complete the workout with stretching abdominal muscles and bark. This hitch promotes relaxation of muscles and activation of regenerative processes in the body.

The basics of diet for a flat stomach

The result of providing regular exercise for the oblique abdominal muscles will be visible only when changes in usual diet. This correction of dietary habits are necessary to reduce the amount of abdominal fat. To this end there needs to subdue the diet and mode of eating the following principles:

  • from the diet should completely exclude flour and sweet, but also fast food, snacks, chips and alcohol;
  • the number of meals should be at least 5 three main and a couple of snacks. This mode allows you not to feel a keen sense of head and prevents overeating;
  • the basis of the diet should be protein foods, and meals containing a large amount of slow carbohydrates;
  • fats take an active part in many vital processes in the body, so they cannot be excluded from the menu. Just replace animal fats with vegetable and fish oil;
  • it is very important to drink enough fluids to all the body’s processes proceeded normally. The optimal daily amount of water — 30 ml per kilogram of body weight.

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