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Fitness for the neck: the rules of loads and a set of exercises

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Fitness for the neck: the rules of loads and a set of exercises
The contents

  • The need in training of the neck
  • Rules of exercise for neck muscles
  • The complex of exercises for beginners
  • Exercises with weights

Most athletes seriously involved in strength training fitness, in addition to the muscles of the legs and body are paying attention to the pumping muscles of the neck. This helps the body look more harmonious, and also has certain implications for health and well-being, while such exercises do not require special devices and can easily be performed at home.

The need in training of the neck

The spine is a critical element of our musculoskeletal system and its cervical most fragile and weakest part of it. To damage in this place is very simple, especially when working with weights, and it can cause serious health problems. That is why the physical therapy exercises are obligatory for all without exception, which is not true of targeted strength work on the muscles of the neck.

Additional development of the neck muscles are usually, wrestlers, bodybuilders sometimes. This requires a well-founded due to the high potential for injury such exercise. Therefore, before to start the pump neck, one should assess all the advantages and disadvantages of such training, contraindications to it and precautions.

Rules of exercise for neck muscles

The first contraindication to the power load on the neck muscles is cervical osteochondrosis, when present pain in this area, and the vertebrae are unstable. In this case, the physical load on these muscles is certainly needed, but it needs to be easy and correct, without the use of weights.

If you decide to develop the muscles in this area, you need to approach this very carefully, focusing on the following rules:

  • Before exercise be sure to perform a warm-up to warm up muscles and joints.
  • If during class you sharply darkened in eyes, you should stop the exercise and evaluate their condition. If it occurred because of a sharp rise of the head or extension, just do it slowly, if in the relaxed position, you should stop the exercise and consult a doctor.
  • If during training or during a certain period after that you deteriorating health, pain in the head, unpleasant sensations in its turn, sleep disorders, then this is a clear reason turn to the neurologist and to stop the power load on the muscles of the neck.
  • A good warm-up before training the neck should consist of these exercises:

    • stand up straight, put feet on the width of the hip joints and the hands on the waist;
    • carefully and slowly run the head tilt to one side and then the other, dropping it to the floor;
    • follow the rotation of the head in one direction, then in the other, bowing his head as low as you feel comfortable, eventually increasing radius;
    • well flexing your neck muscles an exercise in which the air to draw a nose a figure eight, making it more each time.

    Warm up of muscles should be given at least 5 minutes to ensure that future physical activity had a greater effect and was relatively safe.

    The complex of exercises for beginners

    The following set of exercises suitable to novice athletes or those who are just beginning to study the muscles of the neck. It can be done at home without using any additional devices, except ordinary towels.

    Exercises for training the muscles of the neck:

  • Sit in a chair, standing at the table, rest your elbows in the past and miss the head, touching the table solely to the forehead. Both hands lay on the back of the head and pressure head, at the same time trying to raise it above the table. Let the head slightly to get up, but with some resistance. Follow only 12 of such movements, instead of the palms you can use a towel.
  • Staying in the same position, put your hands together over the table leaving elbows still on it. Put your head in the palm of your hand and using pressure to try to push the elbows into the surface of the table.
  • Take my ribbon in both hands, raise them and pull the tape so that the head was in the middle of the tape. Slightly pull the hands back to a comfortable position and follow the head tilts down in the amount of 12 times.
  • Lie down on a gym bench, sofa or chairs drawn up so that your head is hanging down. You can make the situation both at the back and on the abdomen and raise the head up, performing just 3 sets of 15 reps.
  • Sitting on a chair, place both hands in the ears. Then tilt the head from side to side, resisting with one hand. You can perform this exercise in statics, increasing the tension of the hands, or in dynamics, weakening it.
  • You will be able to achieve certain results only in the case of constant load progression and inclusion in the training of different movements. This set of exercises is very simple, and to achieve substantial muscle growth with it is impossible. However, training in a few months this program prepares the neck to more serious power load.

    Exercises with weights

    To provide the muscles a more significant force need to use the strap and weights. The strap is a special form of belt for secure attachment of cargo to the head.

    The following set of exercises allows you to more thoroughly pump the muscles of the neck:

  • Lie on your back on a horizontal solid surface so that the head and neck hanging down. Attach the head strap, and hook the cargo weight. Lower and raise the head 12 times, accurately controlling movement.
  • Do the same exercise, this time lying on his stomach. Movements also start with lower head position.
  • Then turn on your right side and perform lifts head up, moving it to the left shoulder. The same follow for the other side.
  • In the gym, you can work the neck muscles using the same exercises and information. 1-2 times a week is the optimal number of classes for training this field, we should not expect quick results, often their appearance requires quite a long time.

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