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Fitness for the development of the chest muscles: tailored and combined exercises

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Fitness for the development of the chest muscles: tailored and combined exercises
The contents

  • Exercise for lower chest area
  • Pushups and their variants
  • Combined exercise for lower and upper chest
  • Home fitness training
  • Recommendations for exercise

Any athlete who wish to develop your body and to make the muscles visible, is faced with the problem of development of the lower zone of the chest. This area is considered to be one of the most difficult to pump, because isolated exercises for that target zone is sufficiently small. However, even some multi-component physical activity ways to help develop and strengthen this area. Fitness training for development of the lower part of the chest can be carried out both in the gym and at home.

Exercise for lower chest area

In order to thoroughly work the lower pectoral region, you must follow the steps of the pusher of the character to the far side. Most inexperienced athletes do not know about and perform exercises that require lifting the legs, which leads to the development of the muscles of the upper and middle part of the chest.

Pumping the lower pane requires pushups in a horizontal plane with sharp jerks or sit-UPS on the bars. Systematic fitness training will not only develop muscles this problem area, but will provide her a nice relief.

It is also worth remembering that the study of the target areas you want to execute not just isolated physical activity, and combination. Since all the muscles of our body are interconnected, the alternation of exercises for the lower, middle and upper thoracic area will allow you to train all of the muscles of the chest as a whole. This has a positive impact on the appearance of the chest and power indicators.

Pushups and their variants

In order to lower pectoral muscles carefully to pump and got a attractive shape, you will need not only to perform exercises, but to burn excess body fat. Help make this an intense fitness workout on cardiologia. Only after the active weight loss you can begin to direct loads, drawn to the lower area of the chest.

More than anything in this chest are some varieties of push-UPS. Furthermore, the physical load is distributed differently, depending on the setting of the hands. Among the effective exercises are:

  • Push-UPS place hands shoulder width apart.

In this exercise, the palm should be strictly under the shoulder joints. This push-up is considered to be basic and included in most fitness workouts .

  • Push-UPS with a narrow formulation of the hands.

In the performance element, the elbows are almost at your sides, and palms placed on as close a distance from each other. This type of pushups has the greatest physical load on the muscles of the lower thoracic area.

  • Pushups with an extended hand.

Palm divorced from each other as far as possible. Exercise is working from two muscles: lower and middle sternum.

All pushups must be performed one after another in 4-5 sets of 10 repetitions. Between sets of exercises you want to do a pause of 1 minute. Increasing endurance and strength the load can be infinitely increased.

Combined exercise for lower and upper chest

To the chest muscles pumped evenly, in addition to the target you need to perform and combined fitness training. Then develop the associated muscles that form the entire muscular system are the support for the lower chest area. The other part of exercise relaxes the lower chest muscles, helping them to recover after a series of intense movements.

As a combined physical activity training complex can include:

  • Breeding dumbbells on the bench.

The more the bench is inclined the more worked the deltoid muscle along with the chest. The angle of inclination should not exceed 35 degrees, otherwise the load on the muscles will be ineffective.

  • The neck press lying on an inclined bench.

The exercise is performed on a support with a slope of not less than 30 and not more than 45 degrees. Under these conditions, physical load is evenly distributed on the muscles of the upper shoulder girdle and chest area.

  • The rise of the housing on the bars.

Despite the fact that the main focus of the exercise is a study of the shoulder girdle muscles and back deltas, when muscle tension is activated and the lower sternal region.

For the effective study of lower thoracic areas will need to perform a complex of exercises of 3-5 sets of 15 reps. Before training you must warm up your muscles with basic warm-up complex.

Home fitness training

For developing the lower pectoral muscles can refer to home fitness training with own weight. In the set of exercises typically include:

  • classic pushups: 3-5 sets of 15 times, pause between sets – 1 minute;
  • drop shoulder – exercise for developing the lower muscles and balance. From push-up position as high as possible it is necessary to raise one shoulder, and the second to omit. The essence of the element is in tension pectoral and dorsal muscles, and maintaining overall balance;
  • push-UPS 4 1 – when lowering body to the floor slowly for 4 seconds and return in initial position (basic push-up position) is only 1 second.

Recommendations for exercise

Before proceeding to the fitness training for the development of the lower chest muscles, you need to consider several aspects. These best practices will help you to perform the exercises most efficiently.

  • For training dress comfortable as possible, so as not to hamper movement during exercise.
  • For young athletes it is easier to follow the basic sports program for the study of the entire chest area. With the increasing fiznagruzki you can gradually move on to isolated exercises to pump the target muscle.
  • During the execution of fitness training, take breaks and drink plenty of clean water to maintain water balance.
  • Physical activity should be increased slowly. At first, eliminate large weight when working with the equipment and shells. For recommendations, consult a fitness instructor: he can help to make your personal program and select the optimal weight for the initial fitness training.
  • Muscles lower thoracic area difficult to study, but with the right approach, this area can be developed. This will need to follow the recommendations of your coach and include in your training regime different types of exercises.

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