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Fitness for the development of the chest muscles: rules and exercises

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Fitness for the development of the chest muscles: rules and exercises
The contents

  • Rules for conducting fitness workouts
  • Exercises for the chest in the form of presses
  • Exercise for the pectoral muscles in a crossover and on the bars
  • Examples of fitness programs for training chest

People seriously interested in bodybuilding, it is easy to learn for three-dimensional, well-developed pectoral muscles. For effective muscle growth, it is important to choose the right physical exercises focusing on the basic elements that are performed with free weights. In the gym for these purposes often resort to using barbells and dumbbells; in addition, to improve the result, you can use the crossover and the horizontal bar.

Rules for conducting fitness workouts

Power sports require the athlete to comply with several General rules that can make them more effective and safer:

  • If the goal of sports is muscle growth, then the basis of the fitness programs have to be mnogocwetnye basic exercises that allows you to work several muscle groups in one movement. Isolated elements are also present in training, but their main task is the portrayal of relief and a “rebound” of the target muscles to failure.
  • The basic elements are always put at the beginning of class, as they require a large amount of energy and effort. The insulating elements are performed in the end.
  • The number of fitness workouts for chest muscles — 1-2 a week. Between classes should pass 2-3 days needed for muscle recovery.
  • The number of sets and reps in the program is determined independently, based on their capabilities. The standard option is to use 2 to 5 exercises in a single exercise, perform 3-4 approach in each of which from 6 to 15 repetitions.
  • When working with a barbell is recommended to experiment with the width setting hands on the fretboard — this will allow you to change physical activity, shifting it to a particular group of muscles. With the broad hand setting voltage is shifted to the outer part of the thoracic; the average production gives the opportunity to work out inner section; narrow grip takes stress on the triceps.
  • When you exercise, it is important to follow the bend of the elbow: the arm should never straighten completely. This nuance will help to avoid excessive stress on the joints.
  • Before a fitness workout, be sure to perform exercise and make a trial approach to exercise with light weight — it helps to prepare your body for the work ahead and the ability to “remember” the correct technique of movements with safe weights.

    Exercises for the chest in the form of presses

    Basic exercise for chest muscles is the bench press bar in a lying position. It is characterized by simple technique and effective for muscle growth and improve muscular strength.

    • For the element lie back on a horizontal bench, the rod is on special racks above the chest. Driving the blades, buttocks and shoulders and tightly pressed them to the bench, slightly deflect the lower back, foot rests on the floor, bending your knees.
    • Put your palms flat on the fingerboard straight grip and remove the bar from the racks.
    • On the inhale gently lowered sports equipment to the chest, slightly touching her neck.
    • On the exhale, a strong impetus straighten arms, squeezing the bar up.

    Dumbbell bench press in the lying position perform the same scheme that works with the rod. Hold a dumbbell in one plane, watching the synchronicity of the exercise. Depending on the size of dumbbells, at the top they either touch each other or remain at a distance of 10-15 cm dumbbell Bench press allows you to increase range of motion and engages stabilizing muscles, so it is recommended from time to time to add this element to your program.

    Bench barbell on an incline bench can be performed in two variants: the bench slope up and slope the bench down. In the first embodiment, the physical load on the upper part of the chest and deltoid muscles, and the second voltage falls to the lower part of the chest. In both cases the angle should not exceed 45°.

    When performing exercises with the upper incline bench starting position similar to the classical element: in a semi-sitting position, the shoulders and the pelvis tightly pressed to the bench SAG, the lower back, foot rests on the floor. To breath down the neck to the chest in the subclavian area, and then on the exhale push up sports equipment. When doing exercise with the lower deviation of the backrest use the same movements, but the foot must be locked with a special roller. The barbell is lowered to the lower portion of the chest, then as you exhale push up. When working with dumbbells have the same rules as for the rod.

    Exercise for the pectoral muscles in a crossover and on the bars

    Fitness training in the gym can use to Supplement the insulating element, as the reduction of arms in the crossover. Its main task is grinding of the relief, so it is not necessary to replace the presses.

    • For the element to come between the blocks, spreads his arms to the sides and up, taking the handle of crossover.
    • On the exhale, bring your hands in front of body, lowering them down. Hold the position for 1-2 seconds.
    • Return to starting position.

    This same exercise can be done lying down, but that between blocks have a horizontal bench; physical load in this case is shifted to the inner region of the breast.

    To maintain the shape at home using push-UPS between parallel bars:

    • Take position on parallel bars, holding your body weight on outstretched arms.
    • On the exhale, fall, slightly tilting the body forward. The shoulders at the bottom parallel to the floor.
    • Fixing the position for 1-2 seconds, return to start.

    When you run this fitness element is very important to move smoothly with the correct amplitude. Excessive downward movement may lead to injury of the shoulder joint and defect will reduce the effectiveness of the training.

    Examples of fitness programs for training chest

    Most often, the fitness program drawn up for each specific athlete based on its features and capabilities, but for starters, you can use the General schema of the classes. For example, for training twice a week, you can use the following option.

    Day 1:

    • Bench press bar in a lying position on a horizontal bench. 3 sets of 8 reps. Rest between sets is 3 mins
    • Dumbbell bench press on incline bench with upper deviation. 3 sets of 10 repetitions. Rest — 3 min.
    • Pushups on the parallel bars. 3 sets of 10-15 repetitions. Rest and 2.5 min.
    • Information hands in a block training simulator. 3 sets of 15 repetitions. Rest and 2.5 min.

    Day 2:

    • The bench press barbell on the bench with a slope down. 3 sets of 6 reps, rest 3 min.
    • Dumbbell bench press on the bench with a lower bias. 3 sets of 10 reps, rest 3 min.
    • The reduction of arms in a block training simulator lying on the bench. 3 sets of 15 reps, rest for 2.5 min.

    Fitness program for breast should change every 6-8 weeks — it will help to accelerate progress and achieve effective muscle growth.

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