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Fitness for the chest muscles: the universal complex of exercises

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Fitness for the chest muscles: the universal complex of exercises
The contents

  • Chest muscles
  • Exercises for breast
  • Training regime
  • Fitness program to develop the muscles of the chest
  • Pushups
  • Exercises with dumbbells

The muscles of the chest large and well respond to weight training. They can successfully train at home using a range of bodyweight exercises and free weights.

Chest muscles

The main volume and shape of the pectoral muscles attach to the large pectoral muscles. They are located superficially in the anterior part of the thorax. Besides them strength exercises involved small pectoral muscle, the subclavian and anterior dentate. The pectoralis major muscle proniruet shoulder (rotates inward), leads him to the body and pulls forward. Located under a large, pectoralis minor pulls the shoulder blade forward and down. The anterolateral part of the thorax forms the serratus anterior muscle. It pulls the scapula downward and laterally, and when the designated shoulder rotates the scapula, raising the limb above the level of the shoulder joint.

Exercises for breast

The pectoral muscles are worked out basic and isolating exercises. The best basic exercise for chest is the bench press. At home bench press bar can be replaced with push-UPS. In fact, both exercises are horizontal presses and the nature of the impact on muscle do not differ from each other. To enhance the load in the push-UPS can be worn on the back of the weighted backpack.

Instead of the classic bench press (with a barbell), you can perform presses with dumbbells. The bar allows you to take more weight in the exercise. But with dumbbells can be a good idea to work the target muscles. In addition, using dumbbells is an effective exercise for muscle-stabilizers. Isolation exercises with dumbbells — breeding hands and pullovers. They play a supporting role.

Training regime

The chest muscles need to train no more than twice a week. Muscles take 2-3 days to heal the microtrauma and relax from stress. The workout plan may include a different number of exercises, but in any case it must include push-UPS and dumbbell bench press lying. By using basic exercises build muscle mass is the Foundation of any masonboro fitness program. Beginners first time should be limited to 1-2 exercises (2-3 sets each).

Fitness program to develop the muscles of the chest

No matter what muscle you train, emphasis should be done on basic exercises. They are the best way to stimulate muscle growth. “Base” is always performed at the beginning of the workout. Home training of the breast may include:

  • Pushups with wide hand — 3 sets, 20-30 reps.
  • Push-UPS with a narrow formulation of the hands — 3 sets, 20 repetitions.
  • Dumbbell bench press lying — 3 sets, 15 reps.

After the basic exercises are insulating:

  • Breeding hands with dumbbells lying down — 3 sets, 15 reps.
  • Pullover with dumbbells lying down — 3 sets, 20 repetitions.

The training program we need to organise so that all parts of the chest muscles have been sufficient load. You need to use all available varieties of push-UPS, presses, dilutions. Changing the tilt of the body in these exercises, you can shift the load to different areas of the chest muscles.


In the classic version of push-UPS, hands and feet on the floor. If the distance between your hands is greater than the width of the shoulders, the load is concentrated on the pectoral muscles. Especially well worked out the middle part of the chest. In the narrow formulation of the hands are actively working the triceps and inner portions of the chest muscles. Hands should stand close to each other, until the contact of the thumbs. The chest should be lowered as low as possible to the palm. To extend the maximum muscle tension at the bottom point you need to do a short stop for 1-2 seconds.

A fitness program must include other types of push-UPS in addition to the classic. To the chest muscles not only reduces, but well stretched, you can do push-UPS on chairs. Will need 2-3 sustainable chair. Two chairs serve as a support for the hands in seat put her hands like push UPS. The third chair is used as a foot rest: it touches the socks. Instead of a chair can put your feet up on any other support. In the process of pushups you need to lower the chest between the chairs as possible, stretching the chest muscles. Enough to make 3-4 passes of 10-12 repetitions.

To enhance the load and for a deeper study of the upper part of the chest, you can perform push-UPS under the tilt — head down. Feet to throw on a high pillar, his hands are on the floor. The palm of your hand move a little further the line of the shoulders, it was easier to keep balance.

It’s a few versions of push-UPS. Over time, you can also learn pushups with a clap, one hand in the handstand.

Exercises with dumbbells

Dumbbell bench press lying — the basic exercise. It must run with a big weight and, preferably, on a sports bench. If such a bench at home, will have to work lying on the floor, slightly reducing the amplitude of movements. Legs bend at the knees, feet placed on the floor. Hands with dumbbells pull up and rotate so that your palms looking forward. The smooth movement of the arms bent and the dumbbells down to your chest, with elbows should be allotted to the side. Hands down, very carefully, not allowing the elbows hit the floor.

The fitness program for chest muscles is incomplete without the dilution of the hands and pullovers. It is the isolation exercises with dumbbells. They improve the shape of breast muscles and sharper tracings of muscle relief. And breeding, and pullovers are performed by lying on the back. At home you can lie on the floor, but it is better to use a sports bench. When breeding hands the elbows must remain slightly bent. Pullover is an abstraction of a dumbbell on an almost straight arms over your head and its subsequent smooth rise from behind the head along the same path. The shell is held with two hands over the top. In isolation exercises with dumbbells using a weight. On average, doing 3 a hike of 15-20 reps.

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