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Fitness for the chest muscles: best exercises and training rules

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Fitness for the chest muscles: best exercises and training rules

The contents

  • The basics of home training on the chest
  • Exercises for chest muscles
  • Rules of performance of exercises

There is a perception that to pump the muscles of the chest need only males, thereby forming a strong harmonious body. Women do not succeed to enlarge breast through exercises because it consists of fatty tissue. But because they can create women’s Breasts a beautiful shape and a few to tighten it, which will significantly impact on the overall attractiveness of the body. If you cannot visit the gym, which has many of the necessary equipment for the training, you can effectively do at home.

The basics of home training on the chest

Before any training it is important to learn the anatomical structure of the chest muscles in order to evenly load all of their parts. It is composed of large and small pectoral muscle and the front ring gear, each of which has a symmetrical pair.

Even with a very strong desire is to train every day, as it clearly will only bring harm to the body. During exercise the muscles get micro, recovery time is 1-2 days, which is why classes should not be more than 2-3 times a week with a mandatory interval of one day.

Depending on the goals you need to determine the number of sets and repetitions. Women often tend to slightly strengthen your chest muscles without increasing their size, they should perform 3-4 sets of each exercise at 20-25 reps. Working with light weight weights and at a fast pace you can also get rid of excess fat in this region. If you wish to build muscle mass, which often do men want, you should do 4-7 approaches on 5-8 reps, using heavy weight.

Exercises for chest muscles

The best exercise for chest muscles that you can perform at home are pushups. This element refers to the base and with varying degrees of effectiveness includes the work of all muscles of the body. Most active during the push-UPS work the chest and arms, slightly less intense back, also on legs and stomach muscles. Due to the different formulation of the hands and turning the palms can be effectively loaded all parts of the chest muscles.

Home exercises for back muscles:

  • Accept the position in the rest position, placing the hands at a close distance. The palm should be rotated by fingers toward each other and clamp them together. The whole body must be tense and form a single straight line. Bending your elbows, perform push-UPS. Stay in the moment when the chest touches the hands. Hold this position for a few minutes and return to the start.
  • The following exercise should be performed with the sofa and stools. Put the latter at a distance slightly more than the width of your shoulders, push them with his hands and feet on a sofa, chair or other similar hill. Do pushups usual way, omitting the trunk below the horizontal.
  • This exercise should be done so that his feet were above his head. Put both palms on the floor shoulder-width of their shoulder joints, legs abut in some low support and do pushups in the usual way, thus strengthening the arms and upper chest.
  • Lie on your back, feet firmly abut the floor, and in the hands take your dumbbells required weight. Raise extremities vertically upwards and making the exhale, bend your elbows and lower the weights toward your chest. Hands should be lowered as low as possible so that the elbows touch the floor, and all movements need to run smoothly.
  • Take the initial position of the previous exercise. Holding a dumbbell on yourself, start slowly raise them to the sides, keeping this blade. Hands down to focus and then again to pick them up, describing a semicircle over the head. It is much better to perform this exercise on the bench, which in the home can serve two stools together. In this case, the hands should be lowered below the horizontal level.
  • The following exercise can be performed standing or sitting with her hands with dumbbells along the body. Maintaining a static position, slowly raise the straight limb forward above the level of your shoulders, and then at the same pace, return them back. The dumbbells should be kept direct, closed-grip and try not to rock the torso during arm movement.
  • For this exercise for chest muscles necessary gymnastic Board, but at home it can be done with a normal chair. Lie back on your chair so that your buttocks didn’t touch him, feet firmly standing on the floor, and the angle in the knee joints were straight. Get a hold of two hands one dumbbell and raise it over itself. Inhaling, lower your arms as low as possible behind the head, stretching the chest muscles. The movement should only occur in the shoulder joints, the torso must remain in a static position.
  • Stand up straight or sit in a chair. The main condition for the correct execution of this exercise – flat back position. Palm connect at the chest level, bending your elbows at right angles. Straining the muscles of the chest, step on his hands with maximum force for 10 seconds, after the break, make some more repetitions.
  • Rules of performance of exercises

    To get the maximum effect from training, it is necessary to adhere to the basic rules of conduct:

  • Follow technique on each exercise, the violation of which may entail the displacement of the load from the chest to other muscles or even injury.
  • Training should be conducted regularly: a day or three times a week, allowing the muscles to fully relax.
  • Initially use light weight weights, otherwise you can get a sprain or injury of the joints.
  • Exercises for chest muscles is particularly useful to carry women planning pregnancy and those who have just finished breast feeding.
  • Definitely should be an intense workout, chest muscles women with big amount of excess weight and want to get rid of it.
  • Subject to these rules and intensive training for 2-3 months, you will notice the first results of their efforts.

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