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Fitness for the buttocks: a set of core and isolated exercises

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Fitness for the buttocks: a set of core and isolated exercises
The contents

  • Basic fitness workout for buttocks
  • Isolated exercises
  • Exercise for the buttocks at home
  • Butt exercises in the gym

People involved in sports on a regular basis, you know that physical exercises are divided into General (basic) and isolated. Each of these two sets of exercises designed to solve specific sports task. In particular, for a thorough study of the gluteal area girls should be given preference to isolated fitness training.

There is a large list of effective exercise for the buttocks area. Do their Pets not only in the gym but at home.

Basic fitness workout for buttocks

Exercises the standard system is designed for both novice and experienced athletes. Physical activity primary-type is included in almost all training programs. Such trainings efficiently activates all major muscle groups, therefore, requires an athlete’s special endurance level and significant energy costs. Base load help to increase muscle tissue, develop stamina and allow the body to tone.

Isolated exercises

Such sports items intended for study of separate (special) groups of muscles that are generally worked out complex is bad or not powerful. These fiznagruzki help to make the muscles more visible, attractive and fit. In any fitness program-training includes both basic and target complexes. The best way to a beautiful body — the combination of both types of exercise. The program is based on the following principle: are 2 basic exercises 1 isolated.

Exercise for the buttocks at home

If the girl has no opportunity regularly to visit the gym, it is acceptable to restrict and in-house training: this exercise also helps to develop the gluteal region. This will help the complex isolated exercises for the buttocks that runs from its own weight or with extra weights.

  • Leg swings.

Despite the simplicity of performance, the kicks are considered the classic isolated exercise for developing the muscles of the buttocks. You can make them by any comfortable for growth support (table, bench, dresser). Straighten your back, stand next to the support. Kick leg forward while keeping your posture and at the same time tensing the gluteal muscles. Then change the leading leg. The amplitude of the movements must be active, dynamic, so considering also the muscles of the hips, back. Do 3-4 sets / 20 Makhov each leg.

  • Squats.

Squats are the most popular physical exercise for the gluteal zone. And indeed, this exercise is not only efficient, but also the most affordable. Squats can be performed in several configurations, allowing to alternate the pace and intensity of movements.

The most popular among girls are

  • squats with a wide and narrow setting stop;
  • squats with barbell or dumbbells;
  • squats with a jump;
  • deep and shallow squats;
  • squats-plie.

For qualitative development of the muscles of the gluteal region must be performed at least 4 approaches on 15 repetitions. Gradually physical activity should be increased to muscle tissue are not accustomed to the intensity and there was no effect of training plateau. When you perform each squat, experts recommend to stay at the peak voltage of the muscles: thus the muscle fibers are strengthened, developing strength endurance.

  • Attacks.

The gluteus Maximus muscle is intensively developed with dynamic attacks. Run them with any comfortable weights: kettlebells, dumbbells, free weights. Stand in flat front, back straight, hands positioned on the waist. Take the leading foot step forward, free leg bend the knee so that Shin and thigh formed a right angle. Hold the position for 7-10 seconds, then return to the original position. Repeat the movement with the other leg.

To vary this exercise, you can refer to the Bulgarian attacks. The exercise is performed on the above scheme, but with one difference: you need to not stand on the floor and on a support (for example, step platform). In the process of the lunge the back leg remains on the platform — in this position, well considering the smaller muscles of the gluteal area and the muscles-extensors.

  • The gluteal bridge.

Efficient exercise is to perform at home. Lie on a fitness Mat, stretch your arms along the body, the legs, the feet rest on the floor. On the exhale, tighten the muscles of the gluteal area and thighs, raise your lower back and hip joint to the maximum height. Hold the pose for 10-15 seconds, then return to the initial position. Repeat 2-3 times for 10-15 repetitions. In the process of fitness training keep your shoulder blades off the floor.

Butt exercises in the gym

Isolated physical exercises to improve the buttocks can be made more effective if you perform them in the gym. All thanks to target simulators that allow you to achieve results from regular fitness workouts much faster.

  • Information-raising the legs.

Such movement of the legs in the simulator are effective not only for the calf muscles, but for the gluteal. The basic physical load affects the area of the hips, but with the increase of the amplitude of the work included and difficult to study the area of the buttocks. Sit on the exerciser, put your feet over the rollers. Follow mixing and dilution of the legs, overcoming the resistance of the projectile. Hold the spine in a straight position during the movement tense your buttock muscles. Perform 3-4 sets of 8-10 repetitions.

  • Bench press gakk-car.

Adjust the level of physical activity, lie down on the bench of the simulator, run the bench of the platform legs. In the process of fitness training is not strain on the back muscles and the muscles of the lower torso. Do 3-4 sets of 8-10 repetitions.

  • Flexion-extension legs.

Lie on the bench of the simulator, put your feet over the rollers. Tighten your gluteal muscles. Do the exercise 4 sets of 8 repetitions.

Isolated exercises for the study of the buttocks area is the best solution for girls wanting to improve your terrain without grueling workouts. To save the results of isolated fitness workout for buttocks can be combined with the base.

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