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Fitness for the back: rules and exercises

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Fitness for the back: rules and exercises
The contents

  • Rules for conducting fitness workouts for the back
  • A set of exercises for your back in the gym
  • Programme of exercises for training at home
  • The physical load for the back with custom sports accessories

Qualitative study of the back is one of the important conditions for the building of sports figures: the muscles of this group are involved in the most basic of exercises, in size second only to legs. To get the desired result, you must choose the most effective set of exercises, take into account the muscle structure of the back and remember some General rules of the classroom.

Rules for conducting fitness workouts for the back

In programming, note that the back is a group of several large muscles, therefore training should cover each muscle head and give her a proper load. The deep spinal muscles are usually small in size; their primary function are turns of the body, so they are involved in most movements performed by man. Load each one separately does not make sense for their elaboration is enough for performing basic exercises.

In addition to the deep muscles, there are several groups of functions which must be considered when drawing up the program:

  • The widest back muscles.

Provide information owner and responsible for cravings.

  • Diamond.

Stretch along the spine of the upper layer; the main function is to mixing blades.

  • Trapezoid.

Ensure the rotation of the limbs at shoulder joints.

  • Lumbar.

Stabilize the body, helping to maintain the body in an upright position.

  • The extensors of the body.

Help to keep the flat posture, the correct position of the body. Work in all variants of the rods, implying the slope of the hull.

Exercise selected so that you can work out all these muscles. It is important to observe the following rules:

  • The first months of training it is not recommended to use the basic exercises with big weights. Such a ban is associated with muscle structure of the back: under the large heads is a large number of small muscle bundles, which are easily damaged during weak muscle corset. The best option would be to work with dumbbells or in a block training simulator for training the back to more serious exercise.
  • To increase the result in the deadlift need some time to abandon its use. This approach is associated with rapid fatigue of the lumbar and muscle support in comparison with diamond. Therefore, in the absence of progress in the deadlift, replaced by exercises for lagging muscles. Having achieved their development back to the deadlift.
  • For security fitness workouts and the prevention of hernia is necessary to precisely follow the technique exercises, and prevent them from wrong doing.
  • For muscle growth you need to support more weight in mylopotamos style.
  • You should not use a safety belt in the pursuit of great weight: in its application of the work off the lumbar and auxiliary muscles, which leads to disharmony of the development of the body.
  • Spin is one of the largest muscle groups, so training is carried out in two stages: first perform basic exercises with free weights, and then modify the muscles of the insulating elements. Beginners just one basic exercise; it is not recommended to combine in one workout different types of rods.

    A set of exercises for your back in the gym

    As the basic exercises load the muscles of the back, usually choose the following options:

    • Deadlifts.

    Engages most of the muscle groups of the back, but the physical burden on the rhomboid muscles, contributing to the development of the thickness of this area.

    • The pull-UPS.

    The positive aspect of this element is a low risk of injury; work with the weight of his body gives the opportunity to engage in mnogopotochnoy style, increasing muscle endurance. The main stress falls on the broadest back muscles. To increase physical activity and muscle recommended to resort to using the additional weight.

    • Pull rod standing in an inclined position.

    A large part of the stress is concentrated in the widest muscles by changing your grip you can work the muscles both in thickness and in width. Exercise requires strict adherence to technology.

    • Thrust rod to the chin.

    The element is aimed at strengthening the trapezius muscles. An important condition of implementation is the position of the elbows during the movement: they must always be above the wrists.

    Isolating a set of exercises involves working not only with a barbell, but with dumbbells and exercise machines. His problem is not only the target revision of the muscles, but the inclusion of the small deep muscles at different amplitudes of motion.

    • Craving a vertical block with a wide placement of the hands.

    Performed in a special simulator in a sitting position; a handle having a head. Acts as a preparatory element for executing the traction rod in an inclined position.

    • Horizontal thrust block to the abdomen in a sit position.

    Also acts as a preparatory phase for the deadlift.

    • Sragi with dumbbells.

    Develop trapezius muscles.

    As habituation of the organism to stress, the fitness program needs to change, gradually introducing new elements and increasing the weight used weights.

    Programme of exercises for training at home

    To provide the desired level of physical activity for muscle growth back at home is hard enough. But to maintain good physical shape you can use the following elements:

    • The pull-UPS.

    You can perform on the street the bar or set the bar of the house. Some athletes solve the problem more dramatically, using solid doors as a jungle gym.

    • Basket.

    The exercise is considering the broadest and rhomboid muscles and it has a fairly simple technique. Lie on the floor stomach, hands grasping ankles, arching the body. To enhance the voltage swing back and forth.

    • The bridge.

    Physical load on the extensors of the back; the exercise allows you to increase the flexibility of the body.

    • Farmer’s walk.

    As a complication, you can choose a dumbbell or two thick bags filled with heavy objects. Holding weights in both hands, walk around the room, holding the back erect, having directed the sight in front of him.

    • Sragi with weights.

    Flights are also available with any weights. An important condition of this element of fitness is the immobility of the head.

    The program can use all of these exercises, number of sets and reps it should define yourself.

    The physical load for the back with custom sports accessories

    Often travel on vacation or business trips, the athlete is not able to regularly visit the gym, and to save the results, is compelled to use various means for practicing sports. The best option is to use a rubber strap that will fit easily in your bag and not take up much space. A set of exercises as follows:

  • Fix the wiring up to the sky, sit on a stool, keeping your back straight. Pull the end of the harness on so that your hands fall behind your head. The movement mimics a vertical thrust block simulator.
  • Fix the wiring on the handle of the door or on the battery, sit in front and stretch the shell toward chest, without bending the legs.
  • Hyperextension on an exercise ball or sofa. In the presence of a rubber ball this fitness item to perform better on it, but, in extreme cases, it can be done lying on the sofa. Down on his stomach on the projectile so that the case remained on the weight. Tilt the body down, then straighten up, his hands crossed on the chest or the head.
  • Harness fold a few times, holding in his outstretched hands in front of him. Bred hand in hand, trying as hard as possible to stretch the rubber.
  • For muscle growth of the back it is important to adhere to the principles of a healthy balanced diet and not to forget about the days of rest needed for muscle recovery.

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