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Fitness for the arms: basic and isolating exercises

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Fitness for the arms: basic and isolating exercises
The contents

  • Features of the training shoulders
  • A set of exercises with dumbbells
  • Exercises for the shoulders on the bar
  • An example of a fitness program for the shoulders

Study of the trapezius difficult given the many athletes and it is this muscle group visually expands the figure, adding to the impression of masculinity and attractiveness. Regular fitness training shoulders increase the volume of triceps and biceps, emphasizing their relief. In addition, regular exercise will strengthen the shoulder joints, allowing you to handle more weight in other exercises.

Features of the training shoulders

The shoulder consists of three deltoid bundles associated with each other, but in most movements, they have different degree of loading, therefore when drawing up a fitness program, you need to choose the elements so that each muscle head receives the necessary voltage. All exercises are divided into basic and isolation: the first include the work of all the muscles; the second shifts the load to one of the deltas.

One of the basic elements for the elaboration of the shoulders rank:

  • bench press bar in a standing position;
  • the military press;
  • breeding dumbbells in hand;
  • Jim Arnold;
  • pull the barbell to the chin.

Isolation exercises are divided by deltas:

  • For the front of the Delta use lifting sports equipment in front of you and press from behind the head. The main function is the abstraction hands to the side and lift them in front of the building.
  • For the middle beam is used to breed and lift hands through the parties, as well as vertical thrust block simulator. The main function of this muscle is to raise the limb to the side.
  • For the rear beam are used the vertical thrust in the position lying on his stomach and back-breeding in the simulator. The main purpose is allocating the limb back, so the muscle is being worked on most rods, where the elbow is given back.
  • For strength training at home you can use dumbbells or parallel bars that can be found in most yards sports complexes.

    A set of exercises with dumbbells

    The most preferred and convenient equipment for gym at home is considered a dumbbell. Particularly relevant to the collapsible model, which allows to change the weight for sporting equipment, choosing the best load for your muscles. A set of exercises for the shoulders can be composed of the following elements:

    • Lifting dumbbells in front of you.

    Stand straight, holding dumbbells, your elbows should be slightly bent. Raise hands to shoulder level or slightly above, the lock position for 2 seconds, then lower the limb down. Grip the dumbbells should be straight when the internal side of the hand is directed to the floor. To perform the lifts as you can with both hands simultaneously and alternately.

    • Breeding hands.

    The starting position is the same as in the previous exercise, only slightly bend legs in knee joints and slightly shift the body forward. Hands up to the sides to shoulder level, then lower.

    • Raising the hands in the slope.

    Stand up straight, bend over, trying to lower the back until parallel with the floor surface. Hands with dumbbells are stretched down. On the exhale, spreads his arms to the sides, raising them to shoulder level, fix the position for 1-2 seconds then return to start.

    • Jim Arnold.

    To fulfill this element of fitness is best on the bench with a vertical backrest, tightly resting on her back. Sit on the bench, hands with dumbbells bend and lift so that they from neck to elbow is parallel with the floor, and the part from the elbow to the wrist was directed upward. The inner side of the hands should be facing yourself. From this position, begin to raise the limb, turning the brush so that the inner surface of the wrist was directed by himself. Completely straight arms, return to starting position.

    • Bench dumbbell sitting.

    Position in the exercise is the same as in the bench press Arnold. But when straightening arm pivot of the brush is not required: they are always pointing forward.

    These exercises can be performed as a separate exercise, and to include General strength training, aimed at the elaboration of muscles of the body and hands.

    Exercises for the shoulders on the bar

    Training on the bar is very effective, because as the weights used by the body weight of the athlete, which is much higher than the weight of the dumbbells. A set of exercises may look like:

    • Pull straight grip with a medium setting of the hands.

    Hang on the horizontal bar, cross legs at the ankles. Tightened, bringing the shoulder blades together. At the end point of the amplitude of the chest should touch the bar. Then return to the starting position, completely straightening arms.

    • Partial pull-UPS.

    The grip of the hands on the bar — back, in which the palms are organized for yourself. Range of motion short, is about half of a full pull-UPS. When you reach the top point of the defined path, make a muscular effort, trying to lift the collarbone. Then slowly return to the starting position.

    • Pullups with a narrow placement of the hands.

    When the withdrawn pull-UPS shoulders back, shoulder blades pulled towards each other. At the top touch the crossbar with his chest.

    Before you start training on the bar, you must perform a warm-up in the form of various spins and swings hands. It should be remembered that in the process of pull-UPS created a big burden on the shoulder joints, which require preliminary heating.

    An example of a fitness program for the shoulders

    If an athlete wants to effectively work the deltoids, you should allocate at least one or two days a week to create a full load, in addition to other exercises. For compound exercises you can take these items:

    • pushups — 1 set with the maximum number of repetitions;
    • lifting weights in front of you — 4 sets / 8-12 reps
    • breeding hand in hand with direct body — 4 sets of 8-12 times;
    • raising the hands in the slope — 4 sets of 8-12 times;
    • Arnold press/seated bench press — 4 sets / 8-12 reps
    • any version of pull-UPS — 4 sets the maximum number of times;
    • pushups — 1 set limit number of times.

    For fitness, you need to select a weight dumbbells to the two last repetition of the set was performed with great effort and a burning sensation in the muscles. In the early stages it is important to hone the technique of executing elements, and only then increase the weight of sports equipment. All movements should be performed smoothly by controlling the muscle work.

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