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Fitness for Teens

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Fitness for Teens

Well that the last decade has seen a significant increase of interest in healthy lifestyle, nutrition and disease prevention. This is normal; when the family prospers the cult of a healthy body, and children play sports in accordance with their capabilities.

Charging and diving for kids, fitness for teenagers, martial arts, soccer, volleyball, etc. – for the bigger picture perfect upbringing a healthy generation. Of course, that children had an interest in a healthy lifestyle, it is necessary that an example was the parents. Otherwise – no.

Fitness workout: do they?

Dear mom and dad, remember yourself at the age of a teenager: an endless supply of energy, high stamina, a huge amount of inner strength and soaring ambitions. So, maybe you need to use this powerful potential in your child in order to show him how important it is in adolescence to create the base, the groundwork, the Foundation for future health and beautiful body?

Of course, any physical activity requires training and good health. In other words, if the medical record your child there is no hint of the chronic ailments, and he determined, should help him to choose the particular fitness referrals. Catching up on fitness, baby, without a doubt, you will become stronger and stronger, will feel how cool it is to have a beautiful body, be proud of your achievements. Especially shown fitness workout children with overweight, even if the excess of the rate of some 3-5 kg. Sometimes children’s psychological trauma fatties and “donuts” can haunt a person for life and cause failures. So help your child boost their self-esteem, become more confident, stronger and more beautiful.

Fitness for teenagers: all the sequence is important

As a teenager to “get involved” in sport mode? What is required in order to habit three or four times a week to go to the gym has become a vital need? What are the conditions you need to follow to sport and inevitable at the initial stage “creature” and fatigue were not the reasons of refusal of sport?

The first and main condition of fitness training is the gradual increase of loads, the control state of a teenager and a professional approach to the choice of those or other exercises.

Fitness trainers believe that the best is the training program, broken into three parts, the duration of each of which may be up to one month. The first step is familiarity with the gym, during which the child masters basic strength exercises for all muscle groups and engages in cardio. In the second phase, under the guidance of coach, adolescents begin to develop individual muscle groups. The third period is different from the previous intensity level and increase the frequency of aerobic exercise to 4 times a week. It is important to teach the teen any fitness exercise to begin your workout, and to finish stretching.

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