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Fitness for slim thighs: exercises and fundamentals of nutrition

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Fitness for slim thighs: exercises and fundamentals of nutrition
The contents

  • Rules effective weight loss thighs
  • Fundamentals of nutrition for slim legs
  • The best exercises from the “ears” on the hips

The female body is more prone to weight gain than men. This happens mainly because of his ability to bear children. It also explains the basic localization of excess body fat that accumulates mostly on the abdomen, flanks and hips. Completeness is cellulite and “ears” on the hips, to cope with which is possible with the help of special exercises and a properly sized diet.

Rules effective weight loss thighs

To maintain the beauty and harmony of the female body should be a balance in the amount received and expended energy. The main source of energy is food, while ways of using it several. The more developed the muscles of the body, the greater the number of calories burned per unit of time even at rest. Any stress to the body, whether it is physical or mental, requires a certain energy, even during the meal we consumed calories, at the same time and getting their food.

Thus, to preserve their physical form to ensure receipt of calories in exactly the same quantities in which we spend it. The same weight loss is achieved by creating a calorie deficit — in this case, to ensure its energy needs, the body uses resources from the fat burning them gradually. More effective results can be obtained by creating the conditions in which calorie consumption will increase, accelerating weight loss. It is important to remember that the weight loss of the body occurs immediately over the entire surface, even though the physical load is focused on one particular area. Therefore, the basic rules of burning excess fat on the hips are reduced to recommendations to reduce total body weight:

  • Proper diet and nutrition.

Thus it is necessary to create a caloric deficit not only by cutting the portions, but by selecting the right products.

  • Need regular exercise.

Slimming the hips during training should focus on this area, but don’t forget about all the other muscle groups, because it will help to build a harmoniously developed body. Effective in the fight against excess body fat, the basic exercises.

  • Keep an active lifestyle.

This includes daily walks in the fresh air, mandatory morning exercise and doing active Hobbies.

  • Get plenty of sleep.

The optimal length of uninterrupted sleep is 8-9 hours, while it should Wake up about 7 o’clock and go to bed around 10 PM. This mode of recreation will contribute to balancing hormone levels, including is responsible for weight loss.

Fundamentals of nutrition for slim legs

Online diet depends on many aspects of our lives. The right food choices affect overall health, energy level, lifespan and appearance. Extra fat on the body, and in particular the “ears” on the hips, appear not only with excess consumption of calories, but also if you are using unhealthy products.

Your nutrition should be based on these rules:

  • Meals should do the fractional volume of one portion should theoretically fit in your two hands.
  • The number of meals a day should not be less than 4-5 times.
  • Eliminate from the diet, or reduce to the maximum the consumption of sugar and all products containing it. A good alternative in this case may be honey, fruit and dried fruit.
  • Minimize the consumption of flour products, white rice, soft drinks, all kinds of sauces and snacks.
  • Fill your diet with vegetables and fruits, include cereals, meats and legumes, dairy products, various herbs and spices.
  • Consume beneficial fats, which are found in vegetable oils, fish, nuts and avocados.
  • Among the ways of cooking prefer cooking steamed and fried.

The best exercises from the “ears” on the hips

Food provides about 70% of success in the fight against excess weight, but in order for the skin to remain elastic, and muscles toned, you just need to train them regularly. The best exercises from the “ears” on the hips:

  • Lie on your right side, your lower arm straighten out in front of him, resting his palm on the floor. Upper arm bend the elbow and place the back of his head. The feet tightly close together and do slow lifts both feet up. We should not raise them too high. At the highest point make a short pause and slowly return legs to the floor.
  • Stand straight with the feet wide apart, twice the width of your shoulders. Socks expand to the sides and slowly begin to squat so that your knees also looked around. Reaching a position where the thighs become parallel to floor, pause, and then along the same path return to the starting position. Squatting, shift your pelvis back — so you better be able to keep the balance.
  • Stand up straight, hands put on the waist or behind the head. Make a wide step with one leg forward and sit down so that both knee joints were formed right angles, and the back knee barely touches the floor. Then stand up, simultaneously bringing the back foot forward, make the same attack and continue to perform the exercise, while walking around the room.
  • This trio of exercises will greatly strengthen the muscles of the thighs and will contribute to the gradual burning of excess fat on them. Initially you should perform each exercise in 3 sets of 10 repetitions. Over time, increase the intensity of training, increasing the number of repeats, speeding up the pace of implementation and by adding small weights.

    Train three times a week, and include, in addition to the above-described complex of exercises for muscles of the upper body and core. The optimal duration of each workout is 1.5 hours. For longer exercise the muscles too tired, which will have a negative effect on the process of weight loss.

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