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Fitness for problem areas: how to tighten the muscles of the buttocks and thighs

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Fitness for problem areas: how to tighten the muscles of the buttocks and thighs

The contents

  • The basic rules for strengthening the lower body
  • The basic principles that improve the performance of fitness
  • The most frequent mistakes
  • Effective load to bring the buttocks and thighs in perfect condition
  • The complex of exercises for women
  • A selection of the most effective exercises for men training
  • Recommendations to improve the efficiency of fitness training

It is hard to imagine a beautiful, athletic figure without having a toned thighs and taut buttocks. Excessive exercise and work wear with large weights is not suitable. To achieve the desired result only by using a special set of exercises to perform which should be regularly.

The basic rules for strengthening the lower body

Forming a program of fitness exercises to strengthen thighs and buttocks, you must consider some fundamental rules:

  • The need for prior preparation of the organism to stress: conduct warm-up workout.
  • Frequency: exercises should be performed at least 3 times a week.
  • The combination of a base and isolated exercises.
  • Strict adherence to the rules of implementation of all program elements.
  • The right motivation is one of the main components of success. Most importantly, set ourselves goals and strive to achieve them. If you want to have strong legs with toned glutes, you need to find a training program and to work hard on it, not allowing yourself to be lazy and not skipping days of fitness classes.

    The basic principles that improve the performance of fitness

    In addition to dosed physical load it is necessary to adjust your own lifestyle. The key principles that can significantly increase the effectiveness of fitness workouts:

    • Preliminary get rid of excessive subcutaneous fat.

    Excess weight is an obstacle on the way to a beautiful, fit body. It is impossible to achieve a beautiful shape of the buttocks and thighs without getting rid of excess fat.

    • Compliance with the principles of proper nutrition.

    It is necessary to start the process of burning fat and maintaining the body in shape, improve health, enriching the body with beneficial vitamins and minerals.

    • The rejection of bad habits.

    Smoking and alcohol spoil the appearance of the skin, contribute to weight gain, increase the risk of developing cardiovascular and other diseases.

    • A balanced routine.

    You need not only exercise, but also to give the body enough time for full recovery and rest.

    Active fitness classes in conjunction with the implementation of the above rules will help you achieve the desired settings in no time.

    The most frequent mistakes

    Study of buttocks and thighs — focused training, with special characteristics that should be considered when selecting exercises for training. Typical errors, which might minimize the efficiency of fitness training for strengthening the lower body:

    • wrong selection of workers of weights;
    • the same type of exercise, lack of different variations and sophisticated modifications;
    • the exception to combined loads: use only basic or only isolated exercises;
    • daily intense exercise, lack of rest days in the training process;
    • the wrong technique of doing elements.

    Such errors can result in serious injuries and sprains, malfunctions of the organism and even to the destruction of muscle fibers, which will inevitably lead to loss of muscle mass train region.

    Effective load to bring the buttocks and thighs in perfect condition

    There are a lot of load of the muscular fibres of the thighs and buttocks. Efficiently work the muscles in the lower body will allow some basic mnogocwetnye and isolation exercises, the elements with the application of static loads, and also work with free weights and exercises on special training equipment.

    To strengthen the buttocks and give them a rounded shape should pay attention to the following sports items:

    • squats with barbell or dumbbells;
    • circular swings with legs from different positions: lying, standing and on all fours;
    • lunges with dumbbells.

    In the gym with the help of certain elements can greatly enhance muscle fibers of the hips and improve mobility of joint and ligaments of:

    • mixing and dilution of the legs in special equipment;
    • hyperextension;
    • bending down;
    • the leg press.

    When you exercise, it is important to control your breathing. Breath should be performed on the negative (light) phase element, and exhale during the work that requires maximum effort.

    The complex of exercises for women

    Every girl dreams of slender legs and buttocks rounded. Girls are constantly fighting with excess weight and cellulite using a variety of methods. Regular performance of the presented set of exercises will be crowned with success all the efforts.

    The approximate scheme of training for the study of the thighs and buttocks:

    • a ten-minute warm-up;
    • twenty-minute block of cardio: running, jumping rope or working on a stationary bike;
    • classic squats;
    • squats in the technique of “plies” or “sumo”;
    • classic or reverse lunges with dumbbells;
    • leg press in the simulator;
    • hyperextension;
    • side lunges;
    • plyometric squats with sharp jumping up.
    • classic placket with a duration of 1-2 minutes;
    • the hitch with the execution of several relaxing yoga asanas and stretching elements.

    In the days of the female cycle is recommended to limit physical activity on the lower part of the body.

    A selection of the most effective exercises for men training

    Effective men’s training to strengthen muscles and increase muscle mass of the lower limbs are formed of the strength exercises with free weights and the elements of the static load.

    Diagram of male training:

    • warm-up warm-up;
    • running in place with high knees;
    • classic squats with a barbell and dumbbells;
    • deadlifts with a barbell;
    • bending the legs in the simulator;
    • classic or Bulgarian lunges with dumbbells;
    • exercise “the mountaineer”;
    • hitch, consisting of stretching exercises developed muscle fibers.

    The growth of physical strength and endurance of the body used weight sports equipment should be gradually increased. Muscles adapt quickly to load, so for quality growth requires a constant progression of the effort.

    Recommendations to improve the efficiency of fitness training

    Excessive working weight extremely negative impact on the results of fitness training: can lead to serious injuries, muscle spasms and overtraining of the body.

    Warm-up and hitch is an important part of any training. They not only minimize the risk of injury during exercise, but also beneficial to the growth of muscle mass and improving the physical state of the body. Their timely implementation increases the efficiency of fitness training and speeds up the process of gaining the shape of the desired parameters.

    To achieve positive results in the adjustment of his own body, everyone can. If you adhere to a healthy lifestyle and exercise regularly, the improvement will not keep itself waiting long.

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