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Fitness for pectoral muscles: exercises and training rules

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Fitness for pectoral muscles: exercises and training rules
The contents

  • Anatomy and function of the pectoral muscles
  • Basic exercises
  • Complex isolation exercises
  • Recommendations for fitness workouts

The chest is a large muscle group that needs separate training. To develop chest muscles can be in the home, for example by undertaking pushups. For the initial phase of training, body weight is enough. But in the future it is better to go to a gym that has everything you need for a versatile and deep study of the pectoral muscle: barbells, dumbbells, parallel bars, block machines.

Anatomy and function of the pectoral muscles

Each athlete is important to have an idea on the size, location and function of the working muscles. It helps to train more efficiently. Muscles of the chest consists of many large and small muscles that are part of the walls of the thoracic cavity, or located on the surface of the chest. Bodybuilders are particularly interesting for two muscles — the pectoralis major and minor breast. They make up a large part of the mass of the pectoral muscles and attach the volume, shape, and topography. Basic exercises must be focused on pumping those muscles.

The pectoralis major muscle is the largest muscle in this group. It lies superficially and is fan-like. It distinguished three bundles: the clavicular, sternocostal and abdominal. Function of the clavicular part of the muscle:

  • medial rotation of shoulder (rotate inside);
  • flexing the shoulder (lifting the arms forward);
  • horizontal adduction of shoulder (movement in the direction of raised hands) with a slight shift upwards.

Function sternocostal plot:

  • adduction of shoulder (movement in the direction of raised hands to the body);
  • shoulder extension (movement of the limb back);
  • horizontal adduction of the shoulder;
  • medial rotation.

The abdominal part is responsible for the following movements:

  • cast shoulder;
  • flexion and extension;
  • horizontal adduction with a small downward shift;
  • medial rotation.

From the list of functions of the muscle you see which exercises are suitable for her workout. It’s basically a variety of push-UPS, bench presses, raising his hands. The same set of exercises is used for pumping the pectoralis minor. It is located in the second layer is covered by the pectoralis major muscle, and the shape resembles a triangle. Its task — mixing blades, pulling them down and forward.

Basic exercises

All programs chest workouts are based on a standard set of exercises. One of them is push-UPS on the parallel bars. Performing push-UPS step by step:

  • Hang on the bars, right hand.
  • Making the inhale, slowly descend between the bars. Lower yourself until arms are bent at an angle of 90 degrees.
  • On the exhale climb to the starting position. After a short stop for 1-2 seconds, begin the next repetition.
  • Just do 10-12 reps.
  • Important caveat: the body should be slightly tilted forward 15-30 degrees. If you hold it vertically, will actively work the triceps, taking the load off of the chest muscles.

    Another basic exercise, without which it is impossible to imagine a chest workout, the bench press. It allows you to work with a maximum operating weight of causes powerful hormonal response, and promote the growth of muscle mass and strength. Execution:

  • Lie back on the bench. Widely spread your arms and grasp the neck. Let the partner will help to remove the bar from the racks.
  • Slowly lower the neck to the chest. The movement follow the breath. Hold the rod at the bottom for about 1 second.
  • Gently squeeze the weights straight up. At the same time exhale.
  • Repeat the exercise 12-15 times.
  • If you train the chest muscle and hand to be wide. The bench press barbell narrow grip is used for pumping the triceps. Presses can be performed on a flat bench. If the slope is positive, has a raised head end of the bench, the emphasis of the load is shifted to the upper part of the chest. With a negative slope strongly reduces the bottom of the chest muscles. But it is better not to train upside down, if you have a tendency to raise blood pressure.

    Dumbbell bench press, if you compare it with the bench press bar, stronger engages small stabilizing muscles and more precisely is working the chest muscles, mainly at the expense of the hands at the top. Technique:

  • Holding dumbbells, lie back on a bench and rest your feet on the floor.
  • Place dumbbells near the chest at the elbows to a right angle, palms facing forward.
  • On the exhale, lift the dumbbells. Straightening the arms, make a short stop for 1-2 seconds.
  • With an inhalation, bring the dumbbells to your chest.
  • Do 10-12 repetitions.
  • It is advisable to use in your fitness workouts several options of benches. To create a voluminous and dense upper chest helps the bench with a slope up. To pump the bottom of the chest and to clearly separate the left and right halves of the chest muscles need to perform the bench press with his head down. Standard bench in a horizontal position particularly well considering the middle part of the chest.

    Complex isolation exercises

    The best isolation exercises for the chest, the pinch with hands. The technique of breeding of dumbbells:

  • Lying on a bench, extend your arms vertically. Palms should be facing each other. Bend your elbows slightly and lock into position.
  • By making the breath smooth and controlled arms out to the side. Make sure that the elbows pointing to the floor.
  • Keep a dumbbell. They should almost touch. When moving the arms up and draw breath.
  • Repeat 12-15 times.
  • The reduction of arms in the crossover:

  • Stand on the center block between the uprights. Grasp the arm cables. Elbows slightly bend, and the body slightly tilt forward. Slide one foot forward for stability.
  • Inhale, arms out to the side.
  • Pulling on the cables to keep hands in front of him. Try to only strain the chest muscles.
  • Do 10 to 12 repetitions.
  • Performing a data owner in a crossover, you can tilt your body at different angles and to bring together the hands at different levels, thus ensuring development of all sections of the pectoral muscles.

    Recommendations for fitness workouts

    To fitness training was the most effective and safe, must adhere to the following rules:

  • Always warm up before class.
  • To start training to run the basic complex of exercises.
  • Train for no longer than 40 minutes.
  • Perform each exercise in 3 sets.
  • To give the muscles the opportunity to rest and fully recover. The chest is enough to train once a week.
  • To Supplement their fitness training with proper nutrition.
  • The exercise plan must include the bench press as a main exercise masloobraznaya. Add pushups and dips. Isolation exercises improve the condition of muscles and relief. Their role is auxiliary. Enough to include in the complex of exercises for the chest, 1-2 insulating element in addition to of 2-3 underlying.

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