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Fitness for muscle growth: types and examples of strength exercises

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Fitness for muscle growth: types and examples of strength exercises
The contents

  • Basic fitness training for strengthening the back muscles
  • Exercises for the muscles growth of lower extremities
  • Sample fitness classes for the development of the upper part of the body

All strength exercises are divided into two types: basic mnogocwetnye and isolation, where only a single joint. First stimulate muscle growth and are the Foundation of fitness programs to ground, and the second is used for forming a beautiful relief of muscle and workout a specific muscle group if it is lagging behind in development. From this it follows that if the purpose of conducting fitness workouts — increase muscles, then exercises should consist of basic exercise movements.

Basic fitness training for strengthening the back muscles

To strengthen the muscle corset back and all muscles of the back, and also to stimulate intensive growth of muscular tissues of this body part, you need to schedule fitness activities to include the following complex:

  • Pullups on the bar or gravitron.

Technique pull-UPS, regardless of grip, is lifting the body to the crossbar of the horizontal bar through flexion of the upper extremities. In this basic uprajneniyami may have as to the muscles of the back and arm muscles depending on the brush on the bar and how high rises torso.

  • Deadlifts.

Despite the fact that this kind of traction is working mainly on the back muscles, it can be used to exert the load on the muscles of the limbs. Such a complex effect of exercise on the muscles is possible because of the technology, which engages virtually all of the major muscle groups. It involves the following steps: you need to approach the barbell, dumbbells or the weight that should be on the floor, and tentatively pushing the pelvis slightly back and slightly bent, bend over with a straight back to take the ball. Breathing out, straighten up, raising the weighting and taking it on a vertical trajectory as close as possible to the shins. Thus, to include a fitness workout deadlift, you can stimulate the growth of muscles throughout the body.

  • Pull rod carried out with an inclined position of the housing.

Taking the starting position that provides the torso forward until parallel with the floor back, a little sit down to take the bar. Doing a deep breath, to bring her to her stomach, pushing the elbows back and connect the blades. Exhaling, slowly put the shell on the floor. Repeat the exercise, after completing all the steps in the same sequence.

  • Pull the block to the back.

Sitting in a block training simulator and holding on to his arm is not too wide grip, to pull her to him, head for head and closer to the top of the back. Exhaling at the peak resistance of the simulator, gradually return the lever to the top position. The implementation of this thrust in your fitness activity helps men to attain coveted V-shaped silhouette figure.

Exercises for the muscles growth of lower extremities

To strengthen the entire musculature of the lower extremities, is required during basic training to perform some of these exercises:

  • Squats with a barbell.

The classic version involves holding the barbell on your shoulders. If to speak in detail about the technique, it looks like this: you need to approach the racks, the locking rod and, a little overseeding under the fingerboard, remove the shell, placing it on the upper back and shoulders, but in any case not on the cervical vertebrae. Moving away from struts two steps, inhale deeply, and tentatively pushing the pelvis back, sit down to a standard depth that the bottom of the squat to the thighs parallel to the floor. Pushing the heel into the floor, exhale to straighten up. During the exercise, you need to control the straight back position and constantly strain the abdominal muscles to help keep balance. In addition, it is important not to allow the kneecaps beyond the feet. Include classes fitnesolution or any other variant of squats, you can work the muscles of the lower limbs, bark and muscles-stabilizers.

  • Lifting on socks.

This is a training movement is performed in both standing and sitting. Each option focuses the burden on a particular group of muscles of the legs, therefore, proportional development of the muscles of this body part is recommended in fitness training to include both variants of execution. With the exception of the position of the body, the technique is no different: you need to get up on any platform, dangling her heels. This can be a step-up platform, footplate of the trainer, and a stair, box or stack of books if fitness classes are held at home. Then take your fingers and return to the starting position, dangling your heels below the platform level.

Sample fitness classes for the development of the upper part of the body

Basic fitness training to develop the muscles of upper limbs and muscles that form the shoulder girdle, assume the following intensive strength complex, aimed at stimulation of muscle growth:

  • Pushups on the bars.

Depending on the position of the body when they are performing work the chest muscles or the triceps. Availability of projectile and the efficiency it makes this kind of push-UPS one of the most popular basic exercises for development of shoulder girdle. Technically it is quite easy: you need, keeping two hands on the bars, lower and raise body, correspondingly bending and unbending the elbows. However, due to the intensity of the load exerted on the target muscle, not all newcomers are given the first time. Very often you must first achieve a certain development of muscle, then begin push-UPS.

  • Press.

There are many variations of presses: reap from the prone position, sitting or tilting, using a dumbbell or barbell, as well as different types of grips. You can also squeeze weighting from the chest or have the bar behind your head. In any case, the trunk muscles is intense exercise that stimulates their active growth.

  • Flexion of the elbows.

This exercise is aimed at increasing the volume of the biceps muscles of the shoulders, is performed with a barbell or with dumbbells. However, if you use the latter to connect the work of small muscles-stabilizers. Bending is done just need working only with their elbows, to bring the projectile to the shoulders and exhale to lower it down at arm’s length.

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