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Fitness for muscle development of the hands: exercises for biceps and triceps

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Fitness for muscle development of the hands: exercises for biceps and triceps
The contents

  • Exercises for the biceps muscles of the shoulders
  • Sample fitness classes for triceps
  • Recommendations for organization of fitness workouts for arms

Develop the muscles of the upper limbs, regularly doing strength exercises for this body part, you need to both men and women. Due to such exercise of the hands and chest of males get a nice athletic silhouette, and women with this kind of work can get rid of sagging and excess fatty tissue on their shoulders, which does not adorn the figure of the fair sex.

Exercises for the biceps muscles of the shoulders

In fitness training, the purpose of which is to strengthen the muscles of the upper extremities may consist of the following training dynamics:

  • Lifting barbells for strengthening the biceps shoulders.

In this exercise, as weights we use the classical rod or shell with a curved fretboard. For the technically correct execution of the lifts must stand up straight, take hold of the neck of the barbell so that your wrists were sent out and, bending the elbow joints, to bring the projectile to the chest. Shoulders and elbows it should be clamped to the housing. During fitness workouts need to use a different width grip to work out this way all the muscle segments of the biceps.

  • The lifting of the dumbbells on a biceps.

The mechanics of this exercise are similar to previous training movement: bending the elbow to bring the projectile to the shoulder, keeping the distance between the shoulder and the dumbbell is equal to 15-20 cm to Fulfill this element of fitness training can both hands simultaneously or alternately. In addition, you can deploy your wrist for a more intensive study brachialis — muscle under the bicep.

  • Lift weights to strengthen the biceps, performed using the bench Scott.

Leaning shoulders in inclined bench Scott during flexion of the elbows, can fully eliminate kitting and achieve maximum rendering load on the long muscle segment of the biceps. To perform this exercise with dumbbells and with a barbell, having a different design of the neck. If the gym has no bench Scott, lifting the barbell or dumbbells you can stretch the elbows to the lower part of the thighs (near the knees).

  • Pull-UPS reverse grip.

This element of fitness training allows you to efficiently work your biceps, provided that spin during the entire approach remains in a straight position. To enhance the load is recommended to maintain a 2-second pause at the top of the lift and perform the exercise with minimal rest period between sets.

Sample fitness classes for triceps

To provide good load triceps shoulders in fitness training, you need to add the following training facilities:

  • A bar press lying on a flat bench using a narrow grip.

To accomplish this training movement fitness classes for the hands need to go on a sports bench without tilting, to remove the bar from the racks, placing the palm on her neck as close as possible to each other. Then you should first lower the barbell to your chest and then squeeze the weight up. Elbows this is not to dissolve in the parties. Fixing the projectile in the upper position for 2 seconds, bend the upper limbs and bring the barbell to your chest for the subsequent run of the press. At home this exercise can replace push-UPS with a narrow formulation of the hands in emphasis lying.

  • Dips or the gravitron.

To shift the emphasis of the load on the triceps, need lowering and raising the torso to press the shoulders and elbows to the body and to fix the vertical position of the body, given the fact that as soon as the body starts to lean forward, the load moves on the muscles located on the lower part of the chest. Trying to work out the triceps, it makes no sense to go too low in this exercise. It is sufficient to bend and straighten the upper limb to the formation of right angles at the elbow joints.

  • French press of a bar lying.

Include fitness classes this is a training movement, you can efficiently work out triceps shoulders. Despite the fact that this bench has a single principle of mechanics — weights behind your head by bending the elbows during fixation of the shoulders in a fixed position, it can be carried with different vultures rods, but always keeping the elbows in the same parallel with each other.

  • French press, performed with dumbbells.

This exercise involves the flexion of the elbow and the establishment of a shell for a head. It can be carried in any convenient position, working with one or two shells simultaneously or alternately. It is important to observe the main condition — the shoulders should remain stationary.

  • The elbow extension with the weights when inclined position of the body.

For its implementation it is necessary to rest the knee and hand to the bench, to take in his free hand a dumbbell and bend it, bringing a shell to the stomach. Then you need to straighten the elbow joint and take the dumbbell back. Exhaling, return to the starting position.

Recommendations for organization of fitness workouts for arms

In the organization of fitness activities, pursuing its goal the study of the major muscles of the upper extremities, regardless of their location must adhere to the following useful recommendations that help make work more efficient and safe:

  • during fitness workouts to increase the muscle mass of the upper limbs is needed most of the time be given to the development of the triceps, because these muscles are the largest in the structure of the muscles of the hands;
  • the number of exercises performed to study two-headed muscles of shoulders, should be no more than three, and triceps — four. Focused workout for the hands should be carried out not more than 1-2 times a week;
  • performing training complex, we must strive to reduce the rest period between exercises to a minimum. This approach to training allows you to increase their effectiveness several times;
  • fitness training is needed to provide a warm-up to enhance the efficiency of the loads and reduce the risk of injury to a minimum;
  • in a fitness program for developing the musculature of the upper limbs, the emphasis should be on performing basic exercises, because they lead to a qualitative increase in muscle mass;
  • working on development of muscles of hands, we should not forget to develop muscle groups other parts of the body such as chest and back.

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