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Fitness for muscle development of the forearm: tips and exercises

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Fitness for muscle development of the forearm: tips and exercises
The contents

  • Features fitness workouts for the forearms
  • A set of exercises for brachioradialis
  • Tips for conducting fitness

Most men, performing strength exercises for the muscles of the upper limbs, are working on the biceps and triceps, while forgetting about the muscles of the forearm. But the brachioradialis muscle, which occupies almost the entire area of the forearm, needed better elaboration not less than the muscles of the shoulders. Only systematically strengthening the forearm, we can achieve proportional development of the muscles of the upper extremities as a result of regular power fitness workouts.

Features fitness workouts for the forearms

Fitness classes for the brachioradialis muscle have their own nuances that must be considered in order to achieve positive results and minimize the risk of injury:

  • since the forearm muscles are functionally provide a person the possibility of bending the elbows, they work intensively in daily physical activity. In addition, this group of muscles involved in performing many physical exercises. All this makes brachioradialis muscle is sufficiently resistant to the loads. This means that to pump up the forearms quickly and easily does not work, and should prepare for a long and laborious process. You want hard and to work systematically on the muscles of the forearms, to achieve a really obvious results;
  • fitness training for the development of the brachioradialis muscles require the use of weights. Only high-intensity heavy load, with which man faces in daily life, causes the forearm muscles to grow and develop;
  • in addition to performing specific exercises for brachioradialis, it is desirable to work regularly with carpal expander, jumping with a weighted jump rope or Boxing bag gloves in burdened. Such a variety of loads will allow you to more effectively strengthen the muscles of the forearm;
  • to work out forearms should be 2 times per week, including training movement for the brachioradialis muscle in fitness training for hands, as well as working that muscle group the day of delivery of loads on the back.

A set of exercises for brachioradialis

To provide quality stress on the brachioradialis muscles of the forearms, fitness training must include a training complex:

  • Flexion Of Zottman.

Stand up straight, take a dumbbell, the head of which shall be sent forward and backward respectively. Breathing in, slowly bend the upper limb and to raise the shells to the shoulders, turning her wrist to her body. Exhaling, smoothly lower the dumbbell, turning them to original position. In this exercise, when lifting the shells actively working the biceps, and when lowering – brachioradialis, so it is negative phase should be given special attention. Lower the dumbbells should be two times longer than the time that was spent bending and lifting, nor should there be jerks.

  • Exercise “The Hammer”.

Without changing the initial position, which involves smooth rack and fixing dumbbells in hands at your sides, you want to inhale slowly raise dumbbell to the shoulder joints, without changing the position of the projectiles and preventing them from swaying. In other words, at the top of one head of the dumbbell should almost rest against his shoulder. As you exhale, very slowly lower the shells down.

  • Bending with a barbell.

Stand up straight and comfortably place the feet for maximum stability during subsequent exercise. Take the neck straight grip medium width and, breathing in, bend elbows, bringing the barbell to your upper chest. Bringing the shell to the desired level, secure it on the weight and exhaling, smoothly lower down. When performing flexion should have a clear sense of tension in the muscles. The movement of the projectile must be implemented solely through the work of the elbow joints.

  • Vis on the bar or gravitron.

To take the bar medium grip, sending your palms away, and hang for as long a period of time. While in vis, you should avoid swinging. To do this, performing this element of the fitness classes, you need to constantly flexing and slightly bending your knees, cross ankles.

  • Pulling with a narrow location of the palms.

Hang on the bar, holding it in a specified way, to breathe and to catch up, trying to bring the chin to the level of the crossbar. Pausing in the top position for a second, to go down slowly, slowly straightening the elbows. In this exercise, the brachioradialis muscle will receive the greatest load during return of the body to the starting position.

Tips for conducting fitness

To do fitness training for the strengthening and development of brachioradialis the most productive you can, if you actively practice the following helpful guidance of experienced instructors:

  • loading of the brachioradialis muscle is only when they are sufficiently warmed up. This means that you need to start working on the forearms after a workout or at the end of the workout;
  • if the study arms included in the plan fitness workouts for upper extremities, you must first carry the entire bulk of the load on the shoulders, and then to pump the brachioradialis muscles as they get tired much quicker biceps and triceps. To train on some days, biceps and brachioradialis is not recommended because it can lead to overtraining, which is characterized by chronic fatigue, deterioration of health and lack of positive results;
  • each exercise should be repeated 10 times in a 2-4 approach;
  • working weight should be individualized on the basis of the initial degree of development of muscles. If the mass shells are chosen correctly, the execution of the last repetition in the approach should be given with great difficulty;
  • if you experience delayed onset muscle soreness – post-workout muscle pain – need to take action to enhance blood circulation in the forearm. This can be done through warm water therapy, to put VapoRub or perform a few light exercises in the work of the involved muscles of the forearm.

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