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Fitness for mesomorph: a nutrition and exercise program

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Fitness for mesomorph: a nutrition and exercise program
The contents

  • Exercise performance when the mesomorphic body type
  • The basics of diet for people with mesomorphic type of Constitution
  • Features fitness workouts for mesomorphs

The performance sport is dependent on many factors, for example, from the regularity of training and adherence to proper nutrition. To exercise was the most effective in achieving your goals, it is necessary when developing a fitness program be sure to consider the features of the physique. People whose Constitution refers to the mesomorphic, are considered the most susceptible to the sport. Their muscles most actively responds to the load exerted on it during fitness workouts.

Exercise performance when the mesomorphic body type

People with a mesomorphic body type, or normostenik, characterized by the following features of the Constitution:

  • broad chest and well-developed shoulder girdle;
  • high speed of metabolic processes;
  • low or moderate amount of subcutaneous fat;
  • the fortress of bone and muscle tissue;
  • proportionality of the figure, which has broad shoulders and narrow hips in men, and a clearly defined waist at roughly the same volume of hips and shoulders in women.

But all of the above physiological benefits of non-compliance with the guidelines, disregard of exercise, and unhealthy lifestyle turn into disadvantages. In such circumstances, mesomorphy easily gain weight, their muscles lose their elasticity, physical strength and endurance are reduced and the metabolism slows down. To return in good physical shape, normostenik need to put a lot of effort, completely changing diet and increasing physical activity to the maximum.

The basics of diet for people with mesomorphic type of Constitution

People with a mesomorphic body type should carefully monitor their diet because eating too many calories will inevitably impact on the amount of fat. Very often normostenik, regularly exceeding the daily norm of calories, turn to a typical endomorph.

The diet of mesomorphs allow some relief in the normal range caloric content. Normostenik can afford to eat foods that are not related to the category of healthy, for example, sweets or meats, but in the range of 10-20% of the total number of calories allowed to eat during the day.

For the active recruitment of muscle mass in the diet of people with a mesomorphic body type should adhere to the following ratio of nutrients:

  • the number of slow carbs that are sufficient to provide energy in terms of regular exercise, should correspond to 5 g for each pound of weight;
  • the required amount of fat you need to calculate, on the basis of its own weight. For every pound of body weight should receive 1 gram of fat. Completely exclude fats from the diet because they are actively involved in vital processes in the body;
  • the norm protein of mesomorphs should be at least 3 g per kilogram of weight. This amount of protein due to the fact that muscles, which increases in volume as a result of regular fitness workouts, require more amino acids for effective recovery.

Features fitness workouts for mesomorphs

Organizing fitness training, people normosthenic Constitution must necessarily take into account features of rendering the exercise on the mesomorphic type of Constitution to achieve maximum productivity and effectiveness from the exercise. The latter include:

  • the optimal duration of fitness activities for people with a mesomorphic body type is 60-90 minutes.

Mesomorphism, unlike ectomorphs, which differ slim figure and an accelerated metabolism, not allowing them to gain muscle mass and get energy in the form of subcutaneous fat, there is no need to manage to execute the entire program, 45-60 minutes, while in the body began catabolic processes. In addition, normostenik can afford moderate regime of cardio to get rid of excess body fat rather than performing aerobic exercise at an intense pace for one and a half hours, as do endomorphy to get rid of a large amount of subcutaneous fat and to get relief muscles. During one class duration 1-1,5 hours mesomorphy can easily work out 1-2 muscle groups, and also provide a quality cardio on the body;

  • the lesson can include a variety of training movements.

Muscles of mesomorph by nature prone to strengthening, developing and increasing in volume under the influence of regular physical activity. For this reason, the intensity of growth of muscular mass normostenikov not too dependent on the implementation of specific exercises. In other words, the muscles of mesomorphs increase in volume because of providing them a comprehensive exercise, not because they performed a certain training movement;

  • fitness training for mesomorphs can differ a great variety of techniques.

The use of various techniques that enhance the intensity and introduce variety in the training process, allows you to involve different muscle groups. The variability of training virtually eliminates the adaptation of muscles to physical stress and prevents the occurrence of the “effect plateau”, when despite all efforts on the part of the trainee, the practical results do not progress;

  • the frequency of exercise.

In compliance with the principles of proper nutrition and the competent organization of the recovery period that provides the most favorable conditions for muscle regeneration, mesomorphy can train up to 5 times a week. With this schedule the fitness training normostenik able to easily achieve a qualitative strengthening of muscles, increasing muscle volume and separation of muscle groups while increasing physical performance of strength and endurance.

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