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Fitness for girls mesomorphs: exercise and physical activity standards

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Fitness for girls mesomorphs: exercise and physical activity standards
The contents

  • Features fitness workouts for women mesomorphs
  • Recommendations on the provision of physical activity
  • Examples fitness for the female figure “hourglass”

Fitness program, adherence to which is guaranteed to give a positive result to take into account the peculiarities of the body Constitution and the type of shape. Physical activity, selected based on individual anthropometric data, promotes quick and efficient to get rid of flaws and helps to emphasize its advantages.

Features fitness workouts for women mesomorphs

The figure of a women with a mesomorphic body type called “hourglass”. Muscles of this type figure most actively responds to provide her exercise, so women mesomorphs easy enough to achieve muscle growth and smooth outlines of the figure. For mesomorphic type of body Constitution characterized by the following signs:

  • strong skeleton;
  • sufficient initial mass of muscle tissue, which is quickly growing in providing muscle power physical exercise;
  • shoulders and hips are approximately the same volume;
  • narrow waist, which in the absence of a great number of body fat clearly visible;
  • long legs;
  • the fat is concentrated mainly in the hips and bust, but subject to regular fitness workouts the amount of adipose tissue decreases rather quickly.

The most problematic areas on the body of the female figure “hourglass” include the following:

  • shoulders.

If your triceps are underdeveloped, the shoulders of these women become full and flabby;

  • hips.

Body fat can concentrate on their inner surface and external, giving this part of the body the so-called “effect of the breeches”;

  • the stomach.

Often fat cells are localized in the lower part of the belly, and get rid of them only by means of twisting impossible. In this case, a comprehensive approach, which includes performing exercises on a press, and intensive aerobic fitness classes, and adherence to the principles of proper nutrition.

Recommendations on the provision of physical activity

To fitness training was the most effective, women must mesomorphism in organizing and conducting classes to actively put into practice the following tips:

  • the weekly chart of the power fitness has to be designed in such a way that within 7 days was studied and the lower and upper torso. If the classes are held, for example, Monday and Thursday, the first day you can strengthen the lower limbs and the back, and the second to do shoulder girdle, arms and abs. But if a graph of fitness training involves three sessions a week, then on the third day it is possible to conduct a comprehensive training, which evenly work the muscles throughout the body;
  • if there is a problem of excess weight, then aerobic exercises should be at least 3-4 times a week. It is also recommended to practice the technique of interval and circular trainings;
  • for the study of the musculature of the lower extremities mnogopotochnoy need to perform such basic exercises as squats and lunges using weights or without, and squats with jumping and selegiline on the hill;
  • to strengthen the press should be included in fitness exercise Bicycle and all kinds of straps;
  • performing training movements that are weight bearing, you need to do high reps. The recommended number of repetitions, from 15 to 30 in each of the 3-4 approaches;
  • duration of fitness activities can range from 20 to 60 minutes depending on the level of training of the muscles, the nature and intensity of the load;
  • choosing a specific strength exercises and types of aerobic exercise, it is necessary to focus on the most problematic areas and on the health of a particular body part. For example, if you want to strengthen the hips and reduce their volume, but has problems with knee joints, instead of Jogging it is better to choose Cycling.

Examples fitness for the female figure “hourglass”

Fitness training for women with type figure “hourglass” and a minimum level of physical training may be conducted on the following plan:

  • The warm-up.
  • Deep or standard squats with jumping high.
  • Push-UPS, which technique corresponds to the level of physical training.
  • Squats with weights and 2-second delay in the squat.
  • Side plank, performed for the maximum possible period of time on each side.
  • Pull the shock-absorbing strip to the waist in a standing position.
  • Hitch.
  • Working through this program, you need to follow certain conditions:

    • the duration of the warm-up – 5-7 minutes, during which you need to work through the joint and ligaments, speed up the heart rate and stimulate blood flow to the target muscles. It is necessary to prepare the systems of the body subsequent to intense physical exercise;
    • exercises should be performed in a circle one after the other without pause between the training movements. The number of repetitions – maximum 40 seconds;
    • recommended number of laps 4-6. Between each round need to rest for a minute;
    • during hitches you need to normalize the heart rate and respiratory rate, and perform stretching.

    For a variety of physical activity women mesomorphy can work according to this scheme:

  • The warm-up.
  • Squats with dumbbells that you want to squeeze up during the ascent of the squat.
  • Strap on three points of support or exercise “Cliffhanger”.
  • Cross lunges with simultaneous flexion of the elbows to provide physical exercise on the biceps.
  • Dumbbell bench press lying with your back on the fitball.
  • The pull-UPS.
  • Hitch.
  • Minutes of the fitness training for a given scheme assumes that these items:

    • mandatory the warm up;
    • the number of repetitions of each exercise 12-15 times, depending on the level of physical training;
    • between doing all of the training movements in a single round you can’t rest. Take a breath between laps, but the rest period should not exceed 45 seconds;
    • the optimal number of rounds – 5-6;
    • after all the circles you need to stretch muscle and connective tissue, which was exercise.

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