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Fitness for figure: stretching, cardio and strength exercises

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Fitness for figure: stretching, cardio and strength exercises
The contents

  • Fitness: how to start a beginner?
  • Sports terminology
  • The scheme of fitness training
  • Example workout: exercises, number of sets, time intervals

Trim, athletic figure, ease of movement and ocean energy — not about whether the dream of millions of men and women, looking at yourself in the mirror? However, to put dreams into reality are solved, not all, and the reason for that is lack of confidence in their own abilities. How to defeat this enemy? Start small: find out what is hiding under the term “fitness” refer to the types of exercises and their execution, study of feeding habits and algorithms training training. And then transform the acquired knowledge into practical experience.

Fitness: how to start a beginner?

It is important to understand: the first step towards a cherished dream — a definition of the limits of endurance. Fitness training should be, to generate a pleasant fatigue and positive emotions.

To this end, the coach or sports doctor will suggest one way of testing the body:

  • Hardware: a special device will show your type of metabolism, amount of fat, amount of muscle mass and water content in the body.
  • Stress ECG: this method will determine the reaction of the cardiovascular system to exercise. If the study is performed on the bike, it is called veloergometry. The use of the treadmill as a load generator called tredmil test.
  • The data obtained are evaluated and, in accordance with the results for the novice athlete select an individual program of fitness training. Also, the coach gives recommendations on the regime and quality of supply.

    Don’t forget to tell the specialist, who will work with you, the presence of chronic diseases, if any, and also on the postponed injuries. Such information will exclude the possibility of imposition of excessive loads and deterioration of the General condition of the body.

    The second step is the organization of proper diet. Eat 1-1. 5 hours before the class. At the end of the training the food should begin after at least an hour. As for liquid, water to drink can and should, because during vigorous exercise you lose sweat and breath. The amount of liquid, adjust their own, based on a sense of thirst and General condition.

    The third part of the training to the fitness training range of sports clothes and shoes. The style of apparel does not matter. But it is extremely important that you feel comfortable to do the exercises with any range of motion. Work with machines or by shells, stretching or squats — clothing must not interfere with, to run into a body or, conversely, to be too large. The same criteria should be used in selecting the shoes.

    Sports terminology

    To better navigate in sports terms, a novice should memorize the basic concepts most frequently occurring in the fitness world.

  • Cardio equipment: refers to equipment (treadmill, bike), which “loads” the body as a whole and not its individual parts. With their help train endurance of the heart and blood vessels. This kind of trainers is perfect for workout and also for those who wants to get rid of excess weight.
  • Free weights: we are talking about Ganesh and the rod. Such missiles are used for training specific muscle groups. Note that exercises with free weights is introduced gradually and under the supervision of a professional trainer. Haste here is contraindicated.
  • Recurrence: this term implies a certain number of continuous repetitions of the same action. For example, you sat without stopping 10 times, that is, perform 10 repetitions.
  • Approaches: the definition refers to how many times you did the exercise with rest breaks. Example: do 10 squats — rest, then another 10 squats and another pause. In the language of fitness, your actions can be classified as 2 sets of 10 repetitions.
  • The scheme of fitness training

    Now consider the algorithm of exercise. The lesson is usually built of three successive blocks — warm up, active part and relaxation (or a hitch).

    For the first stage are selected exercises that are designed to tone muscles, strengthen the respiratory system and blood circulation.

    These include:

    • work on the cardio machines;
    • joint exercises;
    • dynamic stretches;
    • exercises with its own weight.

    To neglect the warm-up is not necessary, otherwise you can not avoid injuries and excessive fatigue. Moreover, the duration of this block is small — only 10-15 minutes.

    The main part of fitness training is to work with individual groups of muscles. It consists of 6-8 exercises (2-3 per group of muscles) and engages the whole body. This is especially important for beginners, as they are only learning how to move and listen to the reaction his body.

    Exercises are performed sequentially from a complex (multiple joints and muscle groups) to the simple (specific muscles) 2-3 sets with 10-12 repetitions. Completes the main part of the classes AB workout.

    Don’t forget to rest between sets: signal to continue the exercise is the recovery heart rate and respiration.

    Objectives of a hitch — smooth exit of the body from a state of activity. For this recommend to perform the basic elements of stretching, to hang on the bar, 5-10 times deeply inhale and exhale.

    Example workout: exercises, number of sets, time intervals

    Program for fitness classes can be chosen individually for each athlete, depending on his level of physical training and sports purposes.

    For beginners option training can be:

    • Warm-up: joint exercises (10-15 minutes) and work on the elliptical trainer (5-10 minutes).
    • Main unit: 8 exercises you need to perform 2-3 sets of 10 reps:
    • the leg press in the simulator;
    • extension/flexion of the tibia with the use of the simulator;
    • pull the vertical block;
    • horizontal thrust block to the chest;
    • pushups (you can substitute for bench press in the simulator hammer);
    • swings hand in hand (with dumbbell);
    • twisting the torso in the supine position.
    • Cool down: work on cardio for 15 minutes, stretching.

    And one more thing: the view that the fat cells are destroyed during fitness, is incorrect. Active destruction of adipocytes occurs after exercise, when you are resting. So if you’re interested in losing extra pounds, it is not necessary to the gym after a big lunch or dinner. Better walk slowly and drink a vitamin cocktail.

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