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Fitness for endurance development: types and exercise program

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Fitness for endurance development: types and exercise program
The contents

  • The concept of endurance and its variants
  • Fitness training for development of endurance
  • A set of exercises for aerobic endurance
  • Effective exercise of the standard of the training set
  • Exercises on power endurance type

It is impossible to become stronger, constantly developing just the muscles. You should promptly develop and even such characteristics as endurance. This will help special exercises — weights and cardio.

In the field of bodybuilding and powerlifting considerable attention is paid to the external harmony of body and power indicators, and the development of endurance thinking a few. However, endurance — important requirements for maintaining good physical shape, especially in complexes of exercises with more weight. This is useful as it allows the body to train effectively and efficiently to recover in the period between the approaches, which significantly reduces the time fitness workouts.

The concept of endurance and its variants

Endurance is called the skill of the body to make intensive effort over a long time period without disrupting the quality of the result. Endurance is subdivided into General and special.

General endurance (aerobic) is the ability for a long time to do the exercises in rhythm with a strong functioning muscles. So the athlete who is able to withstand long distance running at a given pace, will be able to go through a similar marathon: swim a certain distance or travel by bike. Aerobic endurance positively affects the cost of human resources when performing physical work, and is also one of the key indicators of a healthy developed body.

Special endurance can be divided by:

  • the nature of the movements (hopping);
  • the solutions to goals (game);
  • desired outcome (development of strength, speed, coordination of movements).

This kind is based on diverse abilities of the nervous system, musculature, speed, energy consumption and General physical condition of the person.

Fitness training for development of endurance

To improve endurance you need to follow a strict sequence of fitness workouts:

  • The first stage should concentrate on the normalization of the cardiovascular grid, musculoskeletal system, respiratory system, that will generate overall endurance.
  • At the next level will need to increase the fiznagruzki in the integrated aerobic-anaerobic mode.
  • On the last step it is necessary to increase the load by resorting to the most intense exercises (round and interval program).
  • A set of exercises for aerobic endurance

    This sort of classes connected with the functioning of the cardiovascular system that is why exercises should include interval and static continuous training.

    Such aerobic fitness training are divided into:

    • short (3-9 minutes);
    • the average (10-30 minutes);
    • long-term (half an hour).

    The main thing — to choose the optimal type of loading, which will allow to develop abilities and endurance levels. If you need to normalize the respiratory system and improve oxygen consumption, continuous exercise. If you want to improve, strengthen the heart and blood vessels, a fitness workout in interval mode.

    • Easy step, active walk, a slow run.

    Performing exercises in order to develop aerobic capacity: the increase of the intensity of the load becomes the activator potential of the body. You can engage in the gym and outdoors.

    The walk start with the minimum (20-25 minutes), gradually adding in the training schedule one walk. These exercises improve the complexion, saturate the body with oxygen and normalizes General circulation.

    • Running the stairs.

    This is the most simple and affordable option of cardio. Only 60 minutes of such activities burn about 1000 calories. There is no need to run for an hour: enough to carry out interval fitness training, or alternate Jogging with jumps and squats. During Jogging the stairs aktiviziruyutsya most muscle groups (gluteus, calf, dorsal). For 25-35 minutes of active work with small breaks you will be able to develop joint mobility and strengthen not only the heart and blood vessels, and ligaments.

    • The race on the hill.

    This kind of running exercises best suited for powerlifters and those who already have sports experience and appropriate physical form.

    Find the right and stick to hill sprints with a length of 150-200 m. If the angle is too high, the load may be reduced, depending on the source physical data. Suitable for beginners sprints of 30-50 m, and experienced athletes 300-400 or more.

    • Cycling.

    Velotta is a great chance to train in the fresh air. Start with one exercise once a week for half an hour, gradually increasing the duration. Or add this exercise to their constant system of fitness training (but not more than 3-4 times a week).

    • The shells in the gym for the development of aerobic endurance.

    In the gym it is recommended to look at rowing and rowing simulators: only 30-40 minute individual training program are to develop General endurance.

    • Rowing machine.

    Take a seat on the projectile. Keep a straight posture, the body slightly tilt, knee bend. Straighten your legs so that your hands have reached the top of the press. Return to starting position and repeat the movement in the required number of repetitions.

    • Ellipsoid.

    Stand on the projectile. If necessary, adjust it to a comfortable height. Keep your backs straight, follow the instructions of the coach or independently, set the program to display. Use the handles of the projectile to increase the intensity of exercises.

    Effective exercise of the standard of the training set

    To exercise for endurance, become more efficient, you should rely on the standard training, in which the number of sets, reps and time intervals are marked as accurately as possible.

    An example of one of the most effective complexes of exercises for development of endurance:

  • Maximum speed — from 8 to 17 seconds, 5-8 times in 2-4 time.
  • Anaerobic capacity of 35-55 seconds, 4-6 times 2-5 times.
  • Anaerobic endurance — 1-3 minutes, 6-10 times in 1-4 passes.
  • Aerobic capacity — 2-2,5 minutes, 5-8 times in 2-4 time.
  • Aerobic endurance — 2-9 minutes, 4-16 reps in the 1-3 rounds.
  • Recovery period — 25-95 minutes.
  • Exercises on power endurance type

    Strength endurance — the ability to implement the resources of your body for a short time with minimal fatigue. The result of this fitness training depends on the load: if we take the average power and duration for a particular sport, then good results will occur if the load is half above average.

    The best exercises for strength are steps:

    • with a thrust of athletic sled;
    • with weights and all the machines where you use the fretboard;
    • with Jogging simulators in conjunction with weights (barbells, weights);
    • with horizontal bars, ropes.

    To fitness training or strength program brought a good result, we should not focus only on building muscle or losing weight. To intensify the power of the body and benefit health will help skill as of endurance. Be sure to include in your regular set of exercises steps in the development of this quality.

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