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Fitness for Ektomorf: nutrition and exercise program

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Fitness for Ektomorf: nutrition and exercise program
The contents

  • Features fitness on weight for ectomorphs
  • A set of basic exercises for muscle development
  • The basics of diet for muscle growth in ectomorphs

The speed of muscle growth depends on many factors, one of which is the type of body Constitution. People with ectomorphic physique hard to build muscle mass, performing strength exercises. This is due to genetic characteristics such as a high rate of metabolism and a small amount of muscle. Long and thin muscle fibers ectomorphs slowly reduced, so the speed of development and growth of muscles when this type of Constitution is also slow. But if you regularly strength training fitness, eat right and organize the training process with the features of ectomorphic physique, it is possible to form a muscular and textured body in a very short time, due to the physiology.

Features fitness on weight for ectomorphs

To increase the volume of muscles, people with ectomorphic type of body shape in the organization of law enforcement training should consider the following fitness classes:

  • you need to train regularly and not less than three times a week;
  • the load should be a very forceful character, since cardio can cause the loss of not only a minimum amount of fatty tissue in the body, but also muscle mass;
  • in the exercises you must use the maximum (in each case) operating weight;
  • during training conducted in the course of a week, you have to work all the major muscle groups. For example, in the first exercise, you can put a load on the lower limbs, during the second fitness session to work out the Delta and other muscles of the back, having a third workout during the week, should pay attention to the arms and shoulder girdle;
  • cardio in the warm-up should be minimal. Ectomorphs should have more time to devote to the study of joints and performing a warm-up approaches each training movement included in the schedule of classes;
  • each exercise should be performed at least 3 sets of 6-12 times. The exact number of repetitions depends on the level of physical training and working weight;
  • in the preparation of the plan for each workout, you need to focus on the basic exercises to stimulate the muscle growth. Isolation exercises should be included in classes only when it is necessary to work in the underdeveloped muscle group to correct the imbalance;
  • to prevent adaptation of muscles, where the muscles cease to grow and increase in weight, it is necessary periodically to strengthen the fiznagruzki and complement the usual set of exercises new training movements.

A set of basic exercises for muscle development

Strength training for people with ectomorphic body type, wanting to increase the muscle volume, may be based on the following generic set of exercises:

  • Squats with additional weight.

Depending on the degree of development of musculature and experience in exercise to squat by using different weights. Beginners are recommended to work with dumbbells, blank fretboard or in the simulator Smith to develop the skill of proper squats. More experienced athletes should use in training the barbell maximum weight. This is a basic training movements with a barbell means that you must first put the shell on the shoulders, holding it with his hands, it is convenient to arrange the foot, keeping between them a distance equal to the width of the hips to move the pelvis back and sit down. The depth of the squat should correspond to the level at which the thighs are parallel with the floor. The patella should be directed straight ahead, but not to act on toes. Exhaling, you need to push your heels into the floor and straighten up. In one lesson fitness necessary to perform 3-4 sets of 6-10 squats depending on how heavy the weight is used.

  • Deadlifts.

Stepping up to the barbell lying on the floor, you need to bend slightly your knees and bend over to take the shell standard straight grip. The back should be straight, the pelvis is pulled back, prelum is on the stretch, chin raised and eyes directed forward. Breathing in, straighten up, lifting the bar to hip level, taking it as close as possible to the lower extremities. Exhaling in the moment of greatest tension, slowly return the barbell to the starting position and repeat the exercise.

  • Bench press.

Romovoy to lie down on the bench, pressed to her tailbone and shoulder blades brought together, securely to rest feet on the floor. After removing the bar from the racks, positioning it near the chest, keeping the weighting as close as possible to your chest. Breathing in, bring the barbell up, straightening elbows. By exhaling at the peak of the load, to gradually bring the neck to the chest, returning the projectile to the initial position for performing the next repetition. Beginners can practice this exercise with dumbbells until you work out the correct technique and does not increase the level of physical training.

The basics of diet for muscle growth in ectomorphs

For ectomorphs diet is just as important in the recruitment of muscle mass as the proper organization of power training. Fast metabolism of people with ectomorphic body type doesn’t allow them to form new fat cells and muscle tissues in large quantities. So ectomorphy, doing fitness on the ground needs to be fed, guided by the following principles:

  • calorie diet should not exceed your daily intake by about 500 calories;
  • the recommended number of meals 6-8 times, or once every 3-3. 5 hours;
  • the basis of the diet, and that at least 50% of nutrients should be slow carbohydrates. The share of protein foods should not be less than 30%, and fat 15 to 20%. It is noteworthy that ectomorphy, in contrast to people with a different body type, can use carbohydrates and fats, not fearing it has a negative impact on the body;
  • to meet the body’s needs in protein must be included in the diet special sports cocktails based on the protein.

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