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Fitness for development of the biceps and triceps: intense exercise

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Fitness for development of the biceps and triceps: intense exercise

The contents

  • Features of the organization of fitness activities for hands
  • The best exercise for developing the musculature of the upper limbs
  • An example for fitness workouts

Most men who have decided to perform yoga exercises that seek primarily to develop the muscles of the hands. Pumped biceps visible even under clothing and make the male figure look more attractive. As quickly as possible to build muscle and do no harm in this health, it is necessary to organize the training process, taking into account all possible nuances.

Features of the organization of fitness activities for hands

Beginners in fitness training, getting to work on forming a nice beefy hands, should take into account the following features of strength training:

  • workout plays an important role in achieving a positive result, and fitness, and neglect it not worth it. The main objective of workout – training the body to subsequent intensive exercise. It is due to the increase in pulse and a slight increase in body temperature. These processes, in turn, lead to increased blood flow to the muscle and connective tissues and to stimulate the production of synovial fluid which protects the joints from premature abrasion and other damage. Ignoring the warm-up or poor its implementation significantly reduces the effectiveness of fitness training and significantly increases the risk of injury. Warming up before exercise for developing the musculature of the upper extremities, you can skip rope, perform rotation and arm swing, and spend warm-up approach the basic elements of a fitness program;
  • at the end of the lesson you should stretch the muscles that were the greatest burden. This hitch promotes relaxation of muscles and reduces the risk of delayed onset muscle soreness – muscle pain occurring after a holding a heavy fitness workouts;
  • biceps and triceps, it is recommended to work in combination with larger muscle groups. With this approach, muscles develop harmoniously and proportionately;
  • the Foundation fitness program should be basic exercises, which apart from the target muscles (biceps and triceps) are involved in work other muscle groups and multiple joints. Such training movements promote active growth of muscle mass;
  • when you exercise you need to work to muscular failure. This means that the last one or two repetitions in the approach should be given with great difficulty;
  • training triceps and biceps, we should not forget about study brachialis – muscle under the biceps muscle. If it is developed, the biceps looks bigger and more attractive;
  • in the gym to increase the muscle mass of your hands you need to work with heavy shells. However, their weight should be an adequate level of physical training to the muscles, ligaments and joints are not injured;
  • the intensity of the load must be periodically strengthened. This can be done by increasing the number of repetitions or the use of weights larger mass;
  • in the rest period between sets should focus on stretching the muscles that’ve been reduced. This helps to eliminate spasms and to enhance blood flow to muscle tissues, and thus improves the performance of fitness classes.

The best exercise for developing the musculature of the upper limbs

The most effective exercises to work out major muscle groups of the upper extremities include the following:

  • Bending the elbows with a barbell, performed in a standing position.

To rise directly, it is convenient to put feet on the width of the pelvis to secure the balance. The shell in the starting position must be held at hip level, holding the neck reverse grip. The width setting of the brushes depends on what division of the biceps is to obtain a large load. When using wide grip works primarily the outer division of the biceps muscle. If the shell is held with a narrow grip, the main burden falls on the internal segment of the biceps. Continuing to perform the exercise, slowly bend the elbows, bringing the neck to a distance of 10-15 cm to the shoulders. Exhaling at the moment of greatest proximity of the projectile and of the body, slowly straighten the upper extremity. When you perform flexion of shoulders and elbows should be held close to the body. The recommended number of repetitions – 3 sets of 10-12 times.

  • Flexion of elbows with turning brushes.

This exercise is performed with dumbbells, which in the initial position you need to keep near thighs in stretched along the body hands. Breathing, you need to slowly bend the elbows, bringing the shells to the shoulders. In the lifting process you want to deploy the brush so that the wrist was directed to the neck. On the exhale, slowly lower the dumbbells down and repeat flexion 3 sets 10 times each.

  • Bench press on the horizontal bench with the use of a narrow grip.

To take the starting position of the exercise, pressing his back to the bench. To remove the bar from the racks and bring it closer to your chest. It is impossible to completely put the shell on his chest between them must be kept a minimum distance. Perform a deep inhalation and breath-hold to raise the bar. In the upper position, do not completely straighten the elbow joints, so as not to injure them. Exhaling in the moment of greatest tension, gently lower the shell to the chest. To repeat the item fitness workout 8-10 times in each of the 3 approaches.

  • French press.

Lying on the horizontal jimboy the bench, take the barbell narrow grip and lock her in his outstretched hands before her face. Then, on the inhale bend the elbows at a right angle and make the projectile behind your head, bringing the neck to the level of the crown. Slowly straightening the elbows, exhale to return the projectile to the starting position. The shoulders when performing this type of bench should not move. Repeat the exercise up to 12 times in each of the 3 sets.

An example for fitness workouts

Beginners may use the following plan to conduct fitness classes for the hands that involves the repetition of each training movement 10-12 times in each of the 3 approaches:

  • The warm-up. Its estimated duration is 7-10 minutes.
  • Bending with a barbell to strengthen the biceps.
  • Extension with dumbbell behind the head.
  • Bending with the weights in the simulator “Scott-music stand”.
  • Extension in the upper block.
  • Hitch.
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