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Fitness for building muscle: the mode of exercise and rest

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Fitness for building muscle: the mode of exercise and rest
The contents

  • Mode fitness training
  • Rest from training
  • Bodyweight exercises in the gym
  • Bench press
  • Deadlifts
  • Squats with a barbell on his chest
  • Home fitness workout for mass

To get a beautiful, athletic body will have to exert a lot of effort. It is not enough just to do exercises for the development of the relief. You must follow a specially designed exercise program to increase muscle volume.

Only muscles with a sufficiently large ground can be successfully worked out so that the body has acquired a visible, legible and attractive shape. All exercise programs should be performed according to a strict schedule. In sport mode should include not only the studies themselves, but the rest, without which it is impossible to developed body.

Mode fitness training

Fitness workout for mass should be based on well-developed plan. A novice can create a quality program for training, so you can consult a professional bodybuilders or fitness trainers. The specialist will consider all suggestions: weight, age, body weight, level of physical preparation of the athlete, and will help you to choose the effective load and competently build a customized sports mode.

The program fitness workouts for mass are included as training days and rest days, the number of which depends on the goal and activity level of the athlete.

Beginners can refer to the basic programs a lot from which to choose the most appropriate training mode:

  • the basic three-day program to ground;
  • a four-day split;
  • a five-day split.

The last program for weight designed for athletes who need to increase muscle volume to the competition, or public speaking. On an ongoing basis to engage on such a schedule is not recommended because the muscles to recover is not to be missed 2 days of rest a week.

The best choice for the inexperienced athlete is the first option — a three-day training week. At this time, you can successfully distribute the basic exercises for development of all muscle groups.

Rest from training

Any military training is designed to put on weight, should be considering the quality of the restoration. Stay after class is necessary not only muscles but also tendons, ligaments, joints. For this reason, to train each muscle group should not be more than 2 times a week, otherwise the body will be hard to cope with the surge.

Symptoms can be different: dizziness, severe migraine headaches, the effect of delayed onset muscle soreness, involuntary contraction of muscles at night, painful cramps, loss of appetite, weakness, fatigue, insomnia, rapid weight loss.

If the athlete after a series of fitness workouts to weight found similar or similar symptoms, so, or too intense, or just unsuitable for individual parameters. It is necessary to revise the program of law enforcement training for the proper adjustments.

Bodyweight exercises in the gym

Gyms provide athletes a huge variety of exercise equipment for muscle mass. Each of the shells affects different areas of the body, so before you begin classes, you should contact the individual program of training on the ground, rather than trying to master all the shells in turn.

There are many isolated exercises in order to increase the volume of specific muscles. However, there is a base load, which should be included in all training centres: the bench press, deadlift and squats with weights.

Bench press

This sporty element is simultaneously one of the simplest and at the same time effective exercises to gain muscle mass. The bench press can be performed with a wide grip neck, and narrow. In the first embodiment, increasing the volume of pectoral muscles and front delts. With a narrow grip rod increases the mass of the middle and rear delts, and triceps.

To increase muscles, you must perform 3-4 sets of 6-8 repetitions. To get a quick effect on each approach should gradually increase the weights. After 3-4 weeks of regular training can bring physical activity to 4-5 sets of 8-10 repetitions.

The main condition of successful fitness training — barbell touch chest when lowered. In this case, the amplitude of the movements will be most complete for the qualitative study of all bunches of muscles. Of the foot during the running motion can not be separated from the floor so the load is evenly distributed on the shoulder belt.


Deadlift is one of the main exercises for mass. Despite the static, the load allows you to use the muscles of the legs, buttocks, back, upper shoulder girdle. Beginners should start with minimal weight to avoid possible injuries of the spine.

When performing the deadlift you need to consider a number of important nuances:

  • to make the exercise from a low position, without the use of racks and supports;
  • on the rise of the projectile you want to help your hips: then a large part of the load in the back shifted on his feet;
  • the rod at the end of the set should be lowered to the floor;
  • between sets we must not forget about the rest — this will help prevent damage to muscle fibers.

Squats with a barbell on his chest

Squats with the weights allow you to increase the muscles of the thighs, hips and buttocks. Also, this load helps to improve endurance and develop strength.

Proper technique exercises for building muscle volume involves:

  • retraction of the buttocks during sit-UPS;
  • a small deflection in the lower back;
  • the location of the Griffon on trapezes in order to avoid injury of the cervical vertebrae;
  • wide grip neck.

Squats with a barbell are 3-4 runs for 6-8 times. To carry out movements it is recommended to use a fixing belt that will keep your back in correct position without overloading it.

Home fitness workout for mass

Training to increase muscle volume can be carried out not only in the gym but at home. This is especially true for people who have no possibility often to visit the gym.

Fitness training may be performed with equipment (barbell, kettlebell, dumbbell, horizontal bar), and without it, using only its own weight.

At home strength training on the weight composed of the following physical activities which are of high performance with regular.

  • pushups;
  • pushups on the fists, and also on legs (weights, dumbbells, books, chairs);
  • push-UPS with wide and narrow setting of the arms;
  • pullups on the bar in vis;
  • pull on the bar with feet elevated;
  • reverse push-UPS from the bench;
  • press of dumbbells lying;
  • squats with a body weight or dumbbells.

To increase the volume of muscles in the gym and at home. It is necessary to apply to the standard programs of fitness workouts to weight, create a personalized sports schedule and provide yourself proper rest between sessions.

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