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Fitness for beginners: where to start?

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Fitness for beginners: where to start?
The contents

  • The benefits and contraindications of physical activity
  • Rules of fitness for beginners
  • Tips for beginners in fitness training

Many people who want to lose weight or improve their health, sooner or later come to the decision to do fitness. Regular exercise combined with correction of the diet is considered one of the most effective methods of weight loss, but an important condition is the observance of some General rules. They will help to make lessons really productive and will protect the person from injury and damage.

The benefits and contraindications of physical activity

Systematic fitness training can have on a person’s a huge positive impact. Among the advantages the most significant are the following:

  • strengthening the heart and blood vessels, prevention of stagnation of blood;
  • reduction of pain in joints, strengthening of the musculoskeletal system, prevention of illness;
  • acceleration of metabolic processes, the possibility of reducing the thickness of the fat layer of the body;
  • strengthening the corset muscles, increased strength and endurance, supports proper position of the spine;
  • normalization of the emotional background, decrease the risk of depression, reduction of daily stress;
  • the expansion of the lungs, normalization of work of bodies of breath;
  • stimulation of the immune system.

Fitness for beginners can be dangerous, so training is best done under the guidance of a coach or an experienced partner. In addition, you must consider a number of General contraindications to physical stress. Without the recommendations of a physician should not be to train people:

  • suffering from diabetes;
  • wearing dentures;
  • with serious mental illness;
  • when cancer formations of nature;
  • in the period of exacerbation of chronic or infectious diseases;
  • epilepsy.

Pregnant and nursing women should consult a doctor, a leading pregnancy and to train under the guidance of coach with the appropriate specialization.

Rules of fitness for beginners

More experienced athletes know that to fitness training is better to refer to classes that brings joy and satisfaction. Negative mood and thoughts about commitment and the inevitable loads can lead to rejection and reluctance to engage. After the first lesson, when it comes to muscle pain, people can visit the thought about the end of classes. It is important to set yourself up for long-term performance and to find the right motivation, and gradually exercise will become a habit and will cause joy and pleasure.

To fitness classes for the beginners benefit, you need to be aware of some General rules:

  • Most modern fitness centers offers examined by a sports doctor and special testing that will help determine the necessary level of physical activity. In the process a person talks to a specialist about the health problems and existing medical conditions; measurements of physical parameters of the body; if the equipment is removed ECG. The results of these activities will help the coach correctly to make a program of fitness and accurately calculate the level of activity.
  • When you work in the gym during the first few sessions it is better to use the services of a personal trainer. It will help to learn and to automate the correct technique of movements, will adjust their performance and correct errors. When selecting a mentor are advised to study the staff of the gym with the help of the reviews on or recommendations of friends.
  • If your primary workout goal is weight loss, in addition to classes will have to adjust your diet — physical exercise will be meaningless if the athlete eats large amounts of high-calorie food. For the period of weight loss it is recommended to exclude from the menu of smoked, fried and fatty foods, and foods that contain sugar, wheat flour. The basis of the diet should be cereals, lean meat, poultry or fish. Be sure to consumption of vegetables, fruit and clean drinking water.
  • If you wish to do fitness at home it is recommended to view the videos thoroughly explains the execution of the selected exercises and to practice them in front of a large mirror in a timely manner correcting incorrect movement.

    Tips for beginners in fitness training

    Fitness for beginners can seem difficult and obscure, but more experienced people know that, as the assimilation of new knowledge will change. To facilitate this process it is recommended to heed the advice of experienced athletes. The most common ones are the following:

  • One shouldn’t treat fitness as a hobby, it is important to understand that this is a serious and responsible process to improve themselves. Missing classes for their laziness — it is a conscious slowing down of his conversion.
  • Do not be afraid of mistakes — they help to experience.
  • You must pre-plan your schedule to avoid absences due to other things.
  • Beginners are recommended to train at least 3-4 times a week.
  • To achieve good results in the program must attend both aerobic and strength exercise.
  • Classes without changing eating habits — it is almost a waste of time, so you should adjust your diet.
  • To improve the exchange of substances necessary to maintain correct drinking regime.
  • One should not aim at global target that is much easier to break the road ahead on the small stages and gradually pass them.
  • For every completed goal, you need to encourage yourself.
  • To track results, it is recommended to keep a diary of training noting constantly used exercise.
  • For extra motivation, it is recommended to do the body measurements and some photos in full height in order to be able to compare and track progress.
  • During the first classes you should not run with more weight, increasing the load should be consistently and gradually.
  • No need to wait for quick results — for the first changes may take several weeks or even months.
  • Pre-workout is not recommended tightly to eat, a full meal should be done two hours before class.
  • To produce the right programs, you must define your goal — it can be set of muscles, health promotion, weight loss, increase endurance.
  • Any fitness training begins with a warm up — it will help to prepare your body for exercise and reduces the risk of injury.
  • If you experience pain or weakness should be promptly inform the coach.
  • For muscle growth be sure to do a day break between workouts. A cardio workout you can do every day, but wisely dosing the load on the heart.
  • For beginners it is recommended to be more active outside: walk in the fresh air, do gymnastics, to abandon the lift.
  • When you workout at the gym, it is important to observe certain rules of etiquette to use a towel at the gym, not to distract the athletes during exercise, not to use harsh spirits.
  • In the process of performing fitness exercise, it is important to focus on the movements. The phone is also recommended to leave the locker room to avoid wanting to distract him.
  • Many people encourages teamwork, so training, you can visit with friends or choose the option of group lessons.
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