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Fitness for beginners: the basics of programming training

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Fitness for beginners: the basics of programming training
The contents

  • How to choose the direction of training
  • Types of sports loads
  • Types of fitness
  • Fitness for women
  • Workouts for men
  • Workout plan
  • Fitness exercises for kids
  • Sports uniforms and additional equipment

Fitness, in all its manifestations — the phenomenon is extremely popular today. His followers are people with different goals and levels of training. To a novice be able to decide what type of physical activity to choose, it is necessary to understand what he wants to achieve and how much time and effort willing to spend on regular training. Each of the areas of physical activity has its own characteristics, given that anyone can choose for themselves a suitable training system.

How to choose the direction of training

Fitness is not just a set of exercises. It is a whole system that includes not only training, but also a healthy lifestyle: proper nutrition, adequate sleep, a sensible regime of rest. Without such a complex to achieve sustainable results.

To decide which exercise program to choose, it should be only after clear definition of training goals. They may be different and each will have their own fitting system:

  • getting rid of excess weight, gaining beautiful pieces will suit different fields of aerobics, exercise bike, running, playing with fitball, strength training;
  • the General health of the body, strengthening the heart, blood vessels, joints — choose running, swimming, Cycling, walking;
  • improvement of health — recommended for any kind of fitness, a suitable personal preferences and health status;
  • increase endurance and volumetric size of muscle mass — will help strength exercises on specialized exercise equipment or with free weights;
  • the development of the respiratory system — the perfect yoga, bodyflex, Pilates.

Types of sports loads

All types of loadings are divided into two streams:

  • Aerobic (cardio).

Based on high-intensity sessions, the main result of which is the enrichment of oxygen. While burnt fat and carbohydrates, thereby releasing large amounts of energy. This type of training includes any outdoor exercise: running, walking, Cycling, swimming, dancing, aerobics.

  • Anaerobic load.

Involve a high intensity of training with alternating short periods of maximum tension and relaxation. During anaerobic training, the athlete experiences a lack of oxygen, so the body is forced to use the internal energy. This type of training is based on a comprehensive performing strength exercises in a number of approaches with minimal interruptions. Usually anaerobic loads are used to increase the volume and force of muscles.

Types of fitness

Many directions fitness workouts allow you to choose the one that is best suited to achieve the goals.

  • Regular aerobics, as well as various options contain exercises to strengthen the muscles and develop your flexibility. Due to the high pace and enough time this type of training strengthens the heart and helps to cope with the extra weight. There are many dance styles of aerobics: belly dance, Latin, Afro.
  • Effective in burning body fat are considered and aerobics classes. The increased energy consumption associated with water resistance and temperature difference in the pool and out of it. Besides, moving in the water, the body feels a slight massage effect. Due to this the skin is lifted and increases the muscle tone.
  • Pilates exercises for the back muscles and the press, which is suitable for those who should not high loads on the spine.
  • Stretching (stretching) helps to develop flexibility, strengthen muscles and ligaments.
  • Callanetics is based on multiple repetition of exercises with a small amplitude. The special technique allows to involve deep muscles and contributes to higher energy consumption.
  • The Flex — it is based on breathing exercises with stretching and muscle tension.
  • Exercises with fitball is good because they involve the muscles-stabilizers. This makes training even more effective.
  • The power bar provides for both exercises with its own weight and with weights — barbell, dumbbells, expanders. Widely used as weights. This type of fitness include bodybuilding, crossfit, powerlifting. Here athletes training aimed at development of muscle mass and muscle strength.
  • Fitness yoga — one of the modern trends of ancient practices. Breathing exercises combined with asanas in dynamic and static. Yoga classes help to find inner harmony, strengthen muscles and increase flexibility.
  • Fitness for women

    To make women exercise program, you should consider the age and physical fitness training.

    • 18-30 years of age.

    Given the fact that metabolism in young body were functioning normally, and girls can easily cope with significant loads, you can exercise every day for half an hour.

    Another option — hour sessions 2-3 times a week. As loads of you can choose yoga, cardio Cycling, running, swimming.

    • 30-40 years.

    In this age, the metabolic processes tend to slow down. Women, it is harder to get rid of fat. Often there is fatigue and lethargy.

    The optimal number of workouts — fitness four times per week combined with one hour of stretching.

    To make classes more productive, you can combine strength training with aerobic exercise.

    • 40-50 years.

    To mitigate the effects of age-related hormonal changes — loss of bone mass, increase in body fat professionals suggest:

    • 2-3 times a week, doing aerobics or dancing;
    • Once a week 1 hour to perform a set of stretching exercises;
    • to practice Hiking.
    • Over 50 years old.

    To strengthen muscles and the cardiovascular system, older women should devote at least 120 minutes a week for cardio and at least an hour — stretch.

    It is useful to swim, walk, practice yoga, and perform exercises with small weights weight.

    Workouts for men

    To decrease body fat and increase muscle more efficient, when compiling programs for men fitness workouts should follow a few rules.

  • Specialist should help you make up the daily diet. Usually advised to eat fractional 4-5 times a day.
  • You should combine the power training for all muscle groups with cardio exercises.
  • You should drink 2 litres of water a day.
  • It is necessary to sleep not less than 7 hours a day.
  • Workout plan

    Baseline any workout as follows:

  • Warm up — light Jogging, jumping rope for 10-15 minutes.
  • The main training. It depends on the level of training of the athlete, his / her health status and ranges from 30 to 90 minutes.
  • Hitch — a 10-minute stretching and breathing exercises to restore breathing.
  • Training should be conducted no more often than 3 times a week. The number of sets for beginners should be 2-3 times, then their number can be increased to five. The growth of the load must be gradual.

    Fitness exercises for kids

    Children also useful to do fitness. It differs from training for adults to the form and gentle activity appropriate to the child’s age. For each age group can pick up their exercises from massage and simple movements in the age of 6-12 months to aerobics and sport games in 8 years.

    Choose the type of fitness required for a child taking into account his character and personal preferences. Some kids fit team sports, and the other workout where you don’t compete and compare yourself with others.

    Sports uniforms and additional equipment

    To fitness classes did not cause discomfort, you should train in clothing that doesn’t restrict movement. Shoes should be comfortable and safe, with non-slip soles.

    The choice of equipment depends on the type of training. Fitness centers usually are already equipped with everything you need. For practicing at home enough to have a pair of dumbbells, a skipping rope, a Mat and fitball.

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