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Fitness for beginners: how to start training?

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Fitness for beginners: how to start training?

The contents

  • What prevents to start to play sports?
  • Fitness for beginners: how much and how to train?
  • Safety tips when you exercise
  • Physical activity and pleasure: is it possible?
  • How to keep motivated to exercise?

If people understand why we need training and their right to hold, everyone would be in great shape. In the meantime, many of the “chained to the couch” habits, lack of free time and poor health. Fitness for beginners is not always gets a sequel, despite the best of intentions. What prevents to do next and how not to throw training?

What prevents to start to play sports?

If you have problem to start training or to continue it, you are not alone. A throw initiated because of various problems and excuses, most of which are all the same. One can not find free time in busy schedule and adapt to the mode of operation of the gym. However, to learn at home, it would wish. Besides a short 10-15 minute bursts of activity can be as effective as inextricably hour training. Someone complains about weight, age, health problems. But to start exercise at any age, besides older physical activity are essential to maintain their metabolism slow and gradually atrophied muscles.

About the health problems you can talk to your doctor. Even cardiovascular disease are not a barrier to physical activity, just be more attentive to her choice. Nordic walking, swimming, dancing do not have side effects. Even walking can be an excellent option of fitness for beginners. It’s better than nothing, because it makes the body move, and therefore to live.

Fitness for beginners: how much and how to train?

This issue is of concern to all beginners who do not know where to start. Experts give a recommendation for most adults is 150 minutes of moderate activity a week. Of course, physical activity should be evenly distributed across the days, for example, half-hour classes 5 times a week or training with a duration of 50 minutes three times a 7 days. Focus on your health and health, don’t run with “the bat”, do not put experiments on endurance and strength. This can lead to the opposite effect, permanently removing you from the sport.

Exercise should be active enough to breathe a little heavier than usual, but not to choke. Sing songs while training, you can not, but to communicate with your partner is. Sweating also should be moderate, as the feeling of heat. If you want you can buy a special fitness tracker and monitor the performance of your health – pulse, and blood pressure. When working with dumbbells start with small weight loads of 1 kg, gradually increasing it. When practicing at home, you can use any other available and suitable items. For example, the role of the dumbbell can play a plastic water bottle, and yoga lovers, worried about purchase of special “bricks”, at first you take an ordinary book.

Safety tips when you exercise

Often fitness for beginners does not pass into something more, simply because the athlete does not comply with safety rules. “No pain, no gain” is an antiquated opinion about training, which, by the way, and many turn away from the sport. Moderate exercise, properly performed exercise should not create the sensation of pain and discomfort. On the contrary, it just shows that something goes wrong. Working on a limit of forces and possibilities of man risks getting injured and never cross the threshold of the gym just because of one fear.

Therefore, experts suggest to listen to your body and trust your trainer advice which can be very useful, especially at first. Ideally it would be good to deal with an individual program, prepared by an experienced person taking into account all indications and contraindications. If this is not possible, do not neglect the warm-up and hitch, because they help to prepare your body for the load and to restore the muscle after it. During a workout you need to replenish body fluids by drinking plain water without gas, especially in the warmer time of the year.

Physical activity and pleasure: is it possible?

Try to make exercise more enjoyable is a natural desire. Moreover, it is a prerequisite, without which it is impossible to expect it to last long. What’s the point of buying a gym membership, if it exercises at the gym you have nothing but rejection. Become addicted to the sport, to make physical activity a habit can only be provided that it is the soul. From this and should start options fitness for beginners. You might focus on something less standard than running, swimming or Biking. Look at martial arts, horseback riding, rock climbing.

Someone is easier to do in the team when the lessons are accompanied by or include a communication element of the game, like football or volleyball. Tennis – great for elderly people. Experts believe that it not only creates the necessary reasonable load, but also trains the brain supports cognitive functions. It is possible to involve in lessons your family by setting a good example and making a contribution to the health and future of their children.

How to keep motivated to exercise?

Maintaining motivation is an important aspect, without which it is impossible to adhere to that course. In fact, each person has a motive impelling him again and again to get off the couch and get to training. Someone wants to lose weight, someone who understands that it is necessary to maintain heart health. To strengthen this motivation by using associates and other resources for inspiration. Communicate at relevant forums on the Internet, join groups of their own kind, encourage each other, praise, support. Read books, browse magazines, watch the life of the famous people who passed the path you are presently on.

Praise yourself for every little success, encourage them to record their activity and track progress. He definitely will not allow you to abandon the workout, and dashing all the efforts. Tune in to success and follow the plan. Build a daily schedule with the tailored workouts, think fitness for beginners time when you are most active and energetic. Eliminate the obstacles and be honest and responsible to themselves. Perhaps there will be inevitable setbacks, but that is no reason to give up and give up. Maybe it’s just a hint that there is something to be reviewed so that training really became a constant part of life.

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