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Fitness for beginners: basic types and rule classes

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Fitness for beginners: basic types and rule classes
The contents

  • The effect of fitness
  • The types of fitness workouts
  • Basic rules of exercise and fitness for beginners

Fitness is a comprehensive exercise system, aimed at achieving athletic toned figure, increased physical capabilities, normalization of weight and General health of the body. To produce the desired result, you should familiarize yourself with the various areas of fitness training, basic rules of classes and a number of other useful recommendations.

The effect of fitness

Many newcomers begin to engage in fitness in order to correct the shortcomings figures and to lose excess weight. But not all are aware that fundamental changes of some physical exercises will not be enough. In addition to sports activity should also review your diet and diet. You need to exclude unhealthy foods from your menu — sweet, oily and fried foods, and change the order of the day to have dinner 3-4 hours before bedtime. At the same time, the diet should include more vegetables, herbs, dietary protein and whole grain dishes.

Do fitness for beginners in the gym and at home. With these trainings, you can:

  • to get rid of fat, pull the figure;
  • to normalize metabolic processes in the body;
  • to stabilize the cardiovascular system;
  • to get rid of stagnation in the joints, increase the flexibility of ligaments;
  • to correct posture, improve the condition of the spine;
  • to boost the process of healing the body.

In addition, many say that fitness training helps to raise mood and even make it in the initial stage of depression without the help of drugs. However, this effect has a scientific explanation: during sports activitiesa production of specific hormone — serotonin, lack of which is one of the reasons for the development of depression. So fitness has beneficial effects not only on physical health but also causes emotional lift, simultaneously forming a sense of self-confidence. In other words, between exercise fitness and health quite often you can put an equal sign.

In addition to all other positive aspects, a regular fitness workout is largely able to prevent apoptosis. This phenomenon is considered to be one of the causes of aging of the body and is a genetically mediated early cell death. Thus, exercise is not only beneficial to health but also extend a biological youth of the body.

The types of fitness workouts

Physical activity is divided into several varieties, intended for different categories of people and for various sports or health problems. Among the many fitness programs you can choose more gentle fitness for beginners.

Basic types of fitness:

  • Aerobics.

A popular destination, which consists of dance, kick, slide, and Aqua aerobics. These classes are perfectly correct figure, have a positive effect on the heart and respiratory system, as well as develop a sense of rhythm, because it is performed to musical accompaniment.

  • Pilates.

Fitness training based on smooth, slow movements without accelerations and jerks. Training has a low injury rate and does not involve excessive loads, so it is suitable for people of different ages and physical training. Improves body flexibility and joint mobility.

  • The body Flex.

Based on deep breathing combined with static loads. Ideal as a fitness beginner, helping to get rid of extra pounds and normalize metabolic processes in the body.

  • Fitball.

Sessions with a special ball are well suited to those who wish to tighten the muscles of the back and buttocks, correct posture, improve body flexibility and coordination.

  • Tybo.

The direction is based on a combination of Boxing and martial arts. The lessons are accompanied by dynamic music and require a large consumption of energy. The method is suitable for strong and resilient athletes.

Basic rules of exercise and fitness for beginners

In order to make classes as effective as possible, it is important to choose a workout based on their goals and physical capabilities. For this purpose in most fitness clubs there is a testing procedure. Usually, it is performed by specialist in sports medicine who is interested in the transferred traumas and diseases, and evaluates the current state of the body. As a result of testing will select the most appropriate program of fitness, which is not harmful to human health.

The first time fitness for beginners it is better to do accompanied by a trainer who will supervise the correct execution of the exercises and, if necessary, make the necessary changes to the program.

Recommendations for beginners:

  • Need to deal with regularly.

It is not necessary to go on about their own laziness or weakness — it will only slow the progress.

  • Don’t be afraid to make mistakes.

Even the most famous athletes too once were beginners.

  • To contact a coach.

In the hall is to listen to the experts and to implement its recommendations.

  • Do not take excessive load.

Training with high intensity may prevent complete recovery of the body, which significantly reduces the efficiency of subsequent fitness.

  • Diet.

Proper nutrition and drinking regime — a pledge of good physical fitness and a stable weight.

  • To reward yourself for the achievements.

Might want to split the path to achieving the goal into several stages, and reward yourself for completing each of them.

Any fitness workout begins with a warm-up is necessary to warm up the muscles, improve blood circulation and reduce the risk of injury.

The main complex of the lesson should include three types of exercises:

  • aerobic or cardio well trained not only muscles but also the cardiovascular system;
  • power — strengthen separate groups of muscles at the gym or using different exercise;
  • flexibility — smooth static exercises to improve the ductility and strengthening of ligaments.

It should be noted that fitness for beginners suitable for almost everyone. However, depending on the state of health of the classes will have to be limited. Such contraindications are:

  • infectious diseases, especially those with high temperature;
  • the presence of tumors;
  • recent injury, as well as the installed implants;
  • epilepsy, severe mental pathology;
  • diabetes.

In other cases, fitness is a direct path to health, beauty and well-being!

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