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Fitness for beginners: basic exercises and features lessons

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Fitness for beginners: basic exercises and features lessons

The contents

  • Where better to train in the gym or at home?
  • The advantages of fitness activities at home
  • Home fitness program: basic rules
  • How to increase the effectiveness of training?
  • A set of fundamental exercises for all muscle groups

Fitness is a technique which includes numerous training programs and exercises aimed at improving well-being, General health of the organism and development of all muscle groups and weight loss. In English the “fitness” means “fitness, endurance, compliance, preparedness, training”.

There are several areas of training: aerobic and strength, dance, water, calm or slow (yoga, stretching, Pilates, callanetics, etc.). Many of them you can do at home and achieve good results. Importantly, the right fitness program, systematic training, subject to certain rules, and the combination of training with proper nutrition.

Where better to train in the gym or at home?

This question arises most beginners in fitness. And here we must consider the following factors: clear purpose, discipline, willpower and self-control, the presence of training fitness program and nutrition plan. If it is, it is possible to do at home. When there is no clear understanding of what to do, it is better to buy a subscription to the sports club. There to achieve success will be much easier for the following reasons:

  • Such companies are equipped with a variety of equipment for aerobic and strength fitness, and various sports equipment for the study of all muscle groups.
  • Coming to the gym, newcomers get surrounded by people who share common goals and objectives.
  • The gym is the opportunity to receive advice about which fitness program is better how to organize and conduct training, as well as visually see how to work on simulators and to do the exercises.
  • The advantages of fitness activities at home

    Despite the number of advantages of the sports club, many athletes prefer to do at home. And here’s why:

  • No need to waste time and money on the purchase of a subscription and a trip to the fitness center.
  • There is no need to adjust work schedule and training schedule of the club. At home you can engage in at any time.
  • You can choose almost any fitness trend and often change the training program. Not all sport can boast such a variety of workouts.
  • You should not worry about what outsiders will look with ridicule, when it is impossible to do any exercise.
  • Home fitness program: basic rules

    To fitness gave visible results, training should be done according to certain rules:

  • Exercise regularly – 3 times a week for 40-90 minutes. If you can not train for longer than an hour, you need to split the training and do every day.
  • Never ignore warming up and stretching.
  • During the training, pay particular attention to the exercises, aimed at the study of the problem areas.
  • Don’t forget about hydro, and drink during class is water often, but little by little.
  • Train in comfortable, not constraining movements and “breathing” clothes and sneakers.
  • How to increase the effectiveness of training?

    In addition to a detailed fitness program you need to make a meal plan. It will help achieve their business objectives faster. To build a diet you need a balance PFC. Normal amount of protein in daily menu should be 30 to 40%, fats 20-25%, carbs 40-50%.

    For weight loss requires creating a caloric deficit, to gain muscle – surplus. Also be aware that for muscle growth you need protein. In this case, the body should ensure a sufficient amount of protein, increasing its share in the diet.

    A set of fundamental exercises for all muscle groups

    Aspiring athletes exercise suggested below, we recommend 10-15 times in 2 laps. Over time, the number of repetitions should be increased to 15-20, and approaches to 3-4. To rest between elements should be 30-60 seconds between cycles 1-2 minutes. When muscles get used to the exercise, the rest between repetitions should be removed.

    The best basic exercises for elaboration of all parts of the body:

  • Lying on your back, bend your knees, feet pressed to the floor. Straight arms extended forward, palms down. Strain the abdominal muscles and exhale off the floor head, shoulders, blades. Inhale, descend.
  • Straighten and lift up your left leg straight. To perform the exercise according to the scheme described above. To repeat the item by lifting up the other leg. Is relaxed and straightened leg and hands on the floor to put, keep on the weight.
  • Leave the left leg bent at the knee and pressed to the floor. The right is also bent, put the foot on the left leg just above the knee. The right knee guide off to the side. Take away the hands behind the head. Exhaling, make a twisting, lifting head and upper back and simultaneously pull your left elbow to your right knee. Inhale to return to starting point exercise. Repeat on the other side.
  • Roll over on your stomach. To rise above the floor, lean on your palms, placed a little wider than shoulders, and knees so that the body from head to knees form a straight line. Stomach in, bend press. Exhale, bend elbows and descend down. Touch the floor with chest, inhale and rise.
  • Lay face down, folded four times large towel and put it under the belly. Straight arms stretched along the body, palms pressed to the feet. Straighten your legs. Exhaling, lift up your head and upper torso, Legs, pelvis and abdomen from the floor not to interrupt. Lock to 10 seconds. Inhale and slowly sink down.
  • Stand up straight, place feet hip distance apart, knees slightly bent, hands down. Exhale slowly to do the half squat, inhale to stand.
  • Place the feet slightly wider than hips, hands put on the waist. To do a half squat, at the peak lift alternately left and right foot, also alternately lower, to rise in the original position.
  • Get on all fours, bend elbows and rest against the floor with your forearms. On the exhale, lift up bent at the knee the left leg up to thigh parallel with the floor. Inhale – to lower. Duplicate the exercise with the other leg.
  • Stand up straight, keep feet together, hands put on the belt. On the exhale tiptoe, breathing down the entire foot.
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