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Fitness for beginners: advice on the selection of exercises and nutrition

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Fitness for beginners: advice on the selection of exercises and nutrition
The contents

  • The selection of a suitable program fitness training
  • The importance of adhering to proper technique of exercises
  • Fundamentals of nutrition for effective training
  • The need of rest between fitness classes

People who have decided to do fitness, often make mistakes that adversely affect the efficiency and end result of strength training. This happens due to the lack of theoretical knowledge, thanks to which you can intelligently organize the training process. It is therefore very important before you start the exercises, read the rules, features and nuances of fitness.

The selection of a suitable program fitness training

The program of fitness training and its quality content depends on the ultimate goal. But its base is always a base from which to push off, adjusting the work plan in accordance with the desired results. This database form mnogocwetnye exercises that promote active and qualitative increase in muscle mass, improvement of physical indicators of the strength and raising the General level of training.

Such training movements include:

  • squats;
  • deadlifts;
  • the bench press;
  • the wide grip pullups.

The main exercises you can add some other exercise movements depending on what part of the body needs additional exercise. For example, if it is necessary to achieve a quality increase of muscle mass of the thighs, to the base should be added flexion and extension of lower extremities in the simulator, and presses the legs.

The number of repetitions of each training movement also depends on the purpose of fitness:

  • if you want to achieve the intensive growth of muscles, each of the training movement need to be repeated 8 to 12 times in each of the 3-5 approaches, taking breaks between sets no longer than 3 minutes;
  • if fitness training is conducted to increase the physical indicators of the strength in each of the 3-5 approaches need to perform 4-6 repetitions with a maximum operating weight, resting between sets to 4 minutes;
  • in cases when using the fitness you need to achieve a beautiful relief of muscle and a clear separation of individual muscle groups number of reps of each training movement can go up to 20, but the work must be carried out with small work weight.

The importance of adhering to proper technique of exercises

Strict adherence to the fitness program will not have meaning if you exercise proper technique is not observed. Moreover, technical errors not only reduce efficiency of the whole work, but also with high probability lead to injury that requires a long time to recover, making adjustments in the training process and partially interrupting fitness classes.

In summary, we can conclude that the breaches perform exercise movements entails such negative consequences:

  • load do not get those muscle groups that need to be worked out, and therefore, the ultimate goal of fitness training is not achieved;
  • occur sports injuries, including ruptures of muscle tissue, ligaments and tendons, dislocated joints, pinched nerves, the occurrence of herniated discs.

It is therefore necessary to study and to practice the correct technique of exercises using light weight and only after bringing skill execution elements to automatism should start working with free weights, and a large mass of shells.

Fundamentals of nutrition for effective training

Proper nutrition and a balanced diet are very important to achieve positive results in strength training. Increase muscle mass without correction of eating habits is impossible, therefore, in the conventional menu, you need to make these changes:

  • to reduce the amount of fat should be excluded from the diet of all high-calorie foods, not in the category of healthy;
  • to increase muscle mass you need to create a calorie surplus to energy reserves of the organism was enough for the formation of new muscle tissue cells. However, people who are genetically predisposed to be overweight and whose body refers to the endomorphic type, needs in nutrition stick to daily calorie intake in order to prevent the increase of fat;
  • the optimum number of meals that prevent acute hunger and increases in the level of glucose in the blood, 5-6;
  • nutrition promoting muscle growth, should necessarily include a large amount of protein (at least 2 g per every kilogram of body weight) and slow carbohydrates. Protein is needed to build new muscle tissue cells, and slow carbohydrates to provide energy needed when performing heavy physical exercise. Protein in large quantities is contained in diet meat, fish and seafood, milk, cottage cheese and hard cheese as well as eggs and greens. Slow carbohydrate-rich cereals and legumes, and unsweetened fruit.

The need of rest between fitness classes

Because power fitness training require a lot of energy and muscle when working with weights will inevitably get small injuries in the healing which to build new cells and, consequently, increases the volume of all muscles, proper rest between workouts is as important as are the fitness classes.

So the muscle fibers can fully recover, but the organism was able to replenish his energy after intense fitness workouts, you must observe the following rules:

  • the duration of sleep should be 8-9 hours;
  • measures should be taken to enhance the flow of blood to the muscle tissues. You can visit the sauna or steam bath, and massage areas of the body, the muscles of which were exposed to stress;
  • avoid stress, and nervous and physical stress, because these conditions are accompanied by production of hormones adrenaline and cortisol, negatively affect the regeneration of muscles and for restorative processes in the body.

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