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Fitness for beautiful feet: rules and exercises

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Fitness for beautiful feet: rules and exercises
The contents

  • Rules of exercise for thighs and buttocks
  • A set of exercises to warm up
  • The best home exercises

All we’ve been blessed with a figure that has a certain features, though we could change, but can be successfully corrected. For example, women with curvy hips and large buttocks, often want to reduce them, while slim girls dream make out their shapes rounded and more feminine. To work in both directions is possible in the home, making every day special exercises.

Rules of exercise for thighs and buttocks

Often the abdomen, thighs and buttocks are the areas where excess fat is stored twice as fast. That’s a woman’s body that is physiologically necessary property, but it greatly affects the appearance and harmony of shapes. To make the buttocks firmer and toned thighs, you can use the daily execution of an effective set of exercises. It will take quite a bit of time, but the regularity will greatly improve your appearance.

The physical load was correct and would yield the desired result, you need during training to follow these rules:

  • all movements are clearly control and run slow;
  • strictly observe the technique of each exercise that will help to reduce the risk of injury and increase their efficiency;
  • listen to the reaction his body — if you experience pain in the joints, stop the exercise;
  • if you want to give the buttocks shape and remove excess fat, then do all the exercises with the own weight;
  • if you are interested in increasing the volume of the buttocks, use when training dumbbell small weight;
  • perform daily complex of three elements, each of which do 3 sets of 25-30 reps
  • every workout do a set of exercises that is different from the previous one, to avoid habituation of the muscles to the same type of load;
  • in training needs to include aerobic exercise if your goal is slimming in the hips and buttocks;
  • before the training, make sure you perform warm-up, focusing on knee and hip joints.

A set of exercises to warm up

Often physical activity at home are not very intensive, because such training is not used much weight weights. But despite this, when training lower body actively involved the joints of the feet, which, if improperly preparing easy to injure. So before you begin doing exercises, you should warm up the relevant muscles and joints.

A set of exercises to warm up:

  • make the head tilts to the side, forward and back, and circular rotation clockwise and counterclockwise;
  • stretch your arm and shoulder muscles by performing rotation in the wrists, elbows and shoulder joints;
  • enjoy a walk or run in place for several minutes;
  • it is also helpful before exercise to jump rope;
  • walk on the spot with high knee raising and zahlest legs back;
  • do some squats to warm up the knee joints;
  • standing straight, bend and push one leg to the chest, in this position, rise on the toes on the second foot;
  • prepare your back to the loads, perform slow trunk bending forward and backward.

Total warm-up time should be about 10 minutes, all exercises should be done slowly and with fewer repetitions.

The best home exercises

The following set of exercises effectively working the muscles of the legs and butt helps to burn their extra fat and give them beautiful shape and slightly increase in volume. Despite the fact that to perform it without weights, it gives a noticeable effect after a few weeks of regular training.

Select among exercises in all 3 and run them to your first training day. The next day will slightly modify the exercise to focus the stress on other muscles.

Fitness items for training muscles of thighs and buttocks:

  • The first and foremost exercises are squats. They have several options of implementation, in which type of muscles are used, is practically not working in everyday life, when walking and running. Classic squats performed on two legs set shoulder width apart. The depth of these squats should be small to stop the downward movement when the thighs become parallel to the floor. You can also perform squats in a sumo style, when the feet are wide and knees aimed in different directions. The depth of these squats the same; they mostly affect the inner thighs. You can also perform squats on one leg, which well pumped the muscles of the legs and buttocks: standing straight, a straight leg needs a little lift up and in a position to go down on one leg. In all variants of squats should always keep your back flat.
  • The following exercise is performed from the initial position of the “bridge” and especially good considering the biceps of the thighs and buttocks. Resting on the floor with feet and hands and keeping your back straight horizontally, it is necessary to raise one foot above the floor and perform squats on the other leg. If you experience discomfort in the back should stop the implementation of this training movement.
  • This fitness exercise is working the muscles of the body, making the greatest emphasis on the back and hips. Lie down on a gym Mat, face down, at the same time highly raise both arms and both legs and hold them in this position for a few seconds.
  • Get on all fours, not rotting with your back straight. Lift up bent at the knee of the leg not straightening it at the highest point and holding the muscle in tension for the duration of the element.
  • The following exercise is similar to the previous one, but up to raise brand straight leg.
  • Lunges are a great fiznagruzki for weight loss and development of muscles of the buttocks. They can be made forward, backward and to the sides, making the wide steps.
  • Gluteal bridge — effective exercise, with work and the back muscles. Lying on your back, you should to put the foot on the floor and lift the torso up, leaving your shoulders in a static position and stopping at the top for a few seconds.
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