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Fitness for beautiful buttocks: exercise and nutrition

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Fitness for beautiful buttocks: exercise and nutrition

The contents

  • How to achieve the desired results from fitness workouts
  • What exercises to include in training
  • Nutrition tips

Most people buttocks are underdeveloped or not developed at all. The reason for this is the modern way of life: sedentary work, are comfortable, which do not need to make unnecessary movements, and lack of sports. To cope with the problem help exercises to strengthen the buttocks. Their advantage lies in the fact that the conduct of the fitness workout to pump muscles may be in the gym and at home (with weights). Also for successful training is necessary to adjust the power.

How to achieve the desired results from fitness workouts

To pump up the buttocks, you need to work all three gluteal muscles — large, medium and small. Each of them performs its function and is responsible for the movement of various body parts. During fitness training it is necessary to perform different exercises to work all three muscles separately. Only then the buttocks will be round, supple and toned.

It is important to understand that in the short term (1-2 weeks) to efficiently pump the buttocks will not work. The first outcomes will be visible only after a month of regular classes. And that’s assuming that training will be conducted at least 2-3 times a week, last for 45-60 minutes and consists of 5 exercises, each of which will be executed with the proper technique.

In addition to regular training need to adjust the power. To gain muscle mass should ensure a surplus of calories in the diet and start anabolism; for fat burning, conversely, to create a deficit of calories and to activate the process of catabolism. To do both simultaneously will not work, so you have to choose.

When a large amount of excess weight it is recommended to first lose weight, then start catabolism, and then again to get rid of fat. At normal body weight and thinness should immediately create a surplus of calories to gain muscle mass and burn fat.

What exercises to include in training

Fitness training will be most effective if you include several exercises aimed at building up one group of gluteal muscles, strengthening and maintaining the other in the form of thirds. In the gym to choose the right program assists the coach, but what about those who are planning to pump your buttocks at home? Be sure to include in the training the following exercises:

  • Squats.

The formation of a beautiful toned figure is impossible without the strengthening of the legs and back. For elaboration of all these parts of the body is squats. They can be implemented in several variants: with your weight and weights, with narrow, wide and classic statement of the feet; deep or squatting until thighs parallel with the floor; with bearing and without.

When performing squats, it is necessary to observe some rules:

  • Do not slouch, do not bend your back. Otherwise you can be injured.
  • At the bottom point, keeping your knees aligned with toes. For this you need to take the buttocks back as far as possible. Equipment violation leads to injury of the knees.
  • As you can use weights like dumbbells or kettlebells, and water bottles, a backpack filled with books. At the initial stage of the exercise, it is recommended to practice in front of a mirror, to control all the movements and learn proper technique.

    • Attacks.

    Helps to work the muscles of the thighs and a large gluteus, legs, back, and improve posture. Lunges can be performed forward and backward in place and in motion on a level surface and with the help of hills, with a support, with weights and without them. When doing exercises, you need to follow the following tips:

  • the back bend, the chest does not stick out;
  • his chin lowered, looking in front of you;
  • the knee of the working leg does not withdraw her fingers, thigh not to drop below parallel with the floor;
  • to inhale, making the lunge, and exhale, returning to the starting position of the exercise;
  • up due to tension in the gluteal muscles of the working leg.
    • Mahi.

    Also helping to pump multiple muscle groups — the leg and buttock. Can be performed from different positions (lying, standing and on all fours) and in different versions (wide swings forward and backward, left-right, alternating movement of legs or back, leg lifts, etc.). Recommended during fitness workouts use ankle weights.

    • Lift the pelvis from the supine position.

    One of the best exercises for pumping buttocks. Can be performed with the support of one or both feet on the floor or on a chair (bench), with the knees and without. To increase its effectiveness, it is recommended to use a fitball (hold between your knees), fitness band (to wear on your feet just above the knee) or weighting (to put and to keep hands on the belly).

    What to consider when performing the upgrades of the pelvis:

  • strain and reduce the buttocks and fixed for 1-2 seconds at the highest point;
  • starting to move the weight on your heels;
  • move slowly, without jerks;
  • not to relax the muscle to end at the bottom.
  • Nutrition tips

    To a month to see the first results of their work, you need to adjust the power. Excess weight and fat deposits in the buttocks will hide under a strong muscles, so losing weight is also necessary to pay attention to.

    The lack of microelements, necessary for the construction of muscle tissue will lead to the fact that they will not grow. How to balance your diet:

    • to unsubscribe from fast carbs (potatoes, white bread, sweets, white flour products), fast food, smoked products;
    • make a daily menu of lean meats, poultry, fish, eggs, low-fat dairy, dairy products, slow carbohydrates (cereals, wholegrain bread, pasta from durum wheat), vegetables, fruits.
    • drink per day about 2 liters of purified carbonated water.

    In addition to following the above recommendations you need to give up bad habits, more walk in the fresh air and relaxation — sleep 8 hours a day, training every other day. In this case, the result will not keep itself waiting long, and the buttocks will be beautiful and toned.

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