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Fitness for back muscles exercises at home

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Fitness for back muscles exercises at home
The contents

  • Who will benefit from training back
  • How effective exercises at home
  • Rules for home fitness workouts
  • Complete program of exercises for the back
  • How to increase the effectiveness of stretching back muscles

Many beginners strong belief that fitness training can only be effective in the courtroom. This opinion is only confirmed by the numerous publications and sites covering this subject.

But if you do not aim to become a bodybuilder or a professional athlete, is enough to home fitness. With their help it is possible to achieve good initial physical training and maintain the health of the body throughout life.

Who will benefit from training back

The main emphasis during the exercise it is recommended to do stretching back muscles. This is due to several factors:

  • Many of us lead a sedentary lifestyle, which primarily suffers from the back. Problems with the spine inevitably lead to a number of comorbidities. Therefore back training — it is not only the prevention of scoliosis and stoop, but many other chronic diseases.
  • Back muscles are large enough. To qualitatively discuss the entire spinal musculature, you need to spend a significant amount of energy. It promotes the burning of fatty tissue to the acquisition of harmony.
  • Stretching the muscles of the back makes the figure of the proportionate and harmonious development. Broad shoulders combined with narrow hips are considered the standard attractive male figure.
  • During training back strengthening the General muscular system of the torso. It helps to get rid of sagging belly and sides, press flatter and fit.
  • How effective exercises at home

    It should be understood that exercise in the fitness room and the house is a few different things. In the first case you are weight and professional trainers. In the second as secondary equipment you have to use improvised objects. To pump a large amount of muscles will not work, but to make them flexible and relief is possible.

    You will need a barbell or dumbbells, and a horizontal bar or object, which it will replace. Suitable, for example, the surface sustainable table. The ideal option would be a multi-function wall bars. Despite the fact that exercising in the home does not differ a big variety of them you can make a few full-scale programs.

    Rules for home fitness workouts

    As to the effectiveness of home gym, make sure that you stick to the following rules:

  • Practice 2 times a week for 1 hour minimum. Do not skip classes. A valid reason can be illness, fever or trauma. If you do less, you will not wait. If you often tire the muscles too intensive and can stretch it out.
  • The first few weeks, exercise fitness according to the following scheme: 3 sets of 10-15 exercises for the back. When the muscle tissue get stronger, you will feel that the current load is not enough and will add another approach. Gradually increase it to 5-7 for one training.
  • Warm up before training. The first 15-20 minutes should be allotted for exercises at home for major muscle groups (do tilts, thrusts, swings arms and legs).
  • Make 2-3 complex and constantly alternate between them. This will help to avoid habituation to the load, which slows down the development of muscles.
  • Start training with exercises that involve several large muscle, gradually moving on to isolation movements, which involve a small muscle. This approach will allow you to train all of the muscles of the back 1 exercise.
  • Complete program of exercises for the back

    If you have no idea what to look for in effective fitness training program, take a basis prepared the basic version:

    • Thrust dumbbells in the slope of the hull.

    This exercise allows us to efficiently pump the right and left sides separately from each other. Slightly bend your front leg, lean forward so that the back was parallel to the floor. Take dumbbells in both hands and bend them. Lift the elbows up, pulling the dumbbell to your chest and touching the blades on the back. Then lower back.

    • The pull-UPS.

    Beginners can perform this exercise quite difficult. So start with the minimum number of repetitions that you can master. When the back muscles will be strengthened, to catch up will become much easier. Grasp the bar with a medium grip, lock hands and forearms. Working the shoulder joint, raise and lower body, trying to touch your lower jaw to the crossbar.

    • Pullover.

    Lie on a bench or item that you replace it, so the head was at the very edge. Grab 1 dumbbell and lift it over your head. Slowly lower the shell over the head until it is at head level. Hold hands for a few seconds and lift the dumbbell back. This exercise is quite traumatic, so it’s good if you will have somebody to insure.

    • Pull with one hand on the focus.

    This is an example of a classic isolation exercise for the back. Put on the bench bent at the knee leg, on her back, lean your hand straight hands. In the other hand take the dumbbell. Bend the working arm at the elbow until it forms an angle of 90°. Then straighten, lowering the dumbbell to the floor. Make the required number of repetitions and work on the other side.

    How to increase the effectiveness of stretching back muscles

    Follow the advice of those who have been engaged in house and achieved good results:

  • Do not exclude from training hitch. Take 10 minutes immediately after training exercises on flexibility. This will help to disperse of muscle lactic acid, to avoid its stagnation and relieve pain the following, after training day. In addition, the hitch helps to recover 1.5 times faster after the stretching of the back.
  • I feel that to do exercises for the back has become too easy? Add weight or put on the hand weighting. This rule can be used if you have already mastered the proper technique of execution.
  • If you want to increase the girth of the shoulders is important not only stretching the muscles of the back, but proper nutrition: 30% of your diet should be proteins (boiled or baked chicken breast, fish), 30% fats (butter and fatty dairy products), 40% complex carbohydrates (cereals).
  • Be patient and do not expect quick results. If you will work over quality of performance of exercises at home, then achieve long-term progress.

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