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Fitness for back muscles at home: a universal set of exercises

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Fitness for back muscles at home: a universal set of exercises
The contents

  • Home fitness for the areas of the back
  • Recommendations for exercise
  • Physical exercise in osteochondrosis and scoliosis
  • Bridge hips
  • Side plank
  • Hyperextension on exercise ball
  • Foot hold in statics
  • Pullups

The body weight of the person helps to keep is nothing like the spine and musculature of the back. For this reason it is so important not to neglect physical exercise for the back muscles. Developed muscles of this region permanently preserve health: relieving pain in the spinal division, align your posture, prevents the development of scoliosis and lordosis, increase overall strength and endurance. To develop back muscles, don’t have to go to the gym. You could construct a personalized program of exercise for development of muscles of the back house and perform it regularly.

Home fitness for the areas of the back

Classes home fitness for the development of the dorsal muscles are based on simple universal elements. Exercises are of moderate intensity, therefore suitable for both men and women with any level of training. Experienced athletes physical load for the back in the home will help to maintain the shape and keep the muscles sufficiently toned.

Simple exercises for your muscles can perform, and the elderly. The physical activities great warm up the muscles, stretching muscle fibers and prevent the development of diseases of the spine, from which so frequently affects people in their older age.

Recommendations for exercise

Tips on exercises to develop and bring tone to the muscles of the spinal area will provide an opportunity to achieve significant sporting results after a couple of weeks. The main thing — to take into account several important aspects of home fitness.

  • The optimal regime of classes — 3 times a week for 40-45 minutes. If you exercise more often, the muscles will not have time to relax and recover before the next training. Permanent stress will reduce your performance and cause physical discomfort.
  • Physical exercise for the back is distributed over 3 sets performed 12 times. Men can increase the number of approaches. We should gradually increase the load to exclude the training of stagnation and to vary: over time the muscle gets used to the same tension, whereby the effectiveness of the training decreases.
  • Before every home fitness training is the necessary preparatory stage. Follow these simple warm-up exercises, which will help to warm up the muscle fibers, ligaments and joints.
  • To receive the greatest training effect, you should regularly alternate and combine exercises together. In this case, the tension on the muscles of the back will be distributed as uniformly as possible.
  • Physical exercise in osteochondrosis and scoliosis

    There are a range of health home exercises for the spine, which can alleviate the condition in such diseases of the spinal Department, such as osteochondrosis and scoliosis. Moderate, but regular physical exercise successfully strengthens weak back muscles, removing pain. These exercises are considered low-intensity since they are not designed for muscle building spinal cord Department, and to repair and strengthen muscle tissue.

    Osteochondrosis will be helpful these types of exercises:

    • join hands in the castle and get them behind the head. Slightly lower your head and start to put pressure on the neck with your fingers until you feel tension in the muscles;
    • perform lifting and lowering of the shoulder joints and rotating them back and forth. Practice in a dynamic pace;
    • lean back against the wall so that the blades do not lift off the support. Do alternately tilts to the right and to the left;
    • get on all fours, straighten your back. On the inhale, perform the maximum possible depth deflection in the lower back, exhale return to the starting position.

    To alleviate their condition in scoliosis there are several effective exercises. The additional load in the form of encumbrances is not required: it is enough to operate its own weight.

    • lie on a fitness Mat. The spine tightly to the surface. Raise your outstretched legs. Start to cross them, first in the horizontal then in the vertical plane;
    • get on all fours. Pull your right arm and left leg. Hold a stationary position for 10 seconds. Then adjust the reverse exercise.

    Bridge hips

    One of the most effective exercises can be called the bridge of thighs. He performed quite simple. Sit on the fitness Mat face up. Put your hands along the body. Legs slightly bend at the knees. On the exhale, lift your hip joint at the maximum possible height. Shoulders and feet should not be tear off from the surface. Help to preserve the balance of the body.

    Gradually the physical strain is allowed to complicate: during the raising of the pelvis simultaneously to straighten the leg or as a support to use one hand instead of two. Do 3-4 sets of 10 repetitions.

    Side plank

    Simple, but very high-intensity exercise that allows you to achieve great results. Take the emphasis lying down, then turn sideways so that one foot is located on the second reference. Lift the enclosure using the outstretched arm as a support. Free hand position at the waist. Pull the body in a straight line without bending at the waist, hold static for 10 to 30 seconds. Gradually increase the time spent in a static position. Exercise develops oblique and direct the abdominal muscles, as well as a wide, diamond-shaped and circular muscles of the back.

    Hyperextension on exercise ball

    Hyperextension helps to pump up the muscles of the back. In the home is one of the most affordable and effective exercises. Lie with your stomach on the ball, toes rest on the floor and hands behind the head. Slowly lower on the exhale, the upper body on the inhale straighten the spine and lift the torso back. Do the exercise in 5 sets of 8 times. Hyperextension is the ideal element for the development of the latissimus, trapezius, and infraspinatus muscles.

    Foot hold in statics

    Effective exercise for the muscles of the back and press. Is considered basic, so perfect for home fitness. Lie on your back, place hands behind the head, shoulder press to the floor, the pelvis not tear off from the surface. Raise your legs together to the perpendicular position with the floor. On the inhale return to the body initial position. Repeat the movement 3-4 sets of 10 repetitions. This is an effective physical exercise for the small muscles of the lumbar spine.


    Standard pull-up is a universal exercise for working out the muscles of the back. Even ordinary vis can strengthen muscle fibers, and pulling more and develop muscles of the shoulder girdle. You grab the bar middle grip. Run vis with your feet raised. On the inhale straighten your back and lift your upper body until the chin reaches the level of the horizontal bar. Perform a feasible number of times.

    And in terms of house training can develop the muscles of the back. Only need to draw up an individual training program. The complex can include an effective exercise for the lumbar muscles, due to which a positive result will not keep itself waiting long.

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