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Fitness for abdominal muscles at home

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Fitness for abdominal muscles at home
The contents

  • Strengthening the press at independent fitness
  • AB workout at home
  • Exercises to strengthen the oblique muscles of the abdomen
  • Physical activity and a healthy lifestyle

People who prefer a healthy lifestyle and devote enough time to physical exercise, has a beautiful trim figure with a flat elastic stomach. New to the fitness world know how difficult it is to get rid of the hated fat on the abdomen and flanks. Those who have the opportunity to regularly visit the gym, it is easier to cope with this problem. In the halls there are special tools for abdominal, offering the opportunity to adequately develop the desired muscle groups. The recommendation of the professional coach will allow you to avoid mistakes and learn the correct technique of performing all of the required elements.

For self-exercise at home exercises for the abdominal muscles should be given special attention.

Strengthening the press at independent fitness

Independent sports require a certain strong-willed efforts. To achieve a certain result must adhere to the following rules:

  • Strictly follow a schedule of fitness classes.
  • To take responsibility for the selection of all training elements.
  • Carefully examine recommendations for exercise technique.
  • Preferably, the AB workout begins with the simplest exercises. The acquisition of the necessary skills you will be accompanied by more complex elements.
  • The load should be increased gradually.
  • Each lesson should begin with a warm-up to warm up muscles and prepare for subsequent loads.
  • At the end of the workout you should perform a few items to stretch muscles. This will help to avoid pain and to strengthen muscles.
  • Exercises for belly in the individual program are usually represented by various types of lifts torso twists. It is also an effective element for abdominal is a well known “Bicycle”.

    AB workout at home

    Equipment program home training a variety of exercises depends on which muscle groups you should focus on: upper or lower abs.

    To strengthen the muscles upper abdominals we recommend the following items.

    • Strap.

    This exercise belly, you need to start, taking the emphasis lying. Resting on the floor with toes and palms, it is necessary to lift the body and most strain the abdominal muscles. Having sustained a significant pause (up to 3 minutes) in a similar position should be back to its original position. The load can be increased if you perform the same movements based on the forearm.

    • Twisting.

    You need to be lying on the floor, belly up. Hands should be placed behind your head, legs slightly bent at the knees. Without lifting your waist from the floor surface, it is necessary to produce the rotary movement of the upper part of the body alternately to the left and right side.

    • Bike.

    Sitting lying on your back, you want to play bent at the knee kicking motion, simulating Cycling.

    The lower part of the press can be strengthened by using the following fitness exercises.

    • Twisting in the opposite direction.

    Need to lie on your back, placing hands along the body and slightly bent legs. You must then raise the bent leg up and straighten them. After enduring a few seconds at a time, you should return to the original.

    • Lifting legs.

    This fitness element is performed from the same position. While in the prone position, you need to slowly lift the straightened right leg up to the maximum height allowed, to hold her for a few seconds at the highest point of the lift and slowly lower. Then the same moves repeat with the left foot.

    • A pair of scissors.

    The starting position is maintained. Next, you raise the straight leg and to carry out their cross motion reproducing operation of the scissors.

    Exercises to strengthen the oblique muscles of the abdomen

    In self-training the press is imperative to pay attention to the study of the oblique muscles. Loading this group through the following elements.

    • Strap on the side.

    Stretched out lying on his right side, right hand should be placed on the floor, the left positioning along the body. Next is to tear the body off the floor and to stay in the accepted position, using as a prop only the right hand and feet. Then the same motion should be repeated for the left side.

    • Twisting to the side.

    You must be lying on the floor, head hands behind his head. Then should be off the floor, torso straight and tense feet. Bending the right leg, you need to reach the knee to the left elbow, and then straighten the limb. Further similar movements necessary to produce the left foot, touching right elbow.

    • Side sit-UPS.

    To complete this element of fitness will need to lie on the right side of the body, stretched out his right hand on the floor. The next step is to tear the body from the floor, stretching his left arm. You should then return to the same position. After completing the scheduled number of repetitions, you need to lie down on your left side.

    Through exercises to strengthen the oblique muscles of the abdomen you can get rid of unwanted fat deposits in the waist area. Regular physical activity positively impact on the health and appearance of the athlete, and are part of a healthy lifestyle.

    Physical activity and a healthy lifestyle

    A healthy lifestyle is evident in the revision of all the usual installations, the development of a correct mode and that certain approaches to nutrition. Systematic exercise solve only part of problems. AB workout helps to strengthen muscles in the abdomen, but not enough to start active weight loss. For getting rid of extra pounds should reconsider your daily diet, limiting consumption of high-calorie food.

    In the preparation of individual training programs is necessary to select exercises, not only correcting the appearance, but also enhance health.

    Young women need to pay more attention to the work on the muscles of the lower press. These fitness classes provide blood flow to the pelvic organs and contribute to the strengthening of women’s health. During the training process it is recommended to use a fitball, hula Hoop, moving disk.

    Men are more suited to weight training.

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