Why is sumo deadlift better than classic?

Deadlift is appropriate and necessary in any training program, this is a basic exercise that provides a load on different muscle groups. The joint work of several large muscle groups causes a rise in testosterone and muscle growth. There is also a psychological aspect – in a deadlift, you can take a fairly high weight, this amuses self-esteem and challenges for further development. Consider the deadlift sumo to understand why it is better than the classic.

Deadlift is an effective exercise, but even it will become useless with constant performance in the same technique and with constant weight. When the body gets used to the loads, progress slows down, the muscles stop growing. There are two ways to solve the problem – to increase weight or to master the usual exercise in a new technique.

You can’t increase weight indefinitely, at some point you will reach the limit. Therefore, it is better to immediately begin the complication with a change in technique, leaving weight gain for a later training period. In the case of deadlifts, the problem of adapting to previous loads will be solved by performing sumo deadlifts.

What is sumo deadlift?

The deadlift of the sumo differs from the classical one primarily by the setting of the legs, a wider setting contributes to a shift in the center of gravity below. The amplitude of the movement will become less, the efficiency will be higher, you will be able to better control the bar, so very soon you will be able to significantly increase weight.

Due to the ability to raise more, the sumo position is often used by powerlifters.

Performing the deadlift of sumo, you do not need to lift the weight as high as in the traditional position, it is this technical feature that allows you to take more weight with less effort. Stability is provided by shifting the center of gravity down, in addition, the feet are so far apart that you yourself feel stability. In this position, it is difficult to make a mistake in technology. A wide leg position increases the load on the legs and partially releases the lower back. This is an ideal variation of the basic exercise for those with long legs and short arms.

How to do deadlift sumo?

Starting position – standing in front of the barbell, the feet are spread wide, the socks are turned outward by 30-45 degrees, the knees look in the same direction as the socks;
Make sure the back is in a straight position, slightly push the pelvis back so that a slightly noticeable deflection forms in the lower back;
Bend your knees slightly, grab the bar with a standard grip;
Straighten the body and legs to take a fully vertical position;
Hold in this position for several moments, then return to the starting position with the reverse movement, the bar should be located right in front of the socks.

When performing deadlifts in the sumo technique, the same mistakes are usually made:

The unstable position of the knees, when they stagger, fall over, extend beyond the toe line;
Strong rounding of the back provokes injuries;
Sudden movements indicate that the selected weight is too high. Weighing should allow you to do the exercise in the right technique, otherwise it will not make sense from training.

To work out the correct technique, you need to do an exercise with an empty bar, if it is not convenient to hold the bar in your hands, then you need to change the grip. The bar should be located close, no further than a couple of centimeters from the legs.


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