Why is deadlift important for girls?

There is not a single girl who would not dream of being the owner of beautiful and elastic buttocks. For this purpose, many different exercises have been invented, but the most effective are the basic ones, one of them is deadlift. It can be considered a multifunctional exercise, as it works on various muscle groups. A big plus is that both during and after its implementation, a large amount of calories is consumed, metabolism is accelerated, and this helps to reduce the fat layer at the waist and hips. Deadlift for girls is not only toned hips and elastic buttocks, but also an effective way to lose weight.

Execution technique

In the deadlift for girls, technology is a crucial point. With a serious approach to this issue, you can not only protect yourself from injuries, but also develop all the necessary muscles.

Why is deadlift important for girls?

Let's analyze the correct execution technique:

The first and very important point is the warm-up. Before any workout, you need to stretch and warm up the body. It will take about 5-10 minutes of your time and will contribute to quality training;
you need to get up close to the bar, legs slightly wider than shoulders, with outstretched out, no more than 45 degrees, socks of sneakers;
bending over the bar, keep your back straight, your gaze is directed in front of you;
bending your knees slightly, sit down, but not squatting, and grasp the bar. It is important to place your shoulders directly above the bar and grasp it with a wide grip (slightly wider than the shoulders);
the lifting of the bar occurs on the exhale, with a tense press and maximally reduced blades;
watch your back, it should be straight, in no case do not bend it;
to raise and lower the bar you need to take your hips back, and at the top point – completely straighten to fix the movement.

These are general rules of the technique, but there are some slight differences, depending on the equipment used and the version of the exercise.

Used inventory

Basically, the role of inventory is only in the weight used for weighting. And if a deadlift with a barbell for girls implies a weight of more than 20 kg, then a deadlift with dumbbells for girls implies a weight in the range of 12-15 kg. Taking a weight as a weighting agent, the load on the muscles can still be adjusted. What is the right weight selection for? In order not to harm yourself.

After all, if the weight is too large, then your back will involuntarily begin to bend, and this is a gross violation of the execution technique.

Deadlift Options

Among the weaker sex, the most popular types are:

dead thrust
in Smith.

We will analyze each option individually. Let's start with the Romanian deadlift for girls, as this is a trick for beginners.

Romanian craving

It is popular among beginners and those who should not use large weights. It can be performed with both hands, and one. In the second version, one arm is the supporting one, and the second one holds the weighting compound (it can be done with dumbbells or with a weight), in the slope the body is parallel to the floor. It is performed on slightly bent legs. As for the rest, the technique does not differ from the classical one, the inclinations are made smoothly, the pelvis is retracted as far as possible, as if looking for support there in the form of a wall, the shoulder blades are brought together, attention is concentrated on the buttocks.


The next view is sumo. Here the emphasis is on the legs, they are located much wider than the shoulders, socks are directed in different directions at an angle of 45 degrees, with this setting of the legs, the main burden falls on the adductors of the thighs. As for the grip, here it is slightly narrower than shoulder width.


This type of exercise is performed strictly on straight legs. Mostly with a decent weight barbell, but novice athletes can perform it with an empty bar. Here, for lifting weights are responsible up the back of the thigh and lower back.

In Smith

Smith's simulator slightly simplifies the work during the exercise, due to the fact that:

the trajectory has already been set;
the bar is fixed and does not move to the sides;
the bar can be fixed at any point.

The listed advantages of traction in Smith give you the opportunity to focus on the right muscles, as well as relieve stress from the back and spine, if necessary.

What muscles are involved

As mentioned above, this technique is multifunctional, due to the fact that 75% of the muscle groups of the whole body are involved during execution. If we consider in more detail which muscles work during the execution of this exercise, we will understand that a significant part of the load is received:

your forearms, biceps, and hands hold the inventory you work with. It can be a bar, barbell, dumbbell;
the press holds the case in the correct position;
the back and lower back take on the main load during flexion and extension of the body. Additionally, the latissimus dorsi actively work;
the back group of the thigh muscles also accounts for the main load, the large buttocks and quadriceps of the thigh are worked out as much as possible, which is most important for girls;
trapezium and calf are not less than the rest included in the work.

Why is deadlift important for girls?

The emphasis of the load may vary slightly depending on the variation performed.

In general, knowing how to do this exercise correctly and giving the right load on the muscles, you force them to work to the limit, thereby increasing muscle mass.

The benefits of deadlift for girls

The benefit of this exercise is relevant not only for the buttocks, performing it you get many other benefits:

strengthening the muscles of the whole body;
improved metabolism;
fat reduction;
helps to improve posture;
increased self-confidence.

Tips for Beginners

Give preference to shoes with flat soles, or practice in socks (you can even barefoot). Unlike shoes with thick soles, contact with the floor will be maximum, this helps to better balance and has a more fruitful effect on the performance of this exercise.

The diameter of the disks weighing 20 kg creates the optimal height from the floor, with such disks the neck is at the level of the middle of the lower leg. Therefore, it is advisable to choose a platform whose height will correspond to the above parameters. The movement of the neck should be smooth and strictly in a straight line. Heels do not come off the floor, it is better to imagine that they need to push the place where you stand. This will help increase the load on the target areas.

Why is deadlift important for girls?

Choose the ladder approach method during training, as it is much more comfortable to carry out an exercise in this mode than in the classical one. The increase in the number of repetitions will not plunge your body into shock and allow it to get used to the loads, as well as to master the correct technique. Having mastered the technique, you will be able to increase personal standards in terms of the number of repetitions and approaches.

It must be remembered that deadlift for girls is one of the most effective exercises. Performing it, in the shortest possible time you will make the body more fit, and the bends – seductive. In combination with other types of physical disciplines, the result will not be long in coming. Sports loads help to deal with stress, excellent mood, make the figure more effective and charge the body with health.


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