Why do circular hand swings?

This exercise is familiar from school or from kindergarten. Children line up before physical education and do light exercises for warming up, including sweeping their arms. This is probably why many consider the movement as an element for a children's warm-up or exercise for girls before an easy jog. In fact, hand swings are necessary to maintain health and fitness, they need to be done every day. These are the main advantages of hand swings and reasons not to ignore this exercise.

The rotation of the arm in a circle is a simple and natural action that activates the shoulder joint. With their daily fulfillment, the benefits will affect not only the physical form, but also general well-being, even mood.

How to do hand swings correctly?

Few fitness and sports lovers know how to do hand swings correctly:

Starting position – legs shoulder width apart, knees slightly bent;
The impulse to the shoulder girdle comes from the very feet, with it the untwisting of the arms begins;
Machs are performed continuously, first circular movements forward, then the same number of rotations back.

If you do the swings in different directions, that is, with one hand – forward, and the other – back, then the exercise will help to improve coordination of movements.

At the first attempts, you will constantly stray and feel awkward, but after some time you will feel that the brain has managed to build neural connections, the movements have become synchronized.

The use of hand swings

The main useful properties of hand swings during daily execution:

Improving the work of the brain, synchronizing the work of its hemispheres;
Increased blood flow, improved functioning of the lungs and other internal organs;
Training of the vestibular apparatus, prevention of dizziness;
Improving the functionality and mobility of the hands, the entire shoulder girdle;
Increased concentration of attention, speed of reaction;
Improving mood, getting rid of stress.

It is very easy to do this exercise, but it is performed not only by children at the workout. Olympic athletes make their hands, the exercise is included in the cosmonaut training program. When performed, the muscles of the neck, back, and chest are included in the work, it enhances the tendency to accumulate muscle mass.

After you master the usual hand swings at a slow pace, the exercise can be complicated – increase the intensity of movements or pick up the burden. You can also combine this exercise with others, for example, do hand swings with body turns or in a jump. In order to feel all the benefits, one way or another, you have to swing your arms in one form or another, they will keep the body in good shape, strengthen the physical and stabilize the emotional state.


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