What to think in training?

It will be about strength training, where all extraneous thoughts are inappropriate. Thinking about the upcoming weekend or problems at work, not making a mistake for a long time, the consequences of mistakes when working with a large weight can be very unpleasant. If you want to succeed and not risk your health, you need to concentrate on the training process. But what to think about is to analyze your feelings or focus your thoughts on technology and weight itself. This is a guide to thinking right in strength training to achieve high productivity.

When working with weight, you have two alternatives for directing your thoughts – focus on your own feelings or shift focus to objects outside. When choosing internal thinking, you analyze muscle contractions and relaxation, the position of the limbs relative to the floor, your breathing, synchronize inspirations and exhalations with movements. If there is a trainer nearby, then with your prompts strain your buttocks or pull your stomach in, it will shift your thinking inward.

Choosing an external focus, you focus on everything that is around. You notice the equipment located on the sides, you look in the mirror, you see those who are training nearby, perhaps even imagining that other people and objects are nearby. If you do not go beyond the training process, then such tactics can be successful. When the trainer tells you to forcefully push off the floor with your feet or move the bar strictly in the same vertical plane, it shifts the focus of your thinking outward.

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Mindset and goals

Human consciousness is a very complex matter, learn to use it correctly, and training will be much more productive. The correct focus of your thinking depends on your goals. Sometimes it’s better to concentrate on something from the outside, too close attention to the work of muscles can knock the body off coordinated work. In the presence of a certain automatism, internal focusing is no longer necessary, if you know that you have to lift the projectile from the floor, the body automatically strains the biceps and at the same time relaxes the triceps opposite to it, so that the arm bends at the elbow.

Most sporting goals correspond to an external focus, so you concentrate on the task and have the opportunity to get a result. This is a good tactic for short-distance running, for long-range jumping, as well as for working with weight and performing balance exercises. By shifting focus beyond the limits of the body, you help it save energy and fulfill its tasks with the least loss.

At the same time, in working with weight, the internal focus can also be appropriate and useful. The connection between thinking and muscles, the ability to tighten or relax a particular muscle at the right time is important here. The mechanism of work of muscles and the brain in conjunction corresponds to the goal of gaining muscle mass. In order to begin to grow, muscles need extreme physical fatigue through mechanical action. The stronger the fatigue – the more protein the body will produce after training, the thicker and stronger the muscle fibers will become.

In order for target muscles to strain, you need to focus on them, give them special attention.

For a more complete vision, you can connect knowledge from the field of anatomy. The structure of one muscle includes fibers of different types, they are controlled by various neural connections. When performing the exercise, not all the muscle can work, but only some of its areas. By controlling the movements consciously, you use not only the fibers necessary for this action, but instead the largest number of fibers is activated. They get the effect needed for hypertrophy. Bodybuilders have proven that the highest concentration on your body during training allows you to build up the right amount of muscle mass almost twice as fast.

Thus, the position of the focus of attention depends on your goals. If you need to improve results, but at the same time spend less energy, then focus on what is around you, evaluate the work of the body, starting from external objects. If you need to build muscle, then direct all your thoughts inward, for each contraction and relaxation of the desired muscle.


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