What is a stretch – from yoga to dancing

The flexibility of the body is grace and a sign of youth, ease of movement and plastic. In ordinary life, the body loses its flexibility, since it does not use all the muscles, without load they lose their tone. Losing muscle tone sooner or later will result in problems with the joints and spine. To gain flexibility of the body, stretching is needed, work on it is carried out in different directions of fitness. From this material you will learn the most popular workouts to increase body flexibility, gain stretching and maintain muscle elasticity.

The fitness industry offers many workouts to increase stretch, several of which are most popular. If you want to do stretching, then you will have a choice – stretching, yoga, Pilates or dancing. Each of the formats has its advantages and disadvantages.

Why and how to do stretching?

Stretching is more than gaining flexibility. Regular workouts speed up blood flow, so muscle tissue and organs get more nutrition and oxygen. Any stretching has an anti-stress effect, contributes to the formation of a beautiful silhouette of the body, it is much more effective than traditional classes in the gym on simulators.

Any practices aimed at increasing the stretch should be regular, take place at least three times a week. If you do stretching in the morning, then the training will bring a charge of energy for the whole day, but for this you need to have enough time. When stretching, rushing is inappropriate; it is necessary to allocate time for the slow execution of basic exercises and warm-ups in front of them.

During any stretching workout, you need to monitor your feelings. A light pulling pain is an appropriate feeling, but a sharp pain is a sign that something is going wrong. If a sharp pain occurs, you must immediately stop the workout and wait for its complete elimination. After that, you can try to do the exercise again. Consider the most popular stretching fitness workouts.


In yoga, there are answers to all questions – how to lose weight, find harmony within the body and mind, and how to increase the flexibility of the body. The advantage of yoga is that you can do it at home, during each workout you will again get to know your body, learn to control thoughts. The results in yoga come gradually, and many evaluate it as a minus.

Yoga practices are a lifestyle, not an express program to achieve a specific goal.


Pilates practices are aimed at the muscles of the core, with regular exercise they strengthen and stabilize. The advantage of Pilates is that it is the most natural way to improve the condition of the spine – leveling posture, strengthening and increasing mobility of the lumbar. There is also a positive effect on all joints, an increase in the general tone of the body. The disadvantage of Pilates is that you need a qualified trainer to conduct classes. Attempts to do Pilates exercises on your own will be boring at least, and at the very least will lead to unpleasant damage.

Pilates stretching


To understand this direction is easier than yoga or Pilates, it's just a stretch. Specially selected exercises provide contraction and relaxation of muscle fibers, due to constant exposure increases elasticity. If Pilates is aimed at a general healing effect for the body, yoga – at the same time working on the body and mind, then stretching is just a sport, measures aimed at increasing the length of muscle fibers where necessary.

stretching in stretching


Everyone involved in dancing, as a bonus, gain a good stretch. During training, movements with a large amplitude are performed, due to them there is an elongation of muscle fibers. How quickly the flexibility of the body will increase depends on the chosen dance direction. Not all dances are soft and safe workouts. It is only possible to start directions that require maximum dynamics of movements, provided that muscles and joints are ready for this. Lack of joint mobility makes large-amplitude movements traumatic.

Regardless of which direction you choose to increase stretching, training will bring joy and good mood. Under the influence of stretching, the body produces hormones of joy, after doing yoga, stretching, dancing or Pilates, the rest of the day will be spent in high spirits.


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