Warm-up by Elena Silka

To improve their well-being and look great, many people choose workouts in the gym. Do not have the opportunity to attend a simulator? There is a solution – these are video tutorials with workouts at home, before which you need to warm up properly. With this, the workout from Elena Silka will help you. Further we will consider how to carry it out.

Universal warm-up before training from Elena Silka

The first thing that we will consider is a universal warm-up before training. As the name implies, it can be performed before cardio workouts, power load, like morning exercises or after a long stay in one position.


flex muscles;
heats the joints;
increase muscle elasticity;
nourishes the blood with oxygen.

It is these factors that affect the breakdown of fats in the body. So let's go!

Breathing exercise

become a half squat;
take a breath, raise your hands up, connect them, do not bend your knees;
exhale, do a shallow squat, lower your palms down, cross your lower arms with your forearms;
inhale, spring the body up.

Follow 6 approaches, this is enough to warm up.

Breathing exercise

Open step

we become in the position of a sumoist (we squat parallel to the floor, with our feet wide apart, put our palms on your hips);
we transfer the weight to the right leg, we take the left arm in the parallel direction, the second on the belt;
“Step”, transferring weight from one side to the other, while changing the position of the hands.

Perform for thirty seconds, intensively change the position of the parts of the body.

Open step

Side step

we become in a pose: legs shoulder width apart, arms on a belt;
step right;
put the left foot;
we return to the original position, sit down a little;
perform a step to the left;
we put the opposite foot;
take the starting position.

Like the previous exercise, it takes half a minute.

Side step

Kick out

we put the feet and knees at shoulder level, hands on the belt;
“Throw” the right leg to the left, with the opposite palm stretch to the right;
we become in a starting position;
“Throw out” the other leg in the opposite direction, change the position of the arm;
take the starting position.

Training duration is 30 seconds. On inspiration we produce an “ejection”, in a state of calm – exhale.

Kick back

set the feet wider than the shoulders, hands on the belt;
transferring weight to the right foot;
raise the left lower leg;
we become in a pose from the first point;
change side;
raise the right lower leg;
we return to item No. 1.

The duration of the exercise is a minute. We do it intensively, not forgetting about the breath.

Warm-up by Elena Silka


again take the sumoist pose, put our palms on your hips;
make circular intensive movements of the pelvis.

When performing this technique, try not to get off the ground. Perform the same turns in the opposite direction for 30 seconds.

Drawing circles with the upper torso

we place the feet under the shoulders, elbows bent at the level of the head;
bend to the right and, repeating the clockwise movement, continue the smooth rotation of the body in a circle.

We also do it for 30 seconds, leaning in the other direction. The transitions in this exercise should be smooth, the pelvis stays in place all the time.

Warm-up by Elena Silka

Stretching legs

We lean on the right leg, while bending it at the knee, turn to the side. The face and body are turned to the right, the left foot is behind. In this case, the knee is not bent, the heel does not tear off, the back should be flat.
We sit in a deep squat to parallel with the floor, face and body looking forward. Pull the inner thigh muscles.
We make a roll to the left foot, perform the first point, only the face and body are directed to the left.
We perform a swallow on the left foot (we take the right shin in the hand, we take it back, we direct the trunk and the left hand forward).
Repeat the same operation with the opposite side.

At the end of this warm-up, you will already feel more energetic, your body will be saturated with oxygen, muscles are warmed up, and most importantly – the goal is achieved! You are prepared for more serious and diverse loads.

Stretching legs

Elena Silka and her quick workout before training

Everyone knows that before any loads you need to warm up properly. Simple exercises reduce the risk of muscle strain and damage during the main workout. In addition, they also increase the productivity of the lesson itself, trigger metabolism. Thanks to her muscles will work at a higher level, and movements during the training itself will bring more effect. All exercises in this complex are of different intensity. Active movements warm the body, and smooth movements allow you to restore breathing and feel your muscles.

Recent studies have shown that a dynamic workout is much better for starting workouts, and stretching should be left at the end or even made a separate set for flexibility.

Let's move on to the program:

1. Cross swings with the touch of the heels of the buttocks. Perform 30 seconds. For this:

we become in a pose: arms to the sides, feet apart wider than shoulders.
make scissors (straight arms we cross in front of us).
at the same time, we do the back tuck (the correct execution of this movement was indicated earlier).

We perform a complex of strokes, try to do everything at the same pace, warming up the body.

2. Leg emissions (10 reps each):

accept a stable position;
throw the foot forward, with the fingers of the opposite hand touch the toe.

We actively move the body and try to strain the press, we do not bend our knees.

Kick emissions

3. Turns of the case (20 times in each direction):

starting position: the knees are slightly bent, the arms are straight and laid forward, the palms are brought together;
we turn right, then the same thing in the opposite direction.

The pace of this exercise should be smooth, so that you can feel all your working muscles (back, abdominal cavity, quadriceps).

4. Lifting the knees (20 reps):

raise open palms up, feet shoulder width apart;
we tighten the right knee to ourselves, clench our fists;
at the same time we bend and lower our hands to ourselves, pressing our elbow to the body;
raise your palms up, lower your foot to the floor;
repeat the same thing with the other leg.

We perform all movements actively and quickly, without stinting on energy. We inhale when we are in the starting position, exhale when performing the exercise.

5. Stretching the back and shoulders (4 sets on each side)

accept the pose of the sumoist;
with your right shoulder stretch down in the opposite direction;
similarly repeat with the left shoulder.

The back should not be shifted while performing, remaining flat. We perform all movements carefully and slowly.

Stretching the back and shoulders

6. Tilts forward (20 times):

we become in the following position: legs wider than shoulders, arms above.
lean forward, try to reach the heel with your fingers;
take the starting position, bend the lower back.

We perform the exercise sweepingly and dynamically. Do not bend your back.

7. Jumping with the rotation of the body (20 repetitions):

hands parallel to the floor, knees together;
make a jump from the starting position;
in turn in the “flight” we turn the body and hips in different directions.

We perform with maximum amplitude without bending the back.

Body Jump Jumps


Before exercise, it is necessary to perform a set of exercises aimed at warming up muscles and joints. It will bring the body to a state of readiness for work. It is for this purpose that a warm-up was developed before training Elena Silka. It increases body temperature, improves metabolism. So, if you do not want to damage the ligaments and harm your body – feel free to perform the presented set of exercises.


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