Training corset – is it necessary or not?

In the fitness industry, new products are constantly appearing, the next of them is training corsets. They are presented as a means to increase the effectiveness of training and rapid weight loss, but is it really so? We will understand what a training corset is, what they are, how the original corsets differ from famous manufacturers and inexpensive Chinese counterparts. Here you will find the advantages and disadvantages of a corset for training, as well as reviews from experts in the field of fitness and health.

Visually, corsets for training are not much different from women's underwear: the same inserts, stiffeners and hook-and-eye closures. They are distinguished from linen only by the absence of lace and classic sports colors, usually blue or black.

Manufacturers and distributors praise this piece of equipment, doctors and fitness experts do not agree with them. The first side claims that you need to wear a corset not only in training, but also in everyday life. According to them, this will contribute to the formation of a beautiful posture, strengthen the muscles of the back, get rid of back pain and protruding abdomen, speedy weight loss. Fitness trainers prove that the product has nothing to do with training productivity and weight loss, unless with constant use it will help redistribute body fat. Doctors remind that constant pressure will negatively affect the spine, ribs, and internal organs.

The promised effect for weight loss may be to remove the liquid, but it will immediately return, so the result can hardly be called promising. In order to understand whether a corset for training can be useful, you need to understand the varieties.

girl in a training corset

Which are there?


Equipped with straps, they can be wide or narrow, perform more aesthetic than practical value. The purpose of this garment is to fit snugly over the entire body from the hips to the chest, it is held by squeezing, not strapless. The straps are wide, since they should not crash into the chest, but still often fall off on many.


The same design, only without straps. The most common are latex training corsets, but they only have latex on the outside. The design consists of three layers, the inner one is cotton, it is pleasantly adjacent to the body, the outer one is latex, it is durable and pleasant to the touch, bones are located between them, acting as stiffeners. In high-quality products, the ribs are made of metal, in inexpensive analogs – of plastic.


For men

This is a separate category of training corsets, it is easy to get confused with them. They are often confused with hard belts used for strength training, but these are two different things. Externally, a product intended for a man looks exactly the same as a woman’s, the difference is only in the cut for a different type of figure. Sellers and manufacturers claim that due to the constriction effect, the abdomen will not fall out, and present it as a preventive measure for the formation of hernias in the abdominal region and a means for learning proper breathing and even posture.

The promise to train the body in proper breathing is very easy to challenge. When the lower parts of the lungs are squeezed, they cannot be filled with air, as a result, breaths become more superficial. A good breath is one that allows the body to receive as much oxygen as possible. In the process of breathing, the diaphragm plays the most important role, this muscle is located in the solar plexus, and nothing good will come of pulling it. Performing heavy exercises with a squeezed body is also a moot point.

Professionals in power sports do not use any corsets, although compression clothing and hard belts are in demand among them.

Original and analogues

Waist Trainer is considered the best manufacturer, this Colombian brand has become the founder of the now popular training area. This popular new product, like everyone else, has a lot of Chinese counterparts. Often these are not even analogues, but have long been known for sports belts and belts. It is easy to get confused here, because they will also fit around the waist, but the principle of exposure will be completely different.

Sauna Belt

There are no rigid ribs in such a product, so it will not fit the body so high to the chest. There are no hooks, they are kept on Velcro, so they do not tighten the body so much. As a material for the manufacture of neoprene is usually used. The function of this device for the waist is to stimulate sweating during sports or during daily physical activity.

Such a belt can support the muscles in the abdomen and lower back when doing squats and bends, but specialists in the field of fitness and health are negative towards them. Overheating of the abdominal area is dangerous for the health of internal organs and blood circulation. The greatest danger lies in people with diseases of the pelvic organs of inflammatory origin, women with endometriosis and myoma.

Hard belt

It is used in power sports, weightlifting, performs the function of supporting the back when performing exercises with heavy weight, and this is also not a training corset. Thick leather is used for manufacturing, sometimes a layer of neoprene is added for softness, fastened with a large buckle. Such belts can be seen on athletes during competitions in powerlifting, power extreme sports, weightlifting. The appointment has nothing to do with losing weight, only with heavy strength exercises.

Hard belt

About the benefits

Manufacturers and sellers point to the following benefits:

multi-layered structure, thanks to which the body can breathe;
the location of the ribs only in the lower layer, from which the likelihood of harm is reduced;
the formation of a beautiful waist line, as it remains for life, subject to constant use;
warming effect and massage effect, due to which fat burning is accelerated;
stimulation of perspiration to get rid of excess fluid;
contraction of the abdominal region, compression of the stomach, due to which the appetite decreases;
lowering the load on the spine when performing turns, inclinations and other heavy exercises for the lower back;
the ability to tighten the stomach after pregnancy;
prophylaxis of hernias in the abdominal cavity;
the lack of muscle growth in the abdomen, that is, the lack of probability of expanding the waist, working on the abdominals.

Training corset - is it necessary or not?

About the disadvantages

Negative aspects are reflected in the reviews about the training corset from doctors and fitness specialists.

The skin does not breathe

If the skin under the accessory could breathe, as the manufacturers promise, then it would not enhance the sweat separation. The inner part is made of cotton not only in order to fit snugly to the body, thus creating the illusion that the body can breathe. But this illusion is broken and the layer of latex present above, this material does not allow air and moisture to pass, otherwise condoms, gloves and other medical sterile devices would not be made from it.

Ribs still crush

It does not matter in which layer the stiffening plates are located; as a result, the pressure they produce does not become less. Putting on a corset, people feel a different spectrum of discomfort – from a slight inconvenience to severe pain. These sensations come from internal organs, body fat can not hurt so much.

The effect is short-lived.

After deformation, the soft tissues of the body are able to maintain their shape for about an hour. After you get rid of the squeezing factor, they will quickly return to their original position. In order to change the configuration, you need to bring internal organs closer to each other and move the ribs. Such an effect can be achieved by wearing a tight corset around the clock, but you don’t need to be a professional to figure out the consequences of such a decision.

Training corset - is it necessary or not?

No massage

The claimed compressive and warming effect is definitely present, but there is no talk of any massage effect, since the accessory will not move on the surface of the body. As for compression and heating, it is dangerous for the cardiovascular system and abdominal organs. The consequences can be inflammatory processes, vascular disorders up to a vascular crisis.

You can’t lose weight due to sweat

Attempts to reduce the waist due to sweating are impossible, there are two possible scenarios. At the first, the liquid will return immediately after you drink water, at the second, the body will enter a state of dehydration, which leads to convulsions, a large number of wrinkles, changes in pressure and pulse.

Squeeze the stomach will not work

Changing the volume of the stomach through exposure to the outside is very difficult. There are simpler ways that do not have side effects, for example, make it your habit to drink water before eating and start eating more vegetables. These methods are aimed at reducing the amount of free space in the stomach, and fractional nutrition also helps.

Training corset - is it necessary or not?

No lumbar protection

By lifting weight and tilting, you load the muscles of the cortex, mainly the lumbar spine and abdominals. If the exercises are performed in the wrong technique or the muscles are not ready for such loads, then the spine can really suffer due to overstrain. The best defense is not a corset, but fitness of the muscles, their ability to stretch and contract properly. Professional athletes use athletic belts to strengthen the ability of muscles to contract, but in this way it is impossible to compensate for deficiencies in training. The role of the belt is to fix the muscles at one point, the corset works differently, it fixes the muscles along the entire length and deprives them of the ability to work. As a result, the spine does not receive additional protection, it becomes more defenseless.

Squeezing the abdomen

The consequences of strong prolonged squeezing of the abdomen become diastasis, the so-called divergence of the rectus muscle, as well as a hernia of the abdominal wall. To prevent such phenomena, bandages are used, but they do not press, but only support, these products are not so rigid and tight. Among medical devices, only orthoses are so rigid, but they are not used for soft tissues, but for fixing joints.

The press and so will not make the waist wider

Fears of women to pump the press and get an increase in the waist are unjustified. The ability of muscles to increase in volume depends on many factors, and the most significant of them do not work in favor of women. Due to hormonal characteristics, the female body is less prone to gaining muscle mass. It’s impossible to pump up muscles by accident, this requires a special training regimen and a nutrition system.

How to wear a corset?

If you still want to experience the effect on yourself, then be sure to follow the safety precautions:

the accessory must be chosen strictly in size, if it is one size smaller, then the likelihood of all negative consequences will increase;
it is strictly forbidden to sleep;
You can wear a training corset no more than two hours a day and no more than an hour continuously.


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